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resale price bumps

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by dwight16, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. DannysMom

    DannysMom Mouseketeer

    I assume the ridiculously priced contracts are people who do not really want to sell. People somehow "forced" to list the contract, contentious divorce, bankruptcy or other financial trouble, etc.

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  3. PinMan

    PinMan Member

    this could be or the economy is recovering
  4. bakenatj

    bakenatj Member

    Well I doubt this is the case seeing how the economy hasn't recovered and could get worse.
  5. Meggysmum

    Meggysmum Member

    Didn't think of that!
  6. Minniesgal

    Minniesgal Mouseketeer

    I didn't get the impression it was that long for my UY. I went on in January and was told 4-6 months. As my UY is August I strongly suspect my points will become available the first of August. Hopefuly ROFR will let me have these ones and i can cancel the waitlist.
  7. Nikisha421

    Nikisha421 i'm the mom thats hoping and praying that my Disne

    I wish I had the cash to grad a small AKV contract ASAP
  8. dwight16

    dwight16 Member

    Of course the economy is getting better and the people who can afford to spend 5 to 20k on a timeshare. Also tax refunds were behind I know I spent mine on 30 vwl points. I think it's just a perfect storm of factors.
  9. bakenatj

    bakenatj Member

    I don't understand the comments about tax returns. Normally the people who make enough money to make a purchases like this don't get refunds. They are paying quarterly estimates and/or even owe come tax time. People who are getting refunds aren't in a very high tax bracket typically. Either that or you need to have you're quarterly payments adjusted. Don't give the government an interest free loan for heavens sakes!

    As far as the economy, the stock market isn't a good way to gauge the economy. The housing market is a closer representation of the economy, and the housing market sucks.
  10. Apps

    Apps Member

    Half my friends owe, the other half get refunds and they all make enough to buy DVC shares easily. I think this is a bold statement. :D
  11. bakenatj

    bakenatj Member

    Why is this a bold statement?? Did you not read my complete statement? If you are getting a large refund, then you need to adjust your deductions or quarterly adjustments. You are giving the government an interest free loan. Don't think they would be as nice to you as you are being to them. Timeshare companies typically target people that have incomes of over $85,000 annually. So my statement is not bold.
  12. Apps

    Apps Member

    I find a lot of individuals don't adjust to that level of detail. A lot are rather conservative and would prefer a refund just so they don't have to owe something in march. :D

    You are assuming everyone pays close attention to taxes and adjust accordingly. I don't find that to be the case amongst my non financial minded friends who easily make in the top 5% income bracket (lawyers, engineers, doctors). :D
  13. dbs1228

    dbs1228 Mouseketeer

    The housing market where I live in the North East is almost mimicking DVC sales! I work with a realtor who says she has not had her phone ringing like this for a few years and sold a ton of homes in the bad market! I also work for a company that takes out underground oil tanks which happens most often when someone is buying or selling a property and this has been the busiest by far winter/spring in the 6 years I have worked there! This increase business is primarily real-estate sales driven.
  14. dwight16

    dwight16 Member

    Stock market is great and I also live in the north east and the housing market is starting to get hot. Just like Dvc it's all about location people want to live in the northeast higher demand. This section of the country was hit the least on a % during the bubble popping. It's pretty simple to see what is going on here it's a sellers market. The days of 2009/2010 are over in the resale market probably be a few more years before they come back.
  15. e46m3

    e46m3 Member

    Do you guys have the all cash buyers from China like we have here in California? Luckily they don't know about DVC or else prices here would sky rocket. Lol
  17. sweetdana

    sweetdana Mouseketeer

    I underwrite tax returns every day. I see 4 out of 5 self employed people have 50% 100% 300% differences between gross and net income.... You think cars/ boats/ cell phones/ home phones even vacations to visit clients are not " expenses". Think again. I looked at 1 last week gross income of 1/2 million net of 32k ... For a lawn service company.... They got 12k back in taxes n only paid 5k .,, refund ... they got paid with an earned income credit and 2 kids .And mortg interest . So that is not always the case. They could most certainly afford dvc in fact they might buy it as a business expense?

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