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    Mar 16, 2012
    To all my friends to the north in the other Vancouver tell me about this race.

    I think I am probably crazy and am thinking this would be a cool birthday present to myself, my bd is august 11th and the race is the 10th.

    I did my first ever half marathon at disney and completed Tinker Bell in 3:52. I am running the Nike DC half and plan a much better time. I also am running the Portland Rock and Roll for fun not time. so will have more halfs under my belt by then.

    I still have trouble with hills. Should I be worried about the hills for this race?

    Also what should I expect temp wise. In my Vancouver it can get up towards the high 90's in August.

    DH and I would be driving up and then parking the car. Where would be a good place to stay that is close to the start to walk from. Is that possible? And then what cool things should we do before or after the race.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Feb 20, 2005
    Well I am not to the north but I did this race last year and would do it again this year if it wasn't the week after Ironman Lake Placid.

    So I will give you a mini race report from start to finish. Registration fee was a bit high but rather than a crapy race shirt I may wear once you get a pair of their speed shorts. A $64 USD value then last year we got flip flops and a coupon for 15% off at the race expo. We stayed in one of the host hotels, Sharaton Wall Centre. Because we booked with the race code we got a little survival kit that had Chapstick, hair ties, black nail polish, sun screen and other things. Loved the hotel because it was about a three block walk to start and expo center.

    Now on to the expo this was one of the let downs. It is only Lululemon gear and they ran out of a lot of the sizes very quickly. They had lots of size 2, 8 but not much else and we went first day. Still found some cute stuff to spend some money on.

    So for the race itself there are three major hills. One is a bridge, one is near the Lululemon headquarters then the third is in Stanley Park. Even with these hills I was able to PR the half marathon( broke at Donald). Running along the sea wall in Stanley park is way worth the hills on the course.

    As for weather it was unseasonably warm but with race start time before sun comes up it was like 60s for the whole race. Latter in the day it felt hotter but not while running. My time for race was 2:06.

    As for stuff to do, hit Stanley park they have an aquarium that blows your mind. They also have some super cool totems. We only went up for a little over 24 hours but had a blast. Sailed out on the Wonder for Alaska then next day.

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