Rainforest room on Classic Ships?

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    Jan 17, 2012
    I did the Rainforest Room on the Dream and LOVED it, really was one of my favorite things about the entire cruise it was sooo relaxing, now I just booked on the Magic to see all of the new things so how is the rainforest room? I know it could change but if it does not is it as good as it is on the Dream and the Fantasy?
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    Apr 24, 2013
    What is the Rainforest room?
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    I prefer the rainforest on the Magic/Wonder over the new ships. It's smaller but I feel more relaxing. There are no windows in the spa itself. No hot tubs like the Dream. 4 heated tile chairs in the main area with a fountain in the middle of the room. To the left is a steam room and back to the left is a smaller more intense steam room. There are 2 aromatherapy showers and a regular shower. To the right is a mild sauna room with a tile seating area that is very comfortable. The ladies changing area has lockers, a sauna and some lounging chairs near the 2 showers. The 2 shower area has a curtain and then each shower has another curtain. I often shower there after a rain forest visit and go back to the room and do make-up and dress for dinner. My hair is low maintenance so I often leave the spa with wet, clean hair and go to deck ten to let it dry in the warm caribbean breeze. I have to say that over the years this alone time standing front and center far-forward on deck 10 is one of my favorite places. So peaceful. Not sure what the dry-dock plans are but I think I heard that they are renaming the spa as "senses" and it is currently the "vista" spa.
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    During dru dock they will change the old rainforrest rooms into simulair rainforrest rooms as on the Fantasy and Dream.

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