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Robbed at BWV

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by ariel5884, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. lililoo12

    lililoo12 New Member

    And isn't it a persons responsibility to check how many bags are delivered when they are delivered and once you accept the bags the responsibility of bell hop is void?
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  3. theworldneedscolor

    theworldneedscolor New Member

    I accidentally left my bag with my wallet and camera in it in a hotel lobby late at night after a long day at Disneyland. It happens. I am usually very, very cautious about money and valuables. Everyone makes mistakes when they are tired and flustered. It doesn't make them irresponsible, and definitely not "fishy".
  4. MinnieLovesMickey12

    MinnieLovesMickey12 New Member

    I'm surprised Disney did anything at all because who knows for sure if there really were any gift cards in that bag, how much they were really worth, or who if anybody even took them.

    If it was their policy to replace stolen items I think everybody would start having laptops and gift cards stolen on a regular basis.

    Had that happened to me I never would have even thought to try and get someone else to pay for my own mistake.

    OP said she had SOME receipts for some of the gift cards and was able to get some of them replaced at Target. Why not have all the receipts?

    I think OP should be considered VERY lucky that anything at all was done for her.
  5. GOOFY26

    GOOFY26 New Member

    My niece had clothes she bought at the mall in Florida stolen from her room at All Star she notified the front desk and asked for the manger and the front desk wouldn't let her talk to the manager. She got no help with Disney at all. This happened Nov 2012 and still nothing from Disney.
  6. lililoo12

    lililoo12 New Member

    yup i agree. very lucky anything was done. People may read this thread and try to pull a fast one considering no proof was needed smh
  7. rgf207

    rgf207 New Member

    The 'Disney can do no wrong' crowd on here are simply amazing. Of course Disney is responsible. It doesn't matter if the company is contracted out. They represent Disney. Heck, Disney even advertises that you can check your bags and head to the park. It's part of the DME video. So how can people say Disney isn't responsible. Who is responsible? The OP, for using the service that Disney advertises as safe? You can't prove who took the Ops stuff but she left it with the company that Disney advertised to keep their stuff secure so they are responsible.

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  8. minnie mum

    minnie mum Unapologetic Disney Fan(atic)

    I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the OPs account of what happened. I believe her completely. But I still think she is really lucky that she was compensated for anything at all. But she really has no proof that anything was stolen. All she can do is claim that something is missing.

    Again- if push came to shove, how do you prove that you ever had what you claim is stolen? Did she have a claim tag for the bag? Some kind of proof as to the contents of the bag?

    I can see why any hotel would be hesitant to take responsibility for claims of theft. What is to stop me from marching up to the manager and claiming that all my jewellery, my lap top, and my fabulously expensive DSLR with all it's lenses were stolen? I would hope that one of the first questions they asked would be whether or not I could prove that I had them in the first place.

    Just sayin- it's not all cut and dried.
  9. kandb

    kandb New Member

    Two trips ago, we had to change rooms because they were doing loud construction outside of our hotel room (POR). My mom was with us and we had to pack the whole room up and the bellhop picked all our bags up. When they delivered to our new room, a bag of my mothers was gone (it had her water pic inside it). I think sometimes they misplace or lose bags, because I'm sure a used water pic isn't on the list for thieves to want:thumbsup2. Anyhow, it's a lesson learned. You aren't the first or won't be the last to not take something with you that you shouldn't have. We had our camera stolen from our stroller on our first day at MK around 4 years ago. We were sitting in IASW, and I was thinking to myself, "I shouldn't of left our camera on the stroller", when we came out it was gone. You live and learn. Hope the rest of your trip was magical.
  10. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    wow first I am sorry that happened to you.

    Last time we went to Disney we gave ALL our luggage to the bell hop (if thats what they are called LOL) camera bags everything
    We arrived like 3hrs before check in and went to the pool. Our car had actually broke down as we pulled into valet.. Disney took care of getting our vehicle to maintenance everything.
    ALL our bags arrived to our room nothing missing but this was 5yrs ago
    We were totally planning to do the same thing but now I am not so sure because reading some of these replies (didnt have time to read 5 pages) the theft seems to happen a lot :confused3
  11. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    wow first post that made REAL sense in the whole thread there were some really not so nice posts
  12. maxiesmom

    maxiesmom <font color=darkorchid>The Mean Squinty Eye Works

    I don't think theft happens a lot. I have no problems letting Disney handle my bags. But I don't leave cash or gift cards or anything like that with them either. There is being trusting, and then there is being not smart. And leaving cash or the equivalent with any luggage service, or valet, or bus driver is just not smart. It is a shame the OP had a momentary lapse in judgement and was distracted, and someone took advantage of that.:(

    I will say it astounds me how trusting some people on these boards are. You see so many posts from people who think nothing of leaving their computers and valuables strewn around the room, instead of locking them up. People who think nothing of leaving a bag full of camera gear and souvenirs in their stroller while they go on rides. Theft is a crime of opportunity. Don't give crooks the opportunity!
  13. kris4360

    kris4360 New Member

    We bought a picture of mickey that we watched one if the artists draw. It disappeared out of our room while we were at a park. The manager of the resort did have it replaced with a similar one, but it just wasn't the same:(
  14. ariel5884

    ariel5884 Mouseketeer<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    When the valet took our luggage he asked how many bags we had and we said "alot" so he didn't bother counting or giving us a claim ticket. Second off we were going straight to our room and the cart was in a area only accessible to employees. Yes I usually keep the gift cards in my luggage but by unforseeable circumstances they were in another bag. I usually don't leave valuables out and the one time I did "poof", yeah I learned my lesson I will not do this ever again. You know what though I really don't care what was in the bag, the simple fact that it was taken was upsetting. Whether it was just magazines or not I still would have reported it. As far as me not being a nice person that is far from the truth. I have worked my entire life and been in the service industry so don't even go there. The whole point of writing this is to warn people, maybe someone like me who never thought this would happen to them. It "does" happen and I hope I can save someone the trouble that I went through.
  15. stargazertechie

    stargazertechie Toy Story Midway Maniac

    I think the reason people are being a bit harsh is that there is still no proof that your bag was stolen- it was a nondescript grocery bag. For all we know it's sitting in some corner under some lost luggage at the resort.

    I also think it's unwise that you left without getting a claim ticket for your bags, for a multitude of reasons.

    There is a reason that all of our credit cards, IDs, gift cards, cash, etc, go into a passport wallet worn UNDER our clothes until we can get to the resort and lock them in the safe.

    Live and learn.
  16. lililoo12

    lililoo12 New Member

    sorry but I would not accept someone not bothering to count or give me a ticket. If that happened I would NOT be leaving my stuff until I received one and my items were counted. NO excuses
  17. lililoo12

    lililoo12 New Member

    ugh you are from NY no less and should no better than to NEVER trust anyone. You get a claim ticket and you make sure your stuff is counted and put on that ticket or you do not leave your stuff behind. Get a manager BEFORE you leave your items and you let them know what that person said.
  18. lililoo12

    lililoo12 New Member

    I am a new yorker and you know better than to trust anyone. I feel bad your stuff got "taken" but you have to take responsibility for your mistakes. Letting them take your items without counting plus not getting a claim ticket, putting gc's in a non zipped bag and not on your body or purse, not counting as soon as they delivered your luggage to your room. Too many goofs which is why people feel bad but think you are darn lucky to have disney do anything for you. I am sure you will never make the mistakes again. Please try to enjoy the rest of your vacation and thankfully you were not robbed but made bad choices that possibly caused your items to be taken
  19. minnie-apple-mouse

    minnie-apple-mouse New Member

    Disney gives too many refunds when folks complain IMO-I guess it sets them apart but it gets kinda old.
  20. WDSearcher

    WDSearcher New Member

    One small thing I think is missing here is that you sitting there meant that your luggage wasn't left just sitting alone in the middle of the busy lobby for a long time ... true. But neither was it, apparently, stolen or disturbed or touched or even approached, as I'm sure you'd have mentioned that in your story as proof that the lobby area was a hotbed of crime.

    So ... while you were there to keep it company until the "little person" moved it, it apparently wasn't in any danger. You also wasted a half-hour when all you'd have had to do was approach the "little person" and tell them nicely that you'd feel a lot better if your luggage went into the bell room right away, since you were nervous with it out there in the lobby. And if you didn't want to talk to the "little person", you could have approached a manager or concierge and asked them.

    For all you know, there was some plainclothes security guy in the lobby watching you watch the luggage and give people the "evil eye", and the security guy asked them to leave it all out there so that he could figure out if you were a potential thief.

    To the OP -- I'm sorry this happened to you, and thankfully you were compensated AND you also know how to avoid this in the future. But it sounds like this is the only truly terrible thing that has ever happened to you on a Disney trip (based on your love of Disney and the parks), so I'm hoping that you'll give Disney the benefit of the doubt here. You said that "any admiration I had for disney was gone", but as "a true disney fanatic and dvc and annual passholder", I hope that you can put this one bad incident against all of the other wonderful moments you've had and see that it is an unfortunate singular event.

  21. Murron

    Murron Murron

    A terrible thing to happen! I will say this though -- if Disney contracted them, they've had background checks. All that means is that they haven't been caught yet and it's not on their record.

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