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Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by 4 DZNY NUTZ, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. 4 DZNY NUTZ

    4 DZNY NUTZ New Member

    We will be back to Disney in February of 2007. We were originally going to drive from New Jersey but decided to fly instead. We will need to rent a minivan because it will be 6 of us. The rental prices I have been checking have been about 500.00 per week even with AAA discount. Anyone have any inside advice or secrets on discounts???? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :sunny:
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  3. powellrj

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    check out the transportation board. It's a great place to find the different codes and who has the best deal going. Mousesavers also has great codes!
  4. cjnix29

    cjnix29 New Member

    Best patient. Usually you can get the best deals about 30-60 days in advance. Keep trying, and keep trying with the same coupons and codes. They often produce different results. If you find decent deal, book it, and you can always cancel when you find a better deal. Most companies do not require you to put your credit card with the reservation.
  5. rcpulk

    rcpulk New Member

    Dollar Rental is right at the airport which is nice. On another website, I got a coupon code for a Florida discount and it was MUCH cheaper than anything else I saw. Type in oi1054 for a discount code. Good luck! I actually put it under corporate code and it was less. I am getting a Chrysler Pacifica for 316, which include ALL fees (Florida is ridiculous in this aspect)
  6. 4 DZNY NUTZ

    4 DZNY NUTZ New Member

    Thanks for all the excellent responses. I will try the different codes.

    I really appreciate it. Anything to save a buck!!! :thumbsup2
  7. carrie_106

    carrie_106 New Member

    Thanks for the code, I tried it and it took a hundred dollars off my reservation.
  8. MinMouse

    MinMouse New Member

    If you make a Dollar reservation make sure you sign up for Dollar Express. It is free and you can do it right on their website. There are several "privileges" to being a member but the most important is that you stand in a special line for picking up the car. We picked up a Dollar minivan on Sunday, June 4 around 1:30. There were at least 30 people in the line . . . I went to the express line and was called right to the counter! Boy was my group glad I signed up for Dollar Express! We would have been at least another hour if we had to wait in the other line!

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