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Remy's - Pictures & Ruminations - UPDATED for January, 2013 Dinner

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by ehagerty, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. ehagerty

    ehagerty Mouseketeer

    Great meal. Again.

    Must do.
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  3. LWQuestie

    LWQuestie I'm the Rocketeer!

    I'm still working on E. to go to Remy. Well... I'm still working on him to get on the Dream/Fantasy! Not that interested in Caribbean itineraries, but really want to sail on the Fantasy.
  4. jedijill

    jedijill <font color=red>Chiefs fan living in Bronco countr

    Remy is fantastic and I will be dining there again as soon as I can!

    Jill in CO
  5. puzzlewoman

    puzzlewoman Earning My Ears

    I'm not sure where the wine room was? We met the sommelier in Meridian before dinner. We just did the wine pairing. We sat in a comfy booth in the corner by the front. Very nice and romantic. :love:
  6. puzzlewoman

    puzzlewoman Earning My Ears

    I almost licked my plate for this!
  7. wendym

    wendym I work to go to Disney!

    Wow!! All the dishes look amazing and I love how they have updated the menu. We did Remy for the second time on the Fantasy in October as well as their brunch and love it. This menu makes me even more excited! Thank you so much for posting.
  8. ehagerty

    ehagerty Mouseketeer

    Remy Brunch photos, up next - probably new thread.
    Understood / Agreed - having been to these ports 3 times already, we've kind of redirected to being focus on ship-stuff (food, beverage). Much more to come - Segway in San Juan, Pirate Ship in St Thomas - Remy Brunch, Palo both meals - Mixology with Damian ... will take months to catch up all the photos from last year - a good problem to have.
    Knowing you like VnA, pretty sure you will like this. You'll recognize much of Scott Hunnel's recipes / touch.
    Wine room was directly on the right as you enter the dining room - other side of wall from main entrance - where the Iberian Ham slicer stood for brunch. We've done the wine pairing before - and liked it - but I balked at $99/pp for 5 people. We got 2 bottles instead (totaled around $200) - and you cannot use your wine package here!
    Welcome. Pretty sure they said the update menu quarterly.
  9. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    Yes please! Doing this on my b-day in March.

    How long was brunch?

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  10. ehagerty

    ehagerty Mouseketeer

    Good question - I don't have an answer, but it is a good question. I'll ask one of my fellow sailors. I would guess a couple of hours - they pretty much go at whatever speed you want. As fast as you eat, they will clear and move on - but they don't rush you at all. Will get back to work on pictures after some rowing in the basement.
  11. FJS961

    FJS961 Mouseketeer

    I love any thread REMY. It is a highlight of a DCL cruise for me and I'm looking forward to going again - too bad its a year and 7 months away :(
  12. collsander

    collsander Earning My Ears

    My husband and I enjoyed meeting you and your entire family on the Fantasy! (We were the new DVC members who sat in front of you at the Magical Journey show on the last night).

    Thanks so much for posting photos of your dinner I did not take picture and have been dying to share with friends.

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  13. ehagerty

    ehagerty Mouseketeer

    That IS a long to to wait, uh, I mean anticipate!
    One of the (many) things I enjoy so much about the Disney cruises are the nice people you meet! Hope you enjoy DVC as much as we have these past 20 years. Kristin's parents picked us up from the airport - and she mentioned meeting you, the common (work) connection. Hope to see you again, enjoy your sons and keep up the great vacation planning!

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