Rip orange county sheriff deputy Ed Kelly assigned to patrol disney world

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    He died of cancer and loved his work with ocso and being able to patrol Disney on foot and car it sad because he a lot like most of the cms that retire and move to Florida and work for Disney. Yes he worked for ocso but came out of retirement from Milford police department for 26 years then in 1999 retired and moved t Orlando and couldn't stay away from law enforcement then took a part time job with ocso with the courts then moved into full time and got assinged to Disney. He was a true hero and what young police officers should take as an example of what they should do. So don't forget to thank an officer or deputy in honor of mr Kelly and remember if your in Disney theses officers are mourning one of their own so keep that in mind.

    RIP ED KELLY thanks for your service E.O.W FED 14, 2013

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