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Rainy Day At Disney??

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by Mommyof3inVA, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Mommyof3inVA

    Mommyof3inVA Mouseketeer

    Dec 22, 2012
    Need some advice/tips for what we should do IF it rains at Disney---not just sprinkles/light rain, but heavy downpour wash out rainy day. We have 3 kids under 5 and it is not fun to be stuck in the rain. We did purchase a stroller rain cover for our last Disney trip and luckily did not have to use it.

    If it is raining/pouring do you have any advice on places to go that are indoors?? Do you try to stick it out or call it a day??
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  3. kimmer

    kimmer always planning our next trip...

    Jan 31, 2010
    In preparation for one of our trips one year, I compiled a list of things we could do in the event of a washout:umbrella:

    Luckily, we've never had to use them, but here's what I came up with:

    Ripley’s Believe It or Not
    Gaylord Palms Resort (there's apparently a cool atrium inside with birds, etc.)
    Orlando Science Centre
    Explore Disney Resorts via monorail
    Titanic: The Experience
    See a movie: Regal pointe Orlando 20, AMC Pleasure Island 24 Theatres Complex
    Lunch at Animal Kingdom or Wilderness Lodge (get a hidden Mickey find-it sheet)
    Bowling (firkin & kegler) (or now, the new bowling lanes at DTD)
    Sand Lake Road McDonald’s (apparently has big kid's play area)
    Rain Forest Café or T-Rex & Lego Store (DTD)
    Florida Mall (m&m store, disney store & good restaurants for lunch)

    Thinking about it now, I should probably update this list and search for more ideas...
  4. Aliceacc

    Aliceacc <font color=royalblue>We had a wonderful time, but

    Jul 2, 2007
    In 2008, we were due to leave the same day Tropical Storm Belle arrived. The parks opened early in anticipation of an early closure.

    We put on our ponchos and headed to the Magic Kingdom. It was our best day EVER!!! We have photos of us in front of the castle-- you can count the number of people in the background on one hand! We went on all our favorite rides (except Splash Mountain) one after the other with no wait. It was amazing!!!!

    Admittedly, I would probably skip Animal Kingdom-- that place is just too spread out! I think the best park for a rainy day is probably Epcot-- lots and lots to do indoors. You could spend quite some time in the Living Seas, then sprint to one of the other nearby buildings.

    We always pack a bunch of ponchos. (As teachers, we always go in late July/ early August. We have to assume that it will rain every single afternoon. When it doesn't, it's a bonus.) When we used a stroller, we brought along a set of ponchos for the stroller-- bright orange to make it stand out.
  5. merina888

    merina888 Mouseketeer

    Jul 10, 2012
    We went to WDW this past August when a tropical storm slid by and it did rain a good bit that week. We went to MK anyway. It was not pleasant walking through the rain, but there were very few people there so we got on everything with no wait. We took our rain coats (skip the cheap dollar store rain gear for a downpour - you will get wet that way), put both kids in the stroller with a rain cover (they were 13 months and 4 years) and off we went.
  6. neptuneflame

    neptuneflame Mouseketeer

    Mar 11, 2011
    Rain will absolutely not ruin your trip. Your kids will have a blast just being at Disney.

    I was 5, my sister was 3, and my brother was 1 when we first went to WDW back in 198[redacted]. For my sister and I, one of our first and all time favorite memories, and the most clear memory we have of the trip itself, is the time we spent waiting out a downpour in the Electric Umbrella in Epcot. We played with some other kids; someone found a key and we took turns hiding it. It was in between lunch and dinner, so the place was nearly empty. It was quite a shock to return as an adult and see how small it is!
  7. Kristian

    Kristian Mouseketeer

    Apr 10, 2012
    We put on our rain ponchos and go with it. On our last trip, our first day in the parks was a monsoon. We were at the MK and it was pouring with puddles that went well over our feet. It started at rope drop and continued all day long. We threw our ponchos on and our dd was also was in her stroller. We had a great time. The park was like a ghost town. We walked onto every ride with no wait time at all. We took full advantage of the situation. I'll admit, walking through it was less than desirable, but having no crowd made up for it and it was of the best day's ever.

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