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Resort board pet peeves?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by blackacex2, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Mickey'sApprentice

    Mickey'sApprentice <font color=red>Shamelessly demand, it works bette

    Wow! I can't believe after 15 pages...nobody mentioned my biggest pet peeve.

    We rode SM in MK. There are a couple of others like this...but my OCD and curiosity totally gets in the way of my having a good time reading. I wonder for pages and pages...Was it Space Mountain or Splash Mountain?

    I wish I could remember the rest of these...but there are a few examples of the SM phenomena.

    Secondly, I hate it when someone posts itty bitty pictures on a photo thread. I then get confused when someone apologizes for posting a picture that fills the screen. I just saw a beautiful picture of Bay Lake with the Castle in the back of the picture. My eyes! My eyes! Um...a beautiful picture should be big, right?

    I will probably get flamed for this because times have changed so much. I get really irritated about the posts that say something like...me and my 9 year old stayed in one room while my 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend stayed in the other room. If I say one word about that being a bad influence on young readers, I will be told bluntly to leave my morality out of it.

    I dislike the threads that say all fat people are lazy, and that walking would do them a lot of good. I walk at Disney. I do think its good for me, and I do all that I can do to get around. I walked 27 miles on my last trip. I sat on a lot of benches too. At the end of the day, I was also glad to get to my room and was glad that it wasn't at the end of a very long hallway. I have also asked to be reassigned a room at the Boardwalk after requesting close to an elevator...and getting that request ignored. It's not the first mile or half mile of the day that gets you...its the last one.
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  3. cjsm&d

    cjsm&d New Member

    OK... treading lightly here.

    You don't want people to judge overweight people, but it's OK for you to judge other people's lifestyle?

    And I agree with you that it is not nice and uncalled for when people make ignorant comments about fat people being "lazy."

    But though I would NEVER let my teenager share a room with his girlfriend, it's not my place to tell others how to live their lives either.

    Now if someone started a thread that states everyone should let their teenage girl have a room with her boyfriend, then I'd share my opinion.
  4. disneydee6

    disneydee6 New Member

    I also don't have a problem with the chitty chat on thread boards, to me makes it a welcoming atmosphere! They almost always answer questions or bring it up even if the answer is unknown. Also, I've made use of the 'search this thread' button which helps narrow down the search for a question. But, everyone has their peeves, so even tho I don't mind, others do, so that's that.

    What does seem get me going a little bit, is that if someone asks a question that they know is a rule-bending question.

    "I know it's generally not allowed, but can we use this perk that we didn't pay for if we...?"

    If you are going to break the rules, don't let us know or make a thread about it! It makes people :furious: and your question won't be received very well. If you are going to break or bend the rules, that's your call, but those of us paying for said perks don't want to be part of it. :scratchin
  5. pl4bby

    pl4bby New Member

    Lol and I never tip and 98 percent of the time have a towel animal
  6. lmc318

    lmc318 I have dreams like you, no really! Just much less

    Ok, I haven't gotten through all of these posts, although I plan to. I HAVE used the search function for this thread and didn't see this, so I'm posting. It's not specific to resorts, but much of what is in this thread isn't anyway. Although it's in A resort, so I guess it counts. ;)

    For the love of God, it is 'Ohana. It is not an Irish restaurant run by the O'hana family.

    Ok, I feel much better now! :crazy2:
  7. lmc318

    lmc318 I have dreams like you, no really! Just much less

    See? Should've just waited until I read the thread before I posted! Didn't come up in search at all. Ah well....
  8. 1971DBday

    1971DBday Keep moving forward!

    Okay. I am one of the guilty for this pet peeve. However, it's from the Disney website that I got this from. Anytime (in the past - they have now changed it) I went to make an ADR when I looked up 'Ohana you had to put "O'hana" for it to come up. However, now they do have it correct as 'Ohana.

    I'm sure I'll type it a few more times, but I promise not to stalk you on the DIS and just throw it in for the fun of it! :flower3: Even though the thought of an Irish Version of 'Ohana's might be fun! My youngest DD's 1st birthday party was a combination of Stitch and shamrocks (loved Stitch and her bday is the day before St. Patrick's Day) - so it can be done! :thumbsup2:shamrock::stitch2:
  9. 1971DBday

    1971DBday Keep moving forward!

    Oh and I might as well insert my pet peeve - people acting inhumane. This is a discussion board - it is opinions and should never be an attack on anyone. I've been unhappy about comments here and there and yes I have once and only once commented back. However, I tried to be direct but not offensive. Sometimes things come out the wrong way and we need to forgive, forget and move on.

    On that note - I'm normally not a fan of threads that want to discuss the negatives so I'm outta here! :drive:
  10. lmc318

    lmc318 I have dreams like you, no really! Just much less

    Lol! Please don't stalk me! :D

    I'm game for another Irish pub anywhere though! An Irish luau? ;)

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