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Sanaa recommendations please...

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by mickeymotto, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. mickeymotto

    mickeymotto Where in the "World" am I?

    Anyone ever dine at Sanaa at AKL? If so, any recommendations would be appreciated. We are considering a first time visit this trip and I would like to know what everyone recommends. :goodvibes
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  3. 4mykids

    4mykids Member

    We loved the bread service which was enough to fill me up. My DS22 had the trio of stews (sorry I don't remember the name). He loved that. Just don't miss the bread service!
  4. mickeymotto

    mickeymotto Where in the "World" am I?

    Are there different kinds of breads? If so, which are your favorite?
  5. We ate at Sanaa twice last month on our first stay at AKL. LOVED it! We stopped at the lounge for a beer after a long, hot day at the parks. We had no dinner plans so decided to try the bread service. Opted for all 9 dips. It was so good. The different dips were refreshing, spicy, creamy, just so fun.

    A couple of nights later, we had dinner. We started with the mussels...we love mussels. These were delish, broth was so good with a fennel infusion that was so tasty with the ginger bread that was served with it. We then had the salad sampler. They were all wonderful, esp. the watermelon salad. For entrees', we had a "pick two", butter chicken and the bison dish and basmati rice. Other entree was the braised lamb shank. All were very tasty and I can't believe we ate it all. We usually get one app, one entree and split. We even got a dessert...the banana kulfi dessert.

    I was full for 2 days....next time I would do maybe split an entree or even skip. The mussels, bread and salad sampler would make a great meal for us to split!

    Hope you try it! It is a special place!
  6. mickeymotto

    mickeymotto Where in the "World" am I?

    Thanks so much for the info. How was the butter chicken? I see they are offering it at the food trucks in DTD now during Foodtopia. So I figured it must be popular. I can't wait to try the bread! :goodvibes
  7. The butter chicken was tasty...not at all what the name implies, but a tomato based sauce.

    For me, the breads (we got all 3 naans), the dips, the salads and the mussels were the stars. Maybe on a freezing cold night, I would re-order the lamb shanks or bison short ribs. But it was hot, muggy and those lighter dishes were spot on!
  8. mom2grace

    mom2grace Mouseketeer

    They offer a special lunch called something like Dining with a Disney Animal Specialist. We did it last week & loved it. You have to book ahead & it is only offered on certain days.

    It is 4 courses (I think about $50/adult), you get the bread service to share with all 9 sauces & 3 different types of bread, then each person gets 3 salads, watermelon, mango, & chick pea. I would say each was at least a cup.

    Then the entree is the butter chicken & mahi mahi with basmati rice.

    Dessert was 3 individual servings of Chai Cream, coconut cheesecake & a chocolate mousse per person. It was all amazing!
  9. mickeymotto

    mickeymotto Where in the "World" am I?

    That sounds wonderful! I wonder where I can find info on it. I will check their website. :goodvibes
  10. mickeymotto

    mickeymotto Where in the "World" am I?

    It does NOT have a link to make ADRs even on their website. I suppose I would have to call to get info and ressie. :confused3
  11. mom2grace

    mom2grace Mouseketeer

    Yes, you have to call. The CM I got had never even heard of it but was able to book it successfully!
  12. TheRustyScupper

    TheRustyScupper Average Banjo Picker. Fairly Good Sailing Master.

    Our Ratings of Sanaa: (*rev 8/1/2013*)
    . . . food price value: B
    . . . food quality: B
    . . . food quantity per serving: B
    . . . food prep speed: B
    . . . food selection: C
    . . . seating quantity: C
    . . . seating comfort: C
    . . . eatery atmosphere: B
    . . . eatery convenience: C
    . . . staff friendliness: B
    . . . staff attentiveness: A
    . . . character interaction: B (views of animals on savannah)

    NOTE1: Has good regional African food. Americanized, but definitely more adventurous
    than other eateries. The menu is shorter than other table service eateries, the wine list
    average, but the quality of the food and presentation are high. An added benefit is the
    viewing animals on the Savannah during the meal (for daylight hours). There's eight window
    tables and six more with good views. For lunch, try the Lamb Kefta open face sandwich; for
    dinner, try the beef and lamb. Don't miss out on the Banana Kulfi Sundae. We really like
    the bread appy/sampler, as well as the salad sampler with three of the salads; either will
    feed two people. Be aware that items labeled as "Durban" are highly spiced, best washed
    down with cold milk! It is out of the way, but is worth the long drive. This is only one
    of the five sit down eateries we patronize at WDW. In our opinion, Sanaa is better than
    Jiko or Boma.

    NOTE2: We prefer the lunch over the dinner.
    . . . the fare is a little lighter
    . . . the price is better
    . . . the appys and salads are the same
    . . . the lower number of people eating
    . . . the ability to see animals on the savannah
  13. Simba's Mom

    Simba's Mom <font color=green>everything went to "H*** in a ha

    That's so good! I've done it twice and have reservations for this coming Wednesday.

    My favorite regular lunch food offering is the chicken tandoori (or shrimp tandoori) on Naan bread with cucumber raita. My favorite bread in the bread servic is also the Naan bread.
  14. mickeymotto

    mickeymotto Where in the "World" am I?

    Did you have to call to make reservations? And do they offer this for lunch and dinner?
  15. Karlzmom

    Karlzmom Mouseketeer

    I love the green curry on the "Slow Cooked and Well Seasoned" dinner.

    Bread service is good.....

    I don't think we've had a bad meal there and even picked Sanaa for our Christmas dinner this year.
  16. mickeymotto

    mickeymotto Where in the "World" am I?

    Sounds good. We can't wait to try it now. :goodvibes
  17. mom2grace

    mom2grace Mouseketeer

    For the dining with the animal specialists you have to call. We did it last week & it was from 12-2pm. It is only offered a few days a week.
  18. AlohaAnnie

    AlohaAnnie Mouseketeer

    Great Thread, I would like to see more suggestions and descriptions.

    We are going for dinner during our upcoming spring break trip. It will be our first trip to Sanaa. My family finally approved a visit and I have been wanting to try Sanaa for a while now.

    My family is really picky DH and DD. I suggested the butter chicken for my husband but DD is more of a plain eater. Do they have plain roasted chicken? The chicken can be lightly seasoned.

    Thank you :)
  19. JerseyMouse

    JerseyMouse Member


    The tandoori chicken was good, but not as spicy as I like it.

    We liked the bread service the best.
  20. Simba's Mom

    Simba's Mom <font color=green>everything went to "H*** in a ha

    I THINK the Tandoori chicken and Tandoori shrimp in that form (on Naan bread with cucumber raita) is only served at lunch, at least it was when I was there several months ago. At dinner it's in a bowl with a separate bowl of basmati rice. I much prefer it the way they serve it at lunch, one reason why I like lunchtime better.
  21. mevelandry

    mevelandry Mouseketeer

    I have tried many things but only enjoyed the following:

    Short ribs, burger, vegetables and Chai Cream for dessert (one of the best in WDW IMO) Lemonade was awesome.

    Did not like the bread service, hated the butter chicken (made of crappy chicken parts) ...

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