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Rachael and Euan's Wishes Wedding! 10/07/13 WP/EDF

Discussion in 'Planning our Happily Ever After' started by rachaelk101, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Lorelei528

    Lorelei528 New Member

    Hi there and Congrats!
    I have been to WDW many times in early OCT as my b'day is Oct. 1 and I can tell you...it's HOT.

    If you can schedule the wededing for mid or even late OCT, you might have a better time, temp wise, but you never know with OCT weather down there in relation to rain etc....

    I know there have been other weddings where the groom and ushers wear kilts, so hopefully someone can help you.

    I just wanted to mention, my DH is from Ireland and instead of doing a sand ceremomy, we did a Loving Cup, which is actually Scottish! It's called a quaich. Ours was actually the Irish version of the quaich and we had Mead in it. There's a bunch of info on-line about using the quaich in weddings and the ceremony it entails etc.

    Happy planning!! I love the Eau de France reception idea! Tell us more! popcorn::
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  3. Wshs0127

    Wshs0127 New Member

    Hi Rachael,

    I'm finally getting around to reading your journal. My fiance is from Dunfermline Scotland. So I have some advice for you on incorporating Scottish stuff into your wedding. I can tell you now that the Scottish Thistle was a no go for us; our Disney floral planner searched for us after our planning session and she could not get it. :confused3 I wanted to do that same as you and incorporate it into my bouquet and his bout. sucks!

    Our groomsmen are going to wear kilts that they are renting from Atlanta kilts in Atlanta, GA. We went up to visit their shop when we made a trip to Atlanta last July and it's a tiny little place with super nice people running it. They were very helpful and it can all be done over the phone. I just had to go see for myself because I'm curious. ;) We were going to go with Blackwatch Tartan kilts but when I saw the black kilts I thought how nice it would be to have black and white so it's still similar to a tux, but it's a kilt. They look really sharp in them too, my brother and father modeled them for us lol! :lmao: I'll have to post some pics when I have them with me. I just emptied the pics from my phone! :(

    We're also going to have the bagpiper play as the guests walk up to the WP, for DF's entrance, and then when we exit. He will also play at the Boardwalk when we get there for our reception at ADH. The cost is $600 as of now and you have him for 3 hours. If you've ever seen the Off Kilter band at Canada in Epcot, it's typically that guy that does the weddings and he's great! I love watching that band!

    Do you know about the Facebook group? It's a bunch of girls from the boards, but it's instant everyday conversations! It's a private group though so let me know and I can try and add you or ask the admin to add you. :goodvibes

    Let me know if you have any other Scottish ideas and I can share as well. I'm thinking we might make some shortbread to put in the welcome bags and we'll put some tea bags and things too! So excited I have another Scottish/American couple to plan with!!! :thumbsup2 Your engagement pics are so cute. I can't believe you got to spend 3 months in Scotland, I'm jealous! I love it over there. I went for my first time last January and I was amazed at the beauty! Good luck to you two!

    ~ Nicole
  4. enchantedream88

    enchantedream88 New Member

    I'm going to second the Facebook group that Nicole mentioned (who I actually talk to via Facebook now! :)) Let us know!

    Happy New Year!!
  5. NoOrdinaryPrincess

    NoOrdinaryPrincess New Member

    Just found your journal. Love your love story. Can't wait for more!
  6. rachaelk101

    rachaelk101 New Member

    Yeah add me to the Facebook page if you can! When is your wedding? I will reply more in detail when I get back home from Florida ;)

  7. enchantedream88

    enchantedream88 New Member

    One of us will need to friend you on Facebook first to add you. If you'd like, PM me how I can find you on Facebook! :)
  8. disneyamy4

    disneyamy4 New Member

    hi and welcome! what a whirlwind romance indeed!

    me and my fiance stay in glasgow, so good to have another scottish couple [well, half!] to have around! :D

    have you thought about silk floral? that way you will definitely be able to incorporate thistles!
  9. tinydancr06

    tinydancr06 New Member

    Hi! We're getting married in Oct 2013 too! I'll be following :)
  10. rachaelk101

    rachaelk101 New Member

    Hi when and where is your wedding! Yay another October couple! I will follow your posts as well! :)
  11. rachaelk101

    rachaelk101 New Member

    Yay Scottish couple!! I will follow your posts! :) I'm pretty sure we asked early on if we could use fake thistles, even if we provided them, but they said no, I can't remember why, it may be because our reception is in a theme park, they are really strict about theme park reception decor.
  12. rachaelk101

    rachaelk101 New Member

    Hi everyone!! I have just gotten back from my trip down to Florida for our planning session and I will write all about that later on, but I wanted to quickly see if I could get some opinions on this. I can't decide what shoes to wear. My fiance is wearing a kilt, with these colors,

    and here is my dress....

    I orginally was going to get lace heels, but can't find any I like, (if you have pics or ideas PLEASE share!) I also thought of getting heels or flats in his tartan, but can't come across any...a few people have suggested blue heels or flats but again I can't find any I like. If I wear heels I don't want them to be TOO high, as I have neck/back problems and they can mess with that. I also LOVE the look of Oxfords, or Oxford heels, if someone could find ivory lace oxfords with a heel no bigger then 6 inches, I would die!!! Please help!! :confused3
  13. djsmith

    djsmith New Member

    hello from another scottish bride/couple here! dunno if i commented before but i have been following along! (sure u commented on my pj about adding scottish things in2 the wedding think thats how i found ur pj lol) anywayz how bout purple or a shade of green for ur shoes? it would b quite unique as most people go for blue shoes for ther somethin blue i'v only seen on person do purple shoes an never seen someone where green shoes. So it'd b something different an tie in wi his kilt, an u could even stretch it 2 say green to match the landscape of scotland where he proposed lol :idea:

    where is Euan gettn his kilt from? is it one he owns or is he hiring one? i'v looked everywhere online for kilt shops near WDW the closest i could find was tampa an it had a lot of bad reviews bout it :( :confused: think we'r just gonna hav 2 shell out the money an hire the from home an take them wi us 4 the 3 weeks :confused3
  14. rachaelk101

    rachaelk101 New Member

    Thanks for the ideas! I have thought about the green shoes, but haven't come across the right shade, as its a deep dark green-still looking though! I'm kinda leaning towards not getting the blue shoes as like you said so many people have done it, and i don't know if the shade i'm using would look good with my dress.

    We have found a website called Kiltrentalusa.com where you can order your kilts and they can deliver them to you in Orlando, and the prices are pretty good, like $180 for the whole set I think! The place in Tampa doesn't even allow you to try them on, they are totally custom made, and when I was talking with them through email they almost made it seem like they didn't want to help at all. It depends if you want to try them on or not. We haven't decided what we are going to do yet, but I will post and let you know when we decide!
  15. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

    Could you possible use it as a wrap for your bouquet?
  16. rachaelk101

    rachaelk101 New Member

    Ok so finally getting around to this!
    We had our planning session and food tasting on 12/28/12. We arrived at Frank's at 9:00 am and then after some waiting met our planner, Jamie. I immediately felt comfortable with her, and was so happy we got her instead of some of the other ones I saw, some were just way too loud and in your face. We then headed off for our food tasting at epcot.
    I have IBS, which is a very complicated stomach issue, so I wasn't able to participate in the tasting, but luckily the chef is able to make me completely plain grilled chicken for my meal at our reception, with a mickey premium bar to follow :)
    My fiance and his mom were trying the food, and they really loved these tomato things, they were like cooked tomatoes in this really nice looking sauce, and they both almost died over them. They also loved this dessert, which to be honest we can't even remember what it's called! But it was in a little square sort of cup, and it was white, almost cheesecake looking, but they both loved that as well. We chose both of those, the parmesain crusted chicken, seared whitefish, yukon potatoes, and a few others. We were also considering a meat carving station, has anyone ever had one of these before?
    Then it was back to Franck's for more planning. We decided were not doing the major domo, or staged exit, and our ceremony will be fairly short, as neither of us are religious. We got to go over to the wedding pavilion and took a few pictures;

    The organist, Bill, was there and wow did that thing sound great! Unfortunately I have no idea what music I want just yet so I couldn't ask him to play anything for us, but he played when you wish upon a star, I see the light, from tangled, and the theme from Braveheart (he thought this was funny as my fiance is from Scotland).
    We then had our cake tasting!
    We are having a three tier round cake, that is white with a pintuck design all over, with a small navy ribbon around the bottom. Does anyone have any pictures of anything like this? I may change my mind about the cake later on, I don't feel completely happy with us, but then again, I don't know what I want. We decided on yellow cake with rasberry mouse filling for the bottom tier, and chocolate cake with white chocolate filling for the top tier.
    Then we had a nice walk over to the grand Floridian for lunch while waiting on our florist.
    Our florist is michelle, and she seemed very nice! We had a really hard time deciding on centerpeices as my fiance wanted these clear circular vases with waterbeads and a blue light in them, but that's almost exactly what my cousin had for her wedding just 6 months ago. He hasn't contributed much, so I thought I would just let him have that, and we do need some light anyway as our reception is outside at night. We think we're going to change the light to just normal instead of blue though because our tables clothes will be white with a navy table runner, so the light doesn't need to be blue as well, and it's the totally wrong color. Here's the color of our table runner;
    and heres the basket we may get for our flower girl;

    We got some more pictures of the wedding pavilion from the water when we went out on the boats a few days later;

    I will add more later as I still have to get everyones opinions on music, transportation, bridesmaids dresses, etc! Thanks for reading and share your thoughts and ideas!! :)
  17. rachaelk101

    rachaelk101 New Member

    Hi all! So I want to talk to everyone about music. What have you guys doing for the recessional? I had this really interesting idea and would like some feedback as I don't know if it will sound odd...DF and I LOVE Fantasmic, and were thinking of using the ending music, where all the characters are on the boat, you know the main fantasmic theme music. I was trying to think of how it would sound on the organ, has anyone ever had this or heard of this being used before? Also though about using the end songs from Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, or Beauty and the Beast. Cinderella and The Little Mermaid have these really lovely bells and I quite like the song but I don't want it to sound weird for a real life wedding.
    Here's the song from Cinderella skip forward to 6:30:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx_AH90tLzA&list=PLBB37A5C5BA7C2E67

    Here's from the Little Mermaid, skip forward to 1:30 :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zgHRg0cSGc

    I REALLY love how both of these end in disney songs with the choir, just makes it feel so magical.
    We want something fun and non-traditional, and the more disney the better. Any suggestions?

    I am walking down the aisle to Highland Cathedral, which I am sooo excited about. Here it is if anyone would like to hear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tEdH0bjjR8

    Please let me know what music you're using! :thumbsup2
  18. djsmith

    djsmith New Member

    will need to look in2 the site. i know i had seen websites before where u could send measurements an they send it 2 ur address an then u sent it bck kinda like what u said. i'm not sure bout this wi us renting a villa guess i'm jus scared things would go wrong at the last minute with the address and stuff. thats a shame they seemed so unhelpful tho i'm glad i ruled them out(for distance+time it would take away from other things more than anythin)

    so pleased the chefs were so accomodating with u having ur health issue. i dont have any eating issues other than i am really really fussy lol so i'm hopin whatever restaurant we pick for our wedding meal will work with me lol

  19. rachaelk101

    rachaelk101 New Member

    It is kinda scary to think about if the kilts wouldn't get there on time or to the right place but don't let it bother you too much, they do it all the time I'm sure, and I'm sure they'd arrive several hours before the ceremony starts so you'd have a little while to play with. If you do feel better having the kilts ahead of time I would just say bring them over. I haven't seen any other shops besides the one you said in Atlanta.

    Thanks, yeah it can be hard sometimes with my stomach as I'm still going through the process of finding out what I can and can't eat. Disney has TONS of food options, and I'm sure you'll fall in love with some of their options. They really are top notch with the food sometimes. :)
  20. rachaelk101

    rachaelk101 New Member

    Seems like my journal is pretty dead at the moment...haha but I will update anyway!

    First of all, our florist, Michelle, said they can not get the live thistles. However, she can look for silk thistles, and she gave us a few other options, like a centaurea, which looks quite similar to a thistle...
    Am just waiting to get the prices back from her, then we will probably decide.

    Also, we got our BEO last night, and it actually isn't*too* bad. We definitely have to change and get rid of some things, and we are still waiting on the floral prices to be sent over.

    So...I was having a few issues with the soon to be MIL...she thinks the bridesmaids dresses I like aren't 'fancy' enough, for a wedding. My dress isn't too fancy to me, it isn't really big or princessy, and has sort of a laid back look to it, i think. I wanted my bridesmaids to be in short dresses, that have some movement and aren't too shaped. She on the other hand, wants a long dress, that comes out some at the bottom, and that is satin. :snooty:
    I HATE long satin dresses that are big at the bottom, they look like 80's prom dresses to me. BUT she keeps saying that any other dress I suggest looks like something a guest would wear, or a girl would wear on a night out. She even said there wasn't a single dress on the davids bridal website that she would consider choosing, if she could choose them.
    NOW. She hasn't been trying to control me, or acting like she gets to choose the dresses, BUT she definitely hasn't been holding anything back. I sent her 3 dresses at first that were all different styles, and two of them were long and satin! And she said all of them looked cheap and tacky and that all our guests wouldn't even know my bridesmaids were in the bridal party if they wore any of those. :sad:
    I'm not mad at her for sharing her opinion, but sometimes I don't think she has to be so harsh. I just want to please everyone:(
    Also, I think long kinda puffy dresses would look bad with my dress. What do you guys think?

    I'm having a hard time deciding where I want to get my pre-ceremony photos taken. I am thinking of either the yacht and beach club, the polynesian, or the All-Stars. The reason I was considering the all-stars is because it is very nostalgic for me, and it is a much more playful resort, and can make for some really cool pictures :) It is also the resort I will be getting ready at. The polynesian obviously because it's beautiful, and it's close to the wedding pavilion. The yacht and beach club are my favorite resorts, BUT they are out of the way to drive to, and I will have to hire the photographer for longer, or leave earlier, which my MIL is also saying I can't arrive in my car or my dad's van, because that looks tacky, but personally, I don't think it's a big deal. No one will see me and there won't be pics of me getting out of the car, and the limo will still take me to the wedding pavilion. Ah, decisions decisions.

    In other news, I am going over to Scotland in 2 weeks for another 3 months to spend with DF. :) It is his 21st birthday on the 7th and I am surprising him by coming over-he thinks I'm coming on the 28th of March pixiedust:

    That's about all for now. I will post more updates when we narrow down our BEO or if I finally decide on BM dresses or shoes. Thanks for reading :)
  21. charliegirl76

    charliegirl76 New Member

    I'm sorry she's being so harsh. I think the first thing you need to remember is that it is not her wedding. The second thing you need to remember is that these things should be pleasing to YOU, your DF, and your MOH/bridesmaids. I know you want to try to please everyone, but you simply can't. You need to like the dresses because they're going to be in YOUR photos and you have to look at them for the rest of your life.

    Choose the dress you and your MOH/bridesmaids like the most, what they will feel comfortable in....perhaps it will turn out to be some sort of compromise between you and your FMIL, maybe not. Hopefully she will understand. Even if she doesn't like it, you will be happy you went with what you like and you will feel good for standing up for yourself. Can you imagine looking at photos of dresses you never liked to begin with?

    I, personally, don't care what anyone besides myself, my DF, and my MsOH think about the dresses I picked because, at the end of the day, it's OUR day.

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