Sept 2-6 Disney Wonder, Day 1...(Day 5 of Aug 29-Sept 8 land/sea)

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by bellsonmytoes, Sep 19, 2001.

  1. bellsonmytoes

    bellsonmytoes I have a HAPPY HEART

    Jul 6, 2001

    Me Trudy (39)
    DH Jim (never tells)
    DD Rachel (6)

    Plans for the day: Breakfast Kona Cafe.... say goodbye to the Polynesian, and board the Disney Wonder.

    I was up first again this morning, as has become normal for this trip. The car was parked pretty close to the room, so I started loading up all the luggage.

    After DH and DD got up we dressed in our matching Island clothes (shirts for me and DH, a dress for DD) and headed over to the Kona cafe for breakfast. DH wanted to know why we had not eaten here before... beats me... It was really good, and a good way to end our stay at the Polynesian.

    We stoped by the cruise desk to make sure we had good directions to the port. Checked the room one last time and about 10:30 headed to Port Canaveral.

    We made a stop for gas, and made a wrong turn, and ended up approaching the port at about 12:15 or so. It was so cool when you come over the bridge and can see the Wonder, WOW is it BIG.... there was a little bit of traffic going into the port and the car in front of us pull up short... DH was driving and looking at the Wonder, but was able to stop, and the van behind us was able to stop, but the white car behind the van must have been looking at the Wonder instead of the cars in front, and there was a fender bender.... I really felt sorry for those people. On their way to the cruise, and had to deal with that... So just a warning to those who have not gone yet.... whoever is driving has to pay attention to the cars in front, and NOT the Wonder.

    Once we had unloaded the luggage and parked the car we headed up the escalators to check in. We really didn't need to "check-in" but since DH is not a US citizen he had to go stand in line to give up his Green Card. While he was doing that DD and I went to see Minnie. We had a picture taken in front of the model ship.... (we later bought the picture, it turned out so good). After that DH was done, and we walked right on the ship. No name was announced but we had our picture taken. (which we also bought, as we were all matching in our Island wear, and looked good) We were directed to go to Parrot Cay, but when we got there they sent us up to Beach Blanket Buffet. I don't remember exactly what we ate, but we sat out side in the shade. After we ate we went to see our state room #6628 catagory 6. DH was really impressed. So was I but I knew what to expect and he didn't. Norman out Stateroom Host came by to say hello, I think he was from Coast Rica. He seemed very quiet, but nice. By then I realized that I was late for Palo ressies, so DH climed in bed (for his daily nap) and DD turned on the TV, and I rushed to Wave Bands to make the reservation. When I got there the was a very long line for night 4, which is what I had planned on, so I decided to change the plan and eat a Palos tonight, since our dinner rotation was Parrot Cay, and we would be able to eat there on our last night anyway. Then I headed up to the spa.... They wanted me to take the tour, but I declined and said I only wanted to reserve a surial bath... I had wanted it on the afternoon of Nassau Day, (day 2) but they said they didn't have openings for then, so I made it for the afternoon of day 4, (our day at sea).

    Back to the stateroom, our luggage had arrived, so I began unpacking. Wow, there was plenty of drawer space, and I had no trouble finding a place for everything. I had packed an over the door shoe holder thingy, but never even opened it. (ending up leaving it behind for Norman) The luggage fit nicely under the bed.

    I forgot to mention that We had a basket of goodies waiting for us, that I had ordered from Shirley at The Perfect Gift. The message in the bottle was a real hit, and as I had asked she included a coffee mug and a jar of honey for DH, who likes honey with his hot tea instead of sugar. He was surprised to see the honey, he was able to have his first decent cup of tea since the vacation had started. LOL (DH usually drinks aleast 10 cups of tea a day...decaffinated of course).

    Time for the DRILL... which for us was at Animators Palate (lucky us) the life jackets were a bit uncomfortable, and there was a couple sitting at a table near us that didn't even bother to put them on... no one said anything to them.

    After stowing the lifejackets we when to check DD into the Oceaneer Club. They said that she could come back at 7pm that night. I told them we had 6:30 ressies at Palo's so they said I could bring her then.

    Then we headed up to check out the sail away party...everyone seemed to be there, we went up to deck 10 to watch from above. It was kind of hot, so we didn't stay long, and went back to get ready for dinner, I had stopped to get DD some chicken since they weren't going to be feeding the kid at the club tonight.

    Dinner was wonderfull!!!!! Noemi from ??? was our waitress, and she was very good, DH had some kind of fish, and I had filet mignon. It was wonderful, I had the souffle and DH had the panna cotta for desert. When DH asked how much the dinner was I told him $10, he couldn't believe it and asked if we could eat there every night. (actually, I tipped extra so it was more that $10, but he didn't have to know)....

    After dinner we walked around the ship a bit and went out on deck 4 and walked around there about 3 times to try to walk off dinner. DH spent the whole evening admiring the Ship.... He just really loved it. We then went to pick up DD from the club. And as it would be the whole cruise, she didn't want to leave... but we were tired and figured she must be also, so we made her come with us.

    The Stateroom was all tidy, and the beds turned down, no towel animals, but I didn't expect any the first night. DH and I sat out on the verandah while DD watched a little TV. Then it was off to bed.

    How can it get any better than this???

    Tomorrow: Nassau Day....
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  3. NCRedding

    NCRedding <font color=navy>I've strayed<br><font color=green

    Feb 4, 2000
    bellsonmytoes, I've been enjoying all your trip reports, and was looking for this one on the cruise reports. I've especially enjoyed DH tales, because my DH (who was also born in Germany--army brat), would react so much like yours did, and I think I would act like you. I'm also 39. We also just have 1 DD who is a little older than yours. Imagine my surprise when I see you had the very stateroom we're booked on for our trip starting 10/4. Did you find it to be a good location? Any recommendations for improvement? Thanks for the help, and I look forward to hearing about your next few days.
  4. bellsonmytoes

    bellsonmytoes I have a HAPPY HEART

    Jul 6, 2001
    NCRedding.... I thought the stateroom was in a great location... not too far from the elevators...although we used the stairs alot... we never had any problems with noise, and the cruise was completely full. I doubt you will have a full cruise because many may cancel between now and then... I wouldn't though.

    I notice on your signature that you will be staying at PO-R... which is kinda funny too, because after the cruise was over we had a couple of days left, and DH wanted to go back to the World...I called CRO and asked for any moderate, and we ended up at PO-R... I really liked that place too.

    Thanks for reading the reports... I read so many here before I left that I was looking forward to doing one myself.....

    I'll be looking for yours when you get back....
  5. lampy

    lampy Mouseketeer

    Aug 18, 1999
    Thanks for the report. I have a question about your dining rotation. You mentioned that you picked Palo's for the first night because AP would be on night 1 and 4. I thought you repeated your 3'rd and 4'th night in the same restaurant, not the 1'st and 4'th night. Am I mistaken?
  6. bellsonmytoes

    bellsonmytoes I have a HAPPY HEART

    Jul 6, 2001
    We had Parrot Cay, Tritons, Animators Palet, and Parrot Cay, then we had Parrot Cay for our final breakfast. So although we missed the regular Parrot Cay menu on the first night we got to eat there 2 times, for dinner the last night and breakfast the last morning. I would not have eaten at Palos the first night if we had been scheduled to eat at Animators, because my understanding is they only do the show the first time you eat there, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it.

    So for us we repeated the 1st on the 4th and then again for breakfast the last morning..

    Hope that helps...:cool:

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