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River Country

Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by Tri-circle-D, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Poohbear123

    Poohbear123 <font color=CCCC00>Will travel without lipstick<br

    WOW....canoot beileve this thread is still going strong!:banana:
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  3. dahall

    dahall Member

    We still have no idea how these pictures were taken do we?? PLEASE SHARE, I need to know PLEASE:worship:
  4. goodmorningirl

    goodmorningirl Active Member

    Wow. This is really cool. How were you able to get in to take pictures?? Where exactly is this located, by Ft Wilderness?? Great job!
  5. kidsister

    kidsister Active Member

    I have good memories of River Country and Discovery Island from my early Disney days beginning in 1979.

    I , too, heard that the reason Bay Lake was closed to swimming was because of some parasite or bacteria that was harmful to humans...much the same as the one in Hawaii's fresh waters.

    Also that it was too environmentally expensive to cure.

    Anyone else hear that?
  6. truck1

    truck1 Growing older but not up.

    I used to work for Disney and my area had 2 after the sumer partys there shortly before it closed. I was friends with several different people in different areas, and heard a lot of rumors though nothing concrete on why it closed.

    I do know that alot of times during the summers, when RC was closed, it wasnt due to capacity, it was due to bacteria levels in the water.It wasnt advertised though. If asked guests were told capacity issues.That came from someone in the know.

    In the end Im thinking it was probably a combination of things on why the park closed.Jaq but I would say the bacteria issue was one, the cost to upgrade the park in general,(the bacteria issues aside),operating cost vs ticket price for admission.Usually when something like RC closes and is abandoned (the 20k ride would be another example) its usually a money issue.By that I mean if there was a planned replacement, say, Mr Toads WIld Ride for example, then the ride/attraction would close, and within a certain time frame, some would take its place.Its usally accompanied by some type of announcement.

    Now looking at this logically, from a outside view, I cant see why the park couldnt be isolated from Bay Lake, and have a filtration system installed like the other parks. If there was a 6 inch or difference in water levels, then all theyd have to do is carry the wall a little higher, and pull the water from the now isolated lagoon and either heat it to the point that bacteria wont survive, or chill it for the same reason. Utraviolet light or a osmosis system like Sea World uses, should work also.(Im just guessing.Im no engineer)
  7. PrincessPaczki

    PrincessPaczki Mom of 2 Prince's

    Fantastic photos! :thumbsup2 Thank you for posting them.:thumbsup2 My DS and I go on online all the time to see photos of amusement parks that have closed and are grow over. Cool to see.
  8. SoccerDogWithEars

    SoccerDogWithEars Active Member

    I never went to RC, but always wanted. I can't believe it looks like that today. It is very creepy, I could see a whole ghost story developing (if Disney would allow it).

    I know you probably can't tell us, but I'll ask anyway. How DID you get these pictures? There's daylight in the photos so obviously you didn't sneak in under cover of darkness. :-)
  9. perdidobay

    perdidobay <font color=green>Will work for travel ;-)<br><fon

    Great photos that I enjoyed seeing even though I never went to River Country. There's something very creepy and sad about a place that is abandoned.
    Sadly the whole place looks like a vermin/mosquito breeding ground now.

    As to the "bacteria" in the water, I'm assuming it's Naegleria fowleri, an amebae which is deadly and killed someone in Orlando just this summer. It's why you are not allowed to swim in Bay Lake.


    Naegleria fowleri (pronounced /n&#601;&#712;&#609;l&#618;&#601;ri&#601;/, also known as "the brain-eating amoeba") is a free-living excavate form of protist typically found in warm fresh water, from 25&#8211;35 °C (77&#8211;95 °F) in an amoeboid or temporary flagellate stage. It belongs to a group called the Percolozoa or Heterolobosea.

    N. fowleri can invade and attack the human nervous system; although this occurs rarely,[1] such an infection will nearly always result in the death of the victim.[2]

    In humans, N. fowleri can invade the central nervous system via the nose, more specifically the olfactory mucosa and cribriform plate of the nasal tissues. The penetration initially results in significant necrosis of and hemorrhaging in the olfactory bulbs. From there, amoebae climb along nerve fibers through the floor of the cranium via the cribriform plate and into the brain. The amoebae begin to consume the cells of the brain piecemeal by means of a unique sucker apparatus extended from their cell surface.[5] It then becomes pathogenic, causing primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM or PAME). PAM is a syndrome affecting the central nervous system, characterized by changes in olfactory perception (taste and smell), followed by vomiting, nausea, fever, headache, and the rapid onset of coma and death in two weeks.

    PAM usually occurs in healthy children or young adults with no prior history of immune compromise who have recently been exposed to bodies of fresh water.[6]

    Timely diagnosis remains a very significant impediment to the successful treatment of infection, as most cases have only been appreciated post-mortem. It killed 121 people in the U.S. from 1937 through 2007, including six in 2007 (three in Florida, two in Texas, and one in Arizona);[6] it killed one in 2008 (California) and one in 2009 in Florida.[7]

    United States
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the amoeba killed 23 people between 1995 and 2004.

    In August 2005, two Oklahoma boys, ages 7 and 9 were killed by N. fowleri after swimming in hot stagnant water of the lakes in the Tulsa area.[12]
    In 2007, six cases were reported in the U.S., all fatal:[6]
    In July, the amoeba caused the deaths of three boys in lakes around Orlando, Florida. Possible causes of the infections include higher temperature and droughts in that area of Florida.[13]
    N. fowleri can be found in all bodies of water in Texas (even pools) except colder water, typically spring fed. In late summer, the amoeba caused the death of a 12-year-old boy and a 22-year-old young man in Lake LBJ in Texas.[14][1]
    In September, a 14-year-old boy was killed by the amoeba after likely having caught it while swimming in Lake Havasu in Arizona. The doctors suspected meningitis before the boy died, but did not know the etiology until the CDC confirmed it as N. fowleri.[15][16]
    In August 2008, a 9-year-old boy was killed after having been exposed to the amoeba while swimming several times in Lake Elsinore in California. The boy was the first ever confirmed case in Riverside County.[7]
    On September 23, 2009, a 22-year-old man hospitalized in Florida died from a confirmed case of n. fowleri after having contracted it at the Orlando Watersports Complex.[17]
    There was also a reported case of a 10-year-old child on August, 2009, who died from a confirmed case of "PAM" after having contracted it from a lake in Polk County, Florida.
  10. jenntish

    jenntish Member

    That's crazy Perdido Bay! We went there often as kids. I have some of my favorite clear as a bell memories of being there with my Grandmother and friend, who was like my brother... both of which have passed away.

    Thanks for the memories!!! And thanks for the lesson to never swim in lake water :(
  11. Tinkerbellie16

    Tinkerbellie16 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Certified <font colo

    Wow, this thread brings back memories! I used to love to go to River Country when my mom took me and my brothers to Disney World. She LOVED Discovery Island. At that time, I thought it was fine, but I really liked the ole' fashioned watering hole. I too wish it hadn't closed. And these pics are a little disturbing. Not at all what I think of when I think 'Disney'. But then again, what are they going to do unless they have a plan for the place? Thanks for posting!
  12. fortheluvofpooh

    fortheluvofpooh I believe in fairies, I do, I do!!!!!

    how did you ever manage to get back there with out being found out about?
  13. Born 2 Fish

    Born 2 Fish I'D RATHER BE FISHING.

    He simply walked right thru the gates,,,
    course he was wearing his cloak of invisibility at the time.
  14. dizzi

    dizzi DIS Veteran

    Have read through most of the posts here and

    Have to wonder WHY?

    WHY did Disney leave this in such a disaray?
    WHY would any one want to post these pictures here?

    WHY has TRI CIRLCE D not answered as to how and why he got into the place?


    WHere would one find information about WHY disney is leaving this mess?

    Just curious.:confused3
  15. RocklandRVers

    RocklandRVers Member

    I too have heard about bacteria closing RC and the reason for no swimming in Bay Lake. I have to dispute this through mere logic however. The simple fact is that there is swimming allowed in Bay Lake. During Iron Man and similar competitions for example. Also when you do Sammy's Parasailing you get wet with lake water. If it was so dangerous would they risk people swimming in these events?

    The real reason is always money. Before I get labeled as an anti-capitalist let me say that I agree if something is losing a company money it should be shut down. Just be honest about it, I say, but again I am not a PR guru. I truly believe that if it made Disney a buck RC would be revamped with filtered water to eliminate the bacteria. Fact is that RC was small compared to the new mega water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach and the small number of attendees meant less profit.

    I think Disney also does itself a disservice when it lets something sit there and deteriorate. Clean up the mess!! Then if the plan is to never do anything there, fence it off sufficiently to hide the eyesore. That seem reasonable. You wouldn't leave Grandma to lay around after the reindeer ran her down so why leave RC that way. :santa: MERRY CHRISTMAS
  16. Born 2 Fish

    Born 2 Fish I'D RATHER BE FISHING.

    My question would be, Why would you even wonder
    and Where ???
  17. dizzi

    dizzi DIS Veteran

    Because someone put it out there.

    My brain took it in and now all the questions that my brain has on the subject has not been answered.

    This is normally the case when someone has questions about soemthing they have seen, read, heard, etc
    Except when it comes to my lazy kids who probablly wouldnt use their brains to question anything.

  18. Judy in Texas

    Judy in Texas 1150 miles too far from the Fort

    Edited after the fact.... Didn't want to be rude...
  19. dizzi

    dizzi DIS Veteran

    My sincerest apologies........
    I assumed since the disboard is an open forum

    That any and all were welcome to come and read and interact.


    And since there was a link to THIS VERY THREAD...Put out there for ALL and that WOULD BE ALL THE USERS OF THE DISBOARDS not JUST a LINK FOR CAMPERS...

    For a great link to read and see about something interesting about DIS NEY WORLD.

    Just a suggestion, that if you guys do not wish to have any one else in your cirlce you might want to speak to the powers that be here on the DIS boards and have them take that off so that noone else is invited in to only be shot down with any questions they may have about an open forum discussion.

    I have been on MANY MANY THREADS,as you can see by post count.

    And although shouldnt be, i am shocked,and taken aback.

    Now the people over on the DVC area are a bit withdrawn...

  20. dizzi

    dizzi DIS Veteran


    Judy i see you have stayed in hotels before do stop by over at the Resorts board......

    Very friendly over there.
  21. Judy in Texas

    Judy in Texas 1150 miles too far from the Fort

    ...until someone asks about bringing back their refillable mug from a previous visit or trying to sneak short kids on the rides with height restrictions. :rotfl:
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