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    Jun 30, 2012
    we are planning for our trip in October and so far have 3 plans. Either doing 12 nights in a villa & 2 nights at universals RPH or doing 12 nights onsite disney & 2 nights at RPH and the third idea is to stay on site at disney for 6 nights , 2 nights at RPR at universal and the other 6 nights around I-drive chilling , shopping,going to seaworld & space Kennedy centre etc. The reason I like to split stay is we're not keen on driving (although know if we get the villa we will need to hire a car).

    Can anyone recommended a really good hotel/condo around i drive or other area with shop's, restaurants etc within walking distance. Ideally we would like a separate sleeping area as we are going with my partners 14 year old son. somewhere with good on site facilities as well as a lovely ,modern room . Any suggestions please. :confused3:confused3:confused3

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