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Rooming/Housing Question

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by Want2B-Imagineer, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Want2B-Imagineer

    Want2B-Imagineer New Member

    Can a person over the age of 21 room with people in wellness?

    And has anyone actually tried to change their arrival date on their dashboard to see what happens?
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  3. NHSchool2012

    NHSchool2012 DCP Alumni -- Earned my Ears!

    I think you can do that, the only difference is there's no alcohol in the wellness apartments.
  4. mckennerk

    mckennerk New Member

    You can, but remember that if they have alcohol in the room you can all get sent home. I would recommend being in non-wellness if you are twenty one unless you are rooming with family (like a sibling or cousin) or someone you can trust from home :cutie:
  5. ArielinWonderland

    ArielinWonderland New Member

    If you are over 21, you can live in a wellness apartment.

    In my program (DLR Spring 2012), I think there was an apartment of all over 21 people who had requested to live in wellness. They all didn't want to be living in an apartment where people were drinking/partying. I think they eventually decided to become non-wellness, because they all agreed to not throw parties/have a lot of alcohol around/etc.
  6. lilmissdisney216

    lilmissdisney216 <font color=royalblue>Pawsitively Lovin a Labrador

    I was 22 on my CP and I was living in a non wellness apartment but midway into my program I changed venues and moved in with one of my co-workers cause her roommate had moved out. But she lived in a wellness apartment, so all I had to do was sign a form through the complex office that stated that I wouldn't be bringing any alcoholic beverages into the apartment and such. Worked out really well!
  7. Want2B-Imagineer

    Want2B-Imagineer New Member

    Cool, thank you guys! :)

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