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"Santa must have heard that we love balloons!" TR *8/27 Update*

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by lsulindy, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    Well, it's Jan 9 which means we leave in one month!!! I have nothing officially booked/planned for our 2 non-Disney days, and I just keep researching Disney, instead of looking into those. I need to secure car rentals for those days, decide on the double-decker bus, and just do general research into what we want to do. I'm a researcher, so I don't know why I keep putting this off. I also need to decide on transportation to/from LAX. Leaning towards Karmel's right now.

    The more I read about DL, the more things I decide I want to see/do/experience. Starting to worry that we won't have enough time. Want to do the kiddie rides for DS2, the thrill rides for DS7, and DD5 loves to meet characters. I wanted to take this trip at a more leisurely pace and not wear ourselves out. I think we'll have to go slower with my parents anyway.

    With the early closure times, I hope we can still get it done. I know you can never see/do everything, but there's a few things I really hope we can do. Dancin' with Disney was one of those things, but today there's a thread that it may go away. I hope that's not true. I was hoping to see both sets of characters.

    First World problems, right? We're going to DISNEYLAND!!
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  3. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    Not sure what we're going to do for WOC yet. :confused3 At least with that one, we have multiple nights to try.
  4. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    :cool1::cool1::cool1::cool1: I'm an so darn excited! Read earlier today that they're letting the baby panda out for public viewing tomorrow. I didn't think he'd be out yet for our trip.


    And, since first having the idea for this trip, I've been hoping for Bayou Bash/Mardi Gras celebrations. :joker: I've been stalking the Disney blog and Limited Time Magic page as well as other blogs. But, Susie63 posted that it was on this site today! You'd think that since we're leaving NOLA for Mardi Gras and get to experience the real thing would mean that we didn't care much. But we LOVE Mardi Gras and only leave b/c it's a non-summer heat/crowd week off of school. It'll be nice to get a little celebration. Even if it's the Disneyfied version. Plus I have a thing for characters in unique outfits, and Mickey and Minnie in Mardi Gras outfits has me feeling like a giddy kid! :joker:





    ETA: As I was typing this, DH started watching Disneyland videos on Youtube with the kids. They were almost done, and I said "Type in Disneyland Bayou Bash" It started playing and the kids looked at me with big eyes. I said, "They're doing that for Mardi Gras!" They started jumping up and down and cheering! :cool1:
  5. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    DH and I are both finding it pretty funny that the food offerings for Bayou Bash last year were Corn Chowder and Meatloaf. Both completely non-New Orleans/Mardi Gras foods, even if you do add some "Cajun" seasoning. Wasn't planning to order "New Orleans" food in Disney anyway. Well, except the Mickey beignets. I know they will probably disappoint in the taste department, but I just can't resist.
  6. PHXscuba

    PHXscuba <font color=darkorchid>Mouseketeer since birth!<br

    Glad you'll get the Disney Mardi Gras experience. I don't think it's funny at all to want to do it at DL -- family friendly yet familiar.

    I read up on the World of Color picnics and I don't think we'll do them. The food choices aren't great for my family and they're kinda pricey for takeout. It only gets you a for-sure FP, not a special area. When the WoC FP was a big run-out-quickly deal, this was probably a major plus, but now I understand you can go pull a FP pretty much anytime the first half of the day without any trouble. Read the first page of HydroGuy's World of Color superthread -- it helped me a lot.

    For your DD5 that loves characters, there are plenty of them and meeting them is much more relaxed than at WDW. I found the Fab 5 back in Toontown often with just a few people casually lined up to meet them. They also hang around Town Square too. I think the only major lines are for Tinkerbell and the princesses.

  7. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    Mardi Gras in New Orleans is very family friendly. The part you see on TV and Bourbon Street isn't a good representation of how the locals celebrate. I'm sure it's not as sanitized as the Disney celebration, but it's not what most people believe it to be! Growing up I really believed that it was a holiday designed for children, and my kids feel the same way. Although we'll be missing the big parades Mardi Gras weekend, we'll be hitting all the parades in the weeks leading up to our trip! DS just realized last night that we'll be missing Bacchus, even though he knew we were leaving on Saturday. I guess he'd just never really thought about it. He was pretty bummed. But, still thrilled to go to DL!

    I'd looked at the dining packages and picnics for WOC, but they didn't seem to address my concerns. I think the plan is to get there early and try for a spot by the rail so the kids can see with nearby bench for my dad. If that doesn't work, then we'll reassess and try something else another night. Hopefully being mid-February will make it a little easier.

    Thanks for alleviating my concerns about characters. DD wants to meet everyone we see, and we spent a lot of time at WDW in character lines. DD wasn't tall enough for some of the rides at that point, so we'd wait for a character, while dh and ds went on a ride. DD still isn't tall enough for everything, so we can still do that some, but there's only a couple now that she can't do and she wants to do all the thrill rides. She's not tall enough for Indy or Cali Screamin'. That might be all. So, she may have to make some decisions. DS like the characters, but will choose a ride over a character in a heartbeat. Don't know what DD would pick if she had to choose. Also have to worry about DS2 this time. He's fearless, but not tall enough. However, watching YouTube videos the other night, he kept yelling "I ride that too!" So, I'm not sure what we're going to do with him when he can't get on a roller coaster! It was easier when he was 4 months old and had no clue! For him, going meet a character with DD will be easier than seeing brother and sister both go do a ride while he gets left behind. Oh well, I'm sure we'll figure it out!
  8. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    WoW! Today is one month from the last day of our trip! And, one month from the reopening of Fantasmic! I called this morning and reserved our premium viewing with dessert package. So that's done! It's a lot of money, but we'll have chairs and won't have to fight for a spot.

    DH realized that he can get a van for the week for super cheap with his business credit card, so we're going to rent a mini-van from LAX for the whole week instead of just the LA sightseeing and San Diego zoo days. We would have had to pay for 2 days rental, plus airport transfers, and we won't have to worry about what time the rental offices open/close on the single days we planned to rent. I think this will work out much better for us.

    Still undecided about the double-decker tour bus vs touring in our rental.

    PROS: kids would enjoy the bus, don't have to drive, don't have to find/pay for parking, will see more sights b/c we'll see things on the loop that we wouldn't see if we were driving straight to a location

    CONS: cost, have to wait for bus w/ 3 kids at stops.

    We did a double decker tour in NYC and rarely had to wait. It all went very smoothly, but we didn't have kids with us and waiting wasn't a big deal, and I don't know if the LA version runs as regularly. We did get to see a lot from the bus that we wouldn't have seen on our own though, and I really enjoyed it. The kids were obsessed with us sending pics of the buses and pics of us on the buses, so I know they would enjoy it.
  9. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    So, there will be THREE Limited Time Magic events during our trip! Mardi Gras, Lunar New Year, and Valentine's Day.

    Very excited! We've never met Mulan or Mushu, so I was excited about that. And, then I come across this:


    I have a special place in my heart for meeting the Fab 5 in different outfits, which I've handed down to my daughter! So excited!

    This conversation was repeated multiple times on our last trip:
    DH: But we met him yesterday
    Me and DD in unison: But, he's in a different outfit here!

  10. jaymesmom617

    jaymesmom617 New Member

    Make sure to check out Mickey in DCA on the walkway by Paradise Pier. He is usually in a gazebo wearing resort wear. I know that I have also seen in wearing safari clothes but, I just can't place for sure where is was....
  11. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I hadn't heard of that one. I'm really hoping to get pics with 20s BVS Mickey and flight attendant Minnie.

    Any other characters have special BVS clothing? I think I've seen a few with other characters, but I'm not sure if that's a regular thing or something that was special for the opening of BVS.

    Oh, I'd love to see Princess Minnie too.

    And, of course the Mardi Gras and Lunar New Year ones. Wonder what DD will think of seeing so many different outfits on the same characters in the same parks maybe in the same day. With WDW, it was usually in a different park on a different day than our previous meet.
  12. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    Just bought and printed our tickets!

    Keeps getting more real!
  13. Sherry E

    Sherry E <font color=darkorchid>Willing victim of the Disne Moderator

    It's always fun to print the tickets and actually have them in hand, isn't it? There is something so final about it.
  14. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    WOW! At this time 2 weeks from now, we'll be on an airplane headed to California.

    And, I'm stressing over the silliest things. Like what days which kids are going to wear which shirts. I mean, big stressful problems over here. Big problems. :rotfl2:

    Kids just finished watching the Disneyland Fun Sing-a-long DVD. I love that I bought it 5 years ago before our first trip, and they still love watching it. That DVD brings back so many memories! They're all tall and big dancing around the living room and I can still picture them as little toddlers doing the same thing.

    Went to 2 parades last night, and the kids sorted toys and beads all morning. Heading out to some more this evening. Milking Mardi Gras for all it's worth since we'll be missing the big weekend.
  15. PHXscuba

    PHXscuba <font color=darkorchid>Mouseketeer since birth!<br

    We had that Disneyland Sing-along on VHS when my son (now 16) was a baby and he wore it out. So hilarious to see the 90s fashions and the rides that no longer exist (Skyway anyone?) or have changed a lot.

    Two weeks will go fast!

  16. CLKnCA

    CLKnCA New Member

    Great PTR, lindy. It makes me excited for you and for your family! You'll all have a blast.

    I agree with your decision to see fireworks the first Saturday you arrive. If you're up in Hollywood on Sunday, you don't want to chance not making it back in time, and you do not want to miss those fireworks; it's an incredible show! See them on Main St or the hub in an area where you will be able to see the castle. You'll get to see Tinkerbell fly, which is pretty darn cool with this show!

    Which other restaurants are you visiting with ADRs? Any chance you thought about Blue Bayou? Make a reservation there, even if for lunch, as the atmosphere is fantastic.

    Enjoy your trip!
  17. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    We've now watched it two more times. The clothes and hair are all hilarious. We watched it in preparation for our Disney World trips, and it was really great for the kids to see the characters as huge, imposing, larger than adult beings instead of little cartoons and also to see some rides so that they had some idea of what this "Disney World" we kept talking about was. Now that they're older and understand the difference between Disney World and Disneyland (well the older two), it's fun to watch it before actually going to the Land!

    :wave2: Howdy! Thanks for stopping by! I've seriously considered Blue Bayou. Part of me really wants that experience, but considering the kids ages and the fact that we're from New Orleans, I think our money is better spent on character meals. DH is already complaining about the Bayou Bash food not being real New Orleans food. I don't want to add the $$ of Blue Bayou to that complaint. He's not a big Disney person, he just goes to humor us! But, I don't need to walk into situations that I know will annoy him!
  18. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    The DIS just posted info about True Love week, the 3rd Limited Time Magic event that we'll be in the parks for!

    Very exited to see Daisy. I'd heard she was rare in DL, and DS2 adores her! I had originally read somewhere else that the Fab 5 would meet with their true loves. I was hoping that meant Clarabelle and Daisy. Excited to see Daisy confirmed, since DS loves her, but wishing for Clarabelle since we've met Daisy multiple times and never Clarabelle. And, we won't see her at Dancin with Disney as I originally hoped.

    But, DS doesn't remember meeting Daisy when he was 4 months old, so he'll be thrilled! And, I'm thrilled that he'll be thrilled!

    Last time DS met Daisy:

    As for the princes, DD was obsessed with characters last trip. Obsessed! But, was terrified of the princes!!

    On our last day, my dad and I camped out for 3 hours so she could meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. She'd been begging to meet Rapunzel all trip, and we'd never wanted to wait. So, the last day we beeline over there and Dad and I camp out with the baby. While we waited, DH took DS to do some rides, and my mom took DD do some things and then to meet Jasmine when her line opened up b/c we had missed her earlier in the week. Aladdin was with her and DD did not want to go up to him. My mom is in the picture with them and DD is clinging on to her hand looking terrified.

    Then, they get back just in time for us to go into the Rapunzel meet. The kids begin with a coloring page, then Rapunzel and Flynn come out and greet the kids. DD is wearing her Rapunzel dress and Rapunzel comes compliment her hair. They start dancing around and Flynn grabs my daughter to dance with her. I lift up my camera all excited about this special moment, and DD has a complete and total freak out.

    Seconds before freak-out:

    It took the whole rest of the activity time, plus we stood back and waited to be last for the pictures after. She was still crying. Rapunzel was so sweet and took some much time trying to get her to warm up. And, then I still had to get in the picture b/c she wouldn't take one with Flynn without me. I later cropped me out so that I'm just a barely noticeable, tiny sliver of a part of me that the DIS won't let me type. ;)

    But, we did get this awesome shot out of the whole ordeal! Mine and photopass


    She didn't mind Naveen though. Odd. But, he was really good. Talked to my kids FOREVER about Mardi Gras and New Orleans (we actually met them on Mardi Gras day). DD made sure to tell Tiana that you don't put honey on beignets. :rotfl: They talked so long that I was feeling awful for the people in line behind us. I kept trying to hurry them along a bit, but Tiana and Naveen would shoo me away and keep talking. I wish I had that interaction on video. They were so great. Now that I think about it, I should have sent a compliment for them after the trip.

    We've never met Prince Charming, Snow White's prince, Beast, or Prince Eric. So, it will be neat if we can meet any of those. Assuming DD is over her prince thing!

    11 DAYS! pixiedust:
  19. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    I keep resizing these pics in Photobucket, but no matter how tiny I make them there, they show up the same big size here... :confused3

    ETA: Nevermind I got it. I kept saving and replacing, but if I save as copy, then it works! Going update my pics!!
  20. OhioStateBuckeye

    OhioStateBuckeye New Member

    Santa brought us balloons hahahaha. Kind of like being more excited about the box than present.

    Wow, you get 3 limited time magics...I am starting to worry now if I'll even get 1 or if it'll be another online voting thing.

    I am looking forward to reading your trip report and seeing Disney through the kids' eyes. :goodvibes
  21. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    :welcome: Yep. I nudged my husband and said "You realize we could have gotten away with just giving them balloons?!"

    I know some people are disappointed because these are events that they normally have. But, whether they're Limited Time Magic or just seasonal stuff, I'm pretty pumped about all our special events! Takes some sting out of all of the closures!

    Disney through kids' eyes is just the best. After our first trip when DS7 was just turning 3, I said I wanted to go with each kid around that age. DH isn't a big Disney fan, so he thought going back to the same place was crazy, but we went back right when DD turned 4 and now DS2 will be 2 1/4 years for this trip. I'd rather him be closer to 3, but want to go before his 3rd birthday when he doesn't need a ticket and want to avoid the summer, so.... I can't wait to see him though. He loves the characters so much!! When we watch the planning DVD or sing-a-long DVD or Christmas Day parade, he just jumps up and down and points and yells character names every time one comes on the screen. Ahh... :goodvibes I can't wait to see him there! :love:

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