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Sea World - Food Menu's (Updated)

Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by Shane, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Shane

    Shane Tower of Terror Mad!

    Hey Everyone

    This Thread is here to give you as much information as possible on the food available at all "Seaworld" parks. All Information and Pictures can be found at www.seaworld.com.

    Please leave reviews if you have visited or dined at any of the following Restaurants to help people decide! :sunny:

    ALL the below links take you to the site where you can review and print the menu:

    Special Dining Events :

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_makahiki.aspx>Makahiki Luau Dinner and Show</A>
    SeaWorld’s Exclusive Evening Extravaganza

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_dine_w_shamu.aspx>Dine with Shamu®
    </A>Once in a Lifetime Adventure

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_shamuandcrew.aspx>Shamu and Crew Character Breakfast</A>
    Rise and Shine with Shamu® and Crew

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_sharksunderground.aspx>Sharks Underwater Grill</A>
    One of Orlando’s Most Amazing Restaurants

    Standard Dining :

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_seafire.aspx>Seafire Inn</A>
    International Flavor for the Entire Family

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_voyagers.aspx>Voyager's Wood Fired Pizza</A>
    Robust Flavors from the Mediterranean

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_spicemill.aspx>Spice Mill</A>
    Savory Spices from Around the World

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_hospitalitydeli.aspx>Hospitality Deli</A>
    Deli Fare with Flair

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_smokycreek.aspx>Smoky Creek</A>
    Taste the Slow Smoked Flavor

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_mangojoes.aspx>Mango Joe's</A>
    Famous Fajitas and Super Sandwiches

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_mamaskitchen.aspx>Mama's Kitchen</A>
    Casual Family Dining in Mama’s Kitchen

    Quick Bites :

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_captnpeters.aspx>Captain Pete's Island Eats</A>
    Our Key West Snack Shack

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_smugglersfeast.aspx>Smuggler's Feast</A>
    Quick Bites on the Waterfront

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_shamusnacks.aspx>Shamu® Snacks</A>
    Showtime Snacks at Shamu Stadium

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_sandbar.aspx>SandBar</A>
    SeaWorld’s Relaxing Beach Bar

    Tasty Treats :

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_cypressbakery.aspx>Cypress Bakery</A>
    Fresh Baked Treats

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_cafedelmar.aspx>Café De Mar</A>
    Gourmet Coffees
    and Sweet Treats

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_polarparlor.aspx>Polar Parlor</A>
    Who Wants
    Ice Cream?

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_snocones.aspx>Snow-Cones</A>
    Light and Icy

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_trolleydepot.aspx>Trolley Depot</A>
    Fast, Fun Finger Food

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_softserve.aspx>Soft Serve Ice
    Super Size Soft Serve

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_freezas.aspx>Freeza's</A>
    Chill Out on
    The Waterfront

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_sweetsailin.aspx>Sweet Sailin’ Candy Shop</A>
    Set Sail for a
    Sweet Treat

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/res_coconutcove.aspx>Coconut Cove</A>
    Snacks in Shamu’s
    Happy Harbor

    The following Restaurants are suitable for people with Special Needs :

    Makahiki Luau
    Island Salad Plate, Mahi Mahi, Polynesian Fried Rice, Stir Fried Vegetable Medley

    Dine With Shamu®
    Pasta Primavera, Fresh Garden Salads, Vegetable Medley

    Sharks Underwater Grill

    Pizza Fromage, Sea Scallops, Red Snapper, Caribbean Seafood Ragout, Tuna, Shrimp, Salmon Filet, Ahi Tuna, Filet Mignon, NY Strip Steak

    Seafire Inn
    Baked Potatoes, Fresh Salads, Chicken Stir Fry

    Voyager's Wood Fired Pizza
    Grilled Salmon, Orange Wood Smoked Chicken, Fettucini, Meatless Pizzas, Fresh Salads

    Spice Mill
    Saffron Chef Salad, Budweiser® Beer Battered Fish Sandwich

    Mango Joe's
    Fajita Salad, Chicken and Steak Fajitas, Joe’s Veggie Wrap, Cajun Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich, Captain’s Fish Sandwich, Fajita Sandwich

    Hospitality Deli
    Warm Soft Pretzels

    Mama's Kitchen
    Cajun Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich, Caesar Salad with Cajun Spiced Shrimp

    Polar Parlor
    Sugar Free Fudge Bar

    Sugar Free Fudge Bar, Frozen Fruit Bar

    Sweet Sailin' Candy Shop
    Sugar Free Candies

    Below is a list of "Tours or VIP packages" that includes lunch or a meal :

    <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/sp_Marine_Mammal_Keeper.aspx>Marine Mammal Keeper Experiance</A>

    <A HREF=http://www.seaworld.org/education-programs/swf/birthday/index.htm>Birthday Party's</A>

    <A HREF=http://www.swbg-adventurecamps.com/adventure-camps/swf/sleepover/index.htm>Sleepovers (Also Includes Breakfast/Snack )</A>

    <A HREF=http://www.seaworld.org/education-programs/swf/tour/index.htm#ae>Adventure Express Tour</A>

    For more information and to book, click <A HREF=http://4adventure.com/seaworld/fla/dp_in_park_dining.aspx>HERE</A>
    Or Call :

    SeaWorld San Antonio: (800) 700-7786
    SeaWorld San Diego: (800)-25-SHAMU / (619) 226-3601 (International Use Only)
    SeaWorld Orlando: (800) 327-2420 / (407) 363-2559 (International Use Only)

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