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September 2014??

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by Marsheliz, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Marsheliz

    Marsheliz New Member

    We just went this past September and I am looking at going in 2 more years.. ( I really do not want to wait that long ;() but I am wondering what are the chances of free dining? We have gotten it the last two times we came and that is about the only way I can convince my DH to go... ( February and September)..

    Does anyone know if there are certain months that they normally do it?

    I would love an April trip ( our anniversary) too but I know spring break...... And again I really would love free dining..

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  3. RMulieri

    RMulieri New Member

    Disney offers Free Dining at times when it needs to book rooms, it is possible there will be free dining for 2014.Depending on when Spring breaks fall that year will depend on crowds and the possibility of any Free Dining.
  4. Marsheliz

    Marsheliz New Member

    Yeah that is probably true.. I wonder how long in advance do they announce it?
  5. Missy13d69

    Missy13d69 New Member

    If you take into consideration that you pay rack rate for rooms during free dining, you can save just as much going some other time of year and getting a good room discount. Just something to think about.
  6. Marsheliz

    Marsheliz New Member

    maybe I will look into that as well... I just feel like free dining is the best way to go because just 3 of our meals were over 100.00....

    I also didnt even consider the fact that if we go in 1 1/2-2 years- my DS will be either in Kindergarten or first grade so I dont even know about missing school... I would LOVE to go in April bc of our anniversary but I just dont know about having to go during spring break..
    Anyone know how crowded it gets??
  7. RMulieri

    RMulieri New Member

    It can be extremely crowded.Not quite Christmas week crowds, but close enough that I avoid that time frame..Again alot depends on the way Easter falls that year and when schools have their spring breaks( some tie into Easter ,some do not)
  8. Marsheliz

    Marsheliz New Member

    Yeah, I figured that...Now I just have to plan accordingly to my son missing school.. I havent even considered he would be in school by then... Awww.. tear....
  9. laceemouse

    laceemouse New Member

    It will be along time before they announce anything for 2014. You can see historical special deals, and when they were announced, here: www.mousesavers.com

    I would let a kid miss school when they are young, but by middle school it gets a lot harder.

    Spring breaks are spread through March and April, but the week before and the week after Easter are the most crowded spring break weeks. Easter moves around, check a calendar to see when it is in 2014.

    But yes, spring break is crazy crowded.
  10. laceemouse

    laceemouse New Member

    Also, there is rarely free food during spring break. The resorts are crowded already, they don't need to offer great deals then.
  11. Marsheliz

    Marsheliz New Member

    Yeah I figured that about spring break....

    Maybe it wouldnt hurt to let him miss 3 days of school.... I just want the free dining!!

    I guess what I will do is set aside $50.00 a month in a savings or something and by the time that Sept 2014 gets here- I should have saved up the money... :) My boys will be 6 and almost 3 by then so I think that will be the best time to go anyways.

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