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Rapunzel's tower at MK

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Kerrio929, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Kerrio929

    Kerrio929 Member

    Apologize if this has been answered, I searched the forums but couldn't find anything...

    What is going to be in the Rapunzel tower/village being built at MK? Is it a m&g or a ride? We just returned and my Rapunzel loving DD4 was so disappointed that she couldn't go climb the tower. Lol.

    Just curious.
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  3. Pumbaa7287

    Pumbaa7287 <font color=red>I am the great Stone Dragon!<br><f

    I wish I was joking... it's going to be a bathroom.

    There are rumors here that it looks so good that they may add a M&G as well, but there are no plans at this point.
  4. molitva

    molitva Member

    Bathroom M&G. Might give that one a miss :scared:
  5. bellanotte10

    bellanotte10 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    Oh my gosh could you even imagine how awkward that would be?! :scared:
  6. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    The above is true...it's going to be a restroom "complex" for that area. The current restrooms behind Peter Pan are going to be taken out and the Peter Pan queue extended (and probably "interactive")

    Haven't heard anything about a meet and greet going in there.
  7. SaraJayne

    SaraJayne <font color=red>Stop moving those smilies! <img sr

    It's a bathroom. Yup, really. :rolleyes:
  8. Disney_Princess83

    Disney_Princess83 DIS Veteran

    This seems so silly to have the tower as part of the bathroom area? Why not have the Tower behind a Rapunzel M&G area?
  9. Kerrio929

    Kerrio929 Member

    Omg really? That's the worst news ever. I completely thought it was at least going to be a m&g. How disappointing
  10. bwang123

    bwang123 Posts: 1,457,177,981

    is rapunzel going to be a bathroom attendant? if so, i can't wait to see all of the threads on proper tipping etiquette for her letting you wipe your hands on her hair.
  11. Pumbaa7287

    Pumbaa7287 <font color=red>I am the great Stone Dragon!<br><f

    One would assume if they did add a M&G, which at this point is purely speculation on a few posters' parts, myself included, it would be off to the side and not in or at the entrance to the bathrooms.

    That being said, $3.50 seems proper for getting to use Rapunzel's hair as a paper towel.
  12. ttintagel

    ttintagel Mouseketeer

    The Princess and the Pee!
  13. tputorti

    tputorti Earning My Ears

    It was confirmed in October by Imagineer Chris Beatty that there will be no M&G in the old Skyway area (New Tangled Bathrooms)

    From the October 15, 2012 Live chat on the Disney Parks Blog with Imagineer Chris Beatty...

    Jenn Fickley-Baker:
    We've also received several questions about construction going on elsewhere in Fantasyland, in the area where the old Skyway attraction was. What can you tell us about this area?

    Monday October 15, 2012 2:42 Jenn Fickley-Baker

    Chris Beatty:
    Not only have we looked at adding new guests experiences to the New Fantasyland, but we looked at opportunities to enhance guest comfort. Many of you are curious to know will there be a character meet-and-greet in this area, but at this moment there are no plans.
  14. SaraJayne

    SaraJayne <font color=red>Stop moving those smilies! <img sr

  15. Dr.Girlfriend

    Dr.Girlfriend Mouseketeer

    Can you imagine the smell? Disney restrooms always smell rank and chemical like.
  16. cuchu2005

    cuchu2005 Mouseketeer

    With all the detail Disney puts in everything they do, I can imagine that instead of automatic flushing, you'll have to pull a braid to flush the toilet! :lmao:
  17. bellanotte10

    bellanotte10 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    I'm getting all germaphobe twitchy on this concept. I would love to meet rapunzel, she's my favorite.... But not if it meant going into a bathroom to do so.... :eek:
  18. tputorti

    tputorti Earning My Ears

    This area is mainly being constucted for two reasons:

    1. Open up the walkway/path to allow for greater guest access between Liberty Square and Fantasyland.

    This has long been a bottleneck area and with increased guest traffic expected because of New Fantasyland it is really needed at this time.

    2. Increased bathroom capacity and relocation.

    The bathrooms needed to be increased in size due to the amount of people visiting the area (current Peter Pan bathrooms are too small to accomidate increase guests). Also these bathrooms service Liberty Square as there are no bathrooms in Liberty Square because there were no bathrooms in colonial times. Further there was greater need for more handicapped bathroom space.

    Further the bathrooms are being relocated to this area (which has been previous unused for years) to free up the space where the current bathroom is by Peter Pan to expand the queue there. It is rumored to be an interactive queue (like the Pooh ride is currently).

    So that all being said, adding a meet and greet to this new bathroom area, especially one as popular as Rapunzel would not be good in this area. It would lead to increased bottlenecks to releave them.

    Rapunzel willl probably meet along with other princess in the Princess Fairytale Hall when it opens in 2013.

    As far as putting the her tower where the bathrooms are, it is just themeing. Just like the new bathrooms in Storybook Circus are themed very well, they have gone ahead and themed these new bathrooms and allowed for better visuals in the park.

    Currently you don't meet Cinderrella at her castle (unless you eat there). Most meet her in Town Hall and in the future probably in Princess Fairytale Hall. Rapunzel no long lives in the tower as she has been freed/escaped from it. So she does not have to meet there.

    The theme of the area should be really nice those. Plans I have seen on other sites show that there will be a waterfall and running streams and that there will be the sun emblem from Tangled on the ground in the courtyard area (similar to what Rapunzel painted on the ground in the movie).
  19. SaraJayne

    SaraJayne <font color=red>Stop moving those smilies! <img sr

    The current bottleneck is caused by stroller parking.
  20. ErinsMommy

    ErinsMommy Mouseketeer

    I just read the last 2 pages hoping to see a JUST KIDDING!!! :eek:
  21. parkhopping

    parkhopping DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I get the idea behind themed restrooms, when they are themed to fit into an existing space. The Storybook Circus restrooms are themed to fit that area, as are the restrooms in Belle's Village. But it really doesn't make sense to create a NEW theme - especially one so elaborate - just for bathrooms. If all they wanted to do was add new restroom facilities, why not just theme generically to fit Fantasyland as a whole? If they wanted to do a specific theme, why not Small World, which they are right next to? I understand what Chris Beatty said and tuptorti's point about easing the bottleneck there, but the creation of a uniquely themed area just for restrooms doesn't make sense to me. Everyone will see the tower and assume that there is something Rapunzel-related to do there (M&G, attraction, restaurant, whatever) - just like OP's daughter did. And while I may not be the best judge of things like this, the newly constructed buildings seem too big to just house restrooms. Even a new snack kiosk would make more sense in that space than restrooms alone. Either Disney has something else up their sleeves, or they just spent a lot of money creating more questions for CMs to answer from confused guests.

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