Santa is telling the boys we are going :-)

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  1. Kayleigh1986

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    Aug 14, 2012
    So.....13 days until we go! I literally cannot believe how fast its come around seeing as we booked it in January!

    The boys still dont know we are going, we have a santa coming round to the house half an hour before we leave for the airport, we are sending the boys to school but picking them up early and telling them they have a hearing/eye test, and then taking them home for santa to give them their tickets and tell them they are going :-)

    I just wondered if anyone has any final tips really?

    we have booked transfers with ezyshuttle i think, the one everyone recommended, we have booked into cafe mickey, checked in for flights online and printed boarding passes, changed all euros, got our european health cards. Anything else left thats practical to do?

    We have saved times whilst on the parks by going through the menus of all the restaurants as im a bit of a strange eater so we have a list of all restaurants where we might eat from, high on our list is rainforest and annettes diner. have put a roll of sandwich bags in our suitcase so we can take snacks from breakfast as suggested on here.

    we have a 5 and 6yr old with us so just wondered if there are any 'Must see's or do's" in your eyes.
  2. kizzabel

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    Sep 10, 2009
    Wow that sounds fab! Thats such a cool idea.
    My kids very favourites are buzz laserblast and stitch live.
    Hope you have an absolute ball

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