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Reactions to Are you 23? Announcement

Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by saturday97, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Miss SD

    Miss SD Member

    I didn't see it online, although it does look like the Tinkerbell pin, only with Mickey as a drum major in the middle instead of Tinkerbell.
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  3. mandymommy4

    mandymommy4 Mouseketeer

    I think its great that you collect expensive pens.......

    The POINT is you click on the link and it takes you to a page that sells you a $75 member ship to a "fan club"...... on the HOME PAGE they are already pushing a $800+ pen, $20 shirt, and a $225 statue like figure.............

    In these economics times Disney needs to be heloing their fans by offering a club that provides discounts NOT THE RIGHT TO SPEND MORE MONEY!

    It IS insulting!

    And I know what you are gonna post don't join..... dont worry I WONT!

    My passses expire in a few weeks and my husband and i have been debating the 1300 we pay for passes a year and to be honest this has helped me decide to say good bye to Disney for the next 12 months......... they screw their pass holders way to much (especially the locals) and it is just one more insult!

    I hope Disney is reading this!
  4. Mouse Skywalker

    Mouse Skywalker <font color=green>The Force is strong with this Po

    Hey maybe we should look at it like this. You get 4 magazines for $75. If they were $25 each, then you're getting 1 free... ;) :rotfl2: ;) Yeah, there's the discount - buy 3 magazines at $25 each and you get 1 free. Oh, wait, they're selling the magazines for $16 at Barnes and Noble. Nevermind...
  5. Matt@WDWR

    Matt@WDWR Member

    I'm very underwhelmed by the new "You have the right to buy more of our stuff" D23 club. However, I will add that you can now redeem your Disney Movie Rewards points for either a D23 pin or a D23 necklace. You have to log into the Movie rewards site to do so though!
  6. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Well what about us non-passholders who haven't been able to get anything. Can I get Tables in Wonderland...NO, can I get admission to special Passholder events, NO...how do you think that makes me feel. I frankly don't see how they screw their passholders as you put it, you guys get all the perks.

    I love the idea of a Magic Kingdom Club or something else for those of us who frequently go to WDW, but not enough to justify an AP. I've felt left out for many years now.
  7. Matt@WDWR

    Matt@WDWR Member

    Have you seen the price point on APs lately? Combined with no weekend discounts, random special events, and no "deals" like B4G3 free, AP holding isn't as lucrative as it used to be.
  8. NWOhioAngela

    NWOhioAngela Mouseketeer

    WORD! I am one ticked off fan. I am about done with Disney. Sorry guys, enough is enough.
  9. JustKryssi

    JustKryssi Licks Turkey Legs

    I too am underwhelmed. I hate that there are so many loyal people who go several times a year with no real incentive other than their love for the magic.

    That should be rewarded IMO.
  10. NWOhioAngela

    NWOhioAngela Mouseketeer

    So did anybody post comments on their site? I left them a scathing message. I encourage people to tell them what you think. Here's a link if ya need it:

  11. froggy5657

    froggy5657 <font color=darkorchid>Trivia Master on the Wonder Moderator

    It says that it is an official website for Disney Lovers

    We have our own free D23 right here, the only thing that the DIS lacks is the official Disney website credit, but I don't want an official Disney website credit because then they will make sure that people only say nice non-money saving things.
  12. Sha

    Sha ┬░O┬░Believes in the Magic and Fairies! ~ Laughter i

    I love my AP... I will continue to use AP.... I have already had my pass PAY for itself and ALL my trips until I renew it.

    They hype for all of this came from EVERYONE who speculated what it was about. All Disney did was say "are you 23?" nothing more. So you are disappointed. Big deal. You don't want to go back. Big deal. Someone else will go in your place. I have had horrible experiences at WDW... got them taken care of. It isn't going to ruin my magic and love of WDW. GET OVER IT! Not everything on that site is $800... AND NO ONE IS MAKING YOU BUY IN!!!!

    Go ahead... rant and whine all you want. We are not entitled to anything. This is a membership... its OPTIONAL! I have no sympathy when it comes to people who think they are entitled to things for free. I deal with that constantly with one of my sisters, who always has her hand out.
  13. saturday97

    saturday97 <font color=blue>Illegally Blonde<br><font color=d

    I posted this thought in another thread, but basically, the DIS is a fan community, D23 is a merchandise club.

    This is a dated idea. They need to innovate. Did they really think this would "wow" the fans?

    Sorta reminds of DCA..."You're doing what??" and now they are spending millions to correct the mistake.

    Can they make D23 worthwhile for the fans?
  14. LudwigVB

    LudwigVB Member

    My initial reaction was that Disney is trying to co-opt Mousefest with their "expo" and Celebrations/Orlando Attractions magazines with their new D23 magazine. Clearly, Disney has to be embarrassed by the wildly successful Epcot 25th anniversary event that it missed out on, so now it will sell an exclusive pen "inspired" by nothing Walt ever touched!

    That said, this may be the venue through which Disney will offer truly exclusive gems like the Disney Treasures and Disney Legacy dvd series. But, without a clear mission except the "we've just scratched the surface," I'm with Kevin and will wait to see what they offer instead of signing up hoping for the best.
  15. cobbler

    cobbler <br><font color=blue>Tag #1: (Under Construction:

    I just now got my email.
  16. disneygal1

    disneygal1 Earning My Ears

    For years I have considered myself a huge Disney fan. I don't visit the parks as often as some of you, but I try to keep myself fully informed through the internet (articles, podcasts, blogs, forums). I think the idea is good one but having to pay to be an official "Disney Fan" is quite saddening. $75 is 3/4 of my families weekly grocery bill. I can't tell my kids they can't eat for a week because Mommy wants to be recognized as a official fan of her favorite place ...ever.

    I was really saddened by this. Hey Disney... not all your fans have deep pockets... what those of us lack in dollars...make up with LLLOOOVVVEEE for the Disney company and brand. I joined the Disney Mom's Club for free and got a box full of magnets, a mousepad, etc... Why can fans sign up for free and be considered an "official fan"? I don't need the magazine (I'd love it but don't really need it), but a simple paper certifcate or magnet would be nice!
  17. wdwscout

    wdwscout <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    I still don't have an email- although when I go on the countdown page, it says my email was "successfully submitted" ! :confused3
  18. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Maybe folks should see the original club that Walt himself started...that would be Club 33.

    Disneyland's Club 33

    $10,450 to join plus $3,275 per year after that. This allows you admission to the park and dining in the restaurant...and a few other small perks. It has a waiting list of several years.

    Again, this is something created by Walt himself when Disneyland was built.
  19. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    And... this is not exactly comparing the same thing.
  20. WebmasterPete

    WebmasterPete <font color=navy>Grand Administrator<br><font colo Administrator

    Oh c'mon...really??? All Disney did was ask "Are you 23?". IT WAS A VIRAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN AND SUCH CAMPAIGNS ENCOURAGE SPECULATION. Do you really think Disney posted that without fully expecting people would be talking and speculating about it? Give me a break.

    And as for the nonsense about 'people with their hand out looking for something for nothing', what's wrong with expecting a hospitality company the size of Disney to offer a loyalty program the way EVERY OTHER HOSPITALITY COMPANY does? Starwood, Hilton, Marriott, et.al - all offer perks and special offers to their most loyal customers. That SHOULD have been a part of this, and if Disney was really paying attention to what the fan community wanted, it would have been included.

    What's wrong with wanting Disney to offer something that says "Thanks" to those who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars every year traveling to their theme parks? Had they included something like that in this program, it would have gone along way to showing not only an understanding of the needs of a large portion of the fan community, but also a real understanding of the current economic climate.

    I respect your opinion, but don't appreciate you painting those who disagree with you as mooches looking for something for nothing.

  21. FireDancer

    FireDancer DIS Veteran

    I think the biggest let down in this whole thing is the it proves that Disney has no idea who their most devoted fans are.

    Their most devoted fans are on forums, listen to podcasts, read or write bolgs, and participate in communities like this one. They know all the deatails about what attraction opened when and all the trivia about the parks you can throw at them. They also know when they are getting shafted.

    What is really sad is that everything that R U 23 should have been is out there: these boards, Mouse Fest, Celebrations Magazine. I find it sad on Disney's part that their customers are better at promoting their brand than they are.

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