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Saana, Boma or Jiko

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Princess_taffy05, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Which one? I would like to try one for our next trip/honeymoon. We have never tried any of them before!
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  3. LeahA

    LeahA Mouseketeer

    Jiko is one of the Signature restaurants, I have never eaten there.

    I have eaten at Boma, which is a buffet, which I really liked and it gives you an opportunity to try many different foods.

    I have eaten at Sanaa, and for me is my favorite restaurant.

    I would look at the menus and decide which sounds good, you will get alot of mixed reviews. If you like the menu at Jiko, since it's your honeymoon, try that. We are a family of 5 and Jiko is just too expensive for us. Also, the menu wouldn't work for my family.

    All of us like Boma!
    All of us love Sanaa!
  4. Minniesgal

    Minniesgal Mouseketeer

    We loved Sanaa but thought Boma was just ok so i would pick Sanaa over Boma.

    We have never eaten at Jiko but it is on our list. Would probably be good for a honeymoon
  5. jimim

    jimim Mouseketeer

    Being u ho etymon I would go to jiko. Perfect food and the wine list is awesome if u are into that. They treat u so well. The service is always great. Sanna is also really good. I love the diff breads they have. The food is really good there too just not as refined. Bona isn't bad either. It pretty much comes down to sign dining vs more family like dining vs buffet. U got it all in those choices. I never ever ever miss jiko on a trip! Never.
  6. xoktenox

    xoktenox Mouseketeer

    I think if money is no issue, most people will tell you to go with Jiko. Don't think I've ever heard a bad review from there but personally, we've never eaten there because I can't see spending more money for similar food you can get at Sanaa which is AMAZING!! If you want to be a little more budget conscious but still get high quality food and service, go for Sanaa! I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Also, I don't think I've ever heard a bad review from there, either. Btw, congratulations!
  7. Sweet Melissa

    Sweet Melissa Mouseketeer

    Jiko is an outstanding restaurant, and my favorite on property. It's quiet, romantic, and serves unique, well-executed cuisine. The service is stellar and the wine list extensive, including many African wines you won't find elsewhere in the US. It's a MUST for a honeymoon.

    All that said, Sanaa is also a gem. It's another favorite, though I don't think it's quite as "special" in terms of ambiance or service.
  8. morgy827

    morgy827 Mouseketeer

    Jiko is our number 1 pick for signature dining. Great food, service and atmosphere. We also love Sanaa and the prices are cheaper. Boma is good but I don't really get the hype about it, although I am not a huge fan of buffets so that may be why.
  9. jesswindsor

    jesswindsor Mouseketeer

    My opinion: 1. Jiko, 2. Sanna, 3. Boma.. I really don't think you will be sorry for picking any of the 3, I personally don't like buffet's, thats why Boma is my last choice.
  10. MinnieLee

    MinnieLee Mouseketeer

    Congratualtions on your upcoming wedding! princess:

    For a honeymoon dinner - Jiko. Saana is also excellent. We really also love BOMA but it can get noisy in the restuarant. For a romatic dinner try Jiko.
  11. nickymaria

    nickymaria Member

    This is my vote, too!
  12. North of Mouse

    North of Mouse DIS Veteran

    Congratulations! We would choose Boma, but being your honeymoon might affect your choices.
  13. tinkerhon

    tinkerhon Mouseketeer

    "Sanaa" !!! Quickly became our fave TS restaurant last month !! Love it !!
  14. tarheelmjfan

    tarheelmjfan <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=blue>

    It looks like I'll be the first to post a negative review of Jiko here, but I think it's currently one of the most overrated restaurants on the DIS. We consider it the most overrated signature for sure. Maybe, we would have enjoyed the meal more, if we hadn't read what I consider over-inflated reviews here. The appetizers were very good. Our entrees & desserts were average. I've had both that were just as good or better at non-signature restaurants. From reviews here, we were expecting exotic (by WDW standards) food. That wasn't what we were served. The appetizers were the only thing that stood out as especially flavorful. The other dishes were mostly bland. If we ever return to Jiko (unlikely), we'll order appetizers & maybe a dessert. They do have a nice wine list going for them. We're not ones to skimp on food on vacation, but I can honestly say we felt this was the most wasted $250 we've ever spent on a meal.

    It's been a long time since we ate at Boma. Things may have changed since then, so I won't offer an opinion.

    We've never dined at Sanaa, but we plan to try it soon. Some of the people here who seem to have similar dining styles/tastes as us recommend it. I'm hoping we'll get lucky & be served more authentic dishes there.

    WDWFANCBIIIME Mouseketeer

    All three are VERY VERY good I really think

    Boma is the best buffet on property really fun and exciting atmosphere with pretty good food and very good service

    Sanaa has a relaxed atmosphere with really some of the coolest views anywhere in the entire world! I think the food is outstanding and service is pretty good

    Jiko really is the best of the three it is the most expensive but it has a very refined and relaxed atmosphere the food is outstanding as well! The only downfall was service was just okay it was better than some restaurants but not as good as others

    If I could only choose one I would choose Jiko but you cannot go wrong with any of them!!!
  16. Micca

    Micca <font color=darkcoral>You gotta love a great plan

    We've been to Boma many times & liked it, Jiko once and were very impressed. With respect to Boma, as good as the food is it's a big 'ol noisy
    place. Jiko is much more low-key and more "adult" in nature. Haven't tried Sanaa but many Dis-ers rate it highly.:earsboy:
  17. jwfla422

    jwfla422 DIS Veteran/Philly Native

    My vote is for Jiko although we haven't eaten here lately but I have always loved the filet with mac n cheese (not currently listed on the menu like that but you can get it as many Disers have reported :thumbsup2), I also miss their amazing tomato, cucumber and watermelon salad. This was once a "must-do" for us but they continually remove items we really enjoy off the menu so we stopped our "must do" visit. :confused3

    We didn't care all that much for Sanaa but we are definitely in the minority there. We did like Boma but IMHO I think it's a little over-rated LOL, but that's just my opinion as this is another most seem to like.

    But if given a choice to go to one especially for a honeymoon I'd pick Jiko.:thumbsup2
  18. anotherhb

    anotherhb Easy on the Ears

    I can definitely recommend Jiko! We just went last weekend again (our 3rd time) and the food and service were excellent. It is a little pricier but we like to order several different appetizers to split and try and desserts of course and tend to be stuffed. We had a wonderful lamb flatbread. The Inguday Tibs in Brik (mushrooms, spinach, cheese in crispy Tunisian filo with curry vinaigrette and apple) are wonderful, and a coffee flavored creme brulee which was to die for! The atmosphere is also quieter and more romantic than Boma.
  19. 2012DisneyWorldBride

    2012DisneyWorldBride <font color=royalblue>I was a Disney Bride on 12.8

    We have eaten at Jiko twice now and have loved it both times. We went after we got engaged and then again on our wedding/honeymoon trip. It is very romantic inside. Ask for a table by the windows. I love their filet. My husband is more of an adventurous eater and he has loved the different things he has gotten there. We have not tried the other 2.
  20. flprep

    flprep Earning My Ears

    I have heard great things about all three places. I have only been to Boma, but I love it there! They have tons of options and you can try many different kinds of unique food, instead of just an entree. Definitely have the zebra domes and try some soup if you go there!

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