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    Made ressies tonight for Rose 'n Crown, we have never been here before, and I got time I was looking for but when I picked and started filling out info it said "maybe seated at separate seats" and the reservation is only for 4. Is this common or should I change to a different time? Thanks in advance! :surfweb:
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    1) The disclaimer of being split up is on all ADR's.
    2) This is in case your party must be separated.
    3) Parties of up to six are seldom split.
    4) Parties of seven and above are more frequently split.
    5) It is a matter of
    . . . availability of tables which can be combined
    . . . combining tables so that aisles are not compromised or blocked
    . . . when you made the reservation, and how many others were made before you
    . . . the physical layout of the eatery
    . . . if they can fill the smaller two-or-three person tables (usually along walls or by pillars)
    6) They also must take into account the restaurant capacity
    . . . if there are a lot of ressies, the eatery can be sold out
    . . . combining tables reduces the number of seats available (end seats are lost)
    . . . example: push two 4-top tables together and you seat six instead of eight
    . . . thus, combining tables reduces capacity by 25%-50% per group
    . . . for very busy days, revenue is more important than group convenience of sitting together

    7) With the above being said
    . . . they do try to combine tables to accommodate the group
    . . . the vast majority of groups do not get split
    . . . but, be prepared if splitting does occur for your group

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