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Question on "offficial" princesses

Discussion in 'Disney Movies, Books, TV and Music' started by USS Disney, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. USS Disney

    USS Disney Military Mouse

    So who exactly are the official princesses? Because I saw a collection that included mulan and alice (of wonderland) and I don't know how they are considered princesses...

    And how bout Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph? She was revealed to be a princess... Sooo can we expect to see princess merchandise for her?
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  3. Official Princesses
    Snow White
    Sleeping Beauty
    Little Mermaid
    Merida (June 2013)

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  4. TestTrackFan

    TestTrackFan Test Driver

    If Vanellope gets to be a Princess, then so does Eilonwy.
  5. USS Disney

    USS Disney Military Mouse

    Again... Why does mulan count as a princess? She's a warrior who marries a warrior... How is she a princess?
  6. ilovevacation

    ilovevacation Member

    Where does the official list come from? I also disagree with mulan. I don't begrudge her that cute outfit, but it isn't a princess dress
  7. halfmonkey

    halfmonkey Member

    If Mulan and the others mentioned are designated as Princesses, why isn't Princess Leia designated as a Princess? I have nothing against Mulan or the others but I don't see them as being "Princesses." On the flip side, Princess Leia actually has the word Princess in her name and rarely does anybody ever refer to Princess Leia without saying "Princess." You don't hear someone saying something like, "those hair buns on Leia are cool." Rather, you'd hear someone say, "those hair buns on Princess Leia are cool."
  8. IndigoFaith

    IndigoFaith I love Vanellope and Cinderella!

    I don't know if they'll count Vanellope as a official Disney Princess, but I sure hope they do.
  9. PrincessGina92

    PrincessGina92 Earning My Ears

    Merida will be added crown this Saturday to be the official Disney princess. I wish Vanellope will be added but Disney said she's too young and clams she isn't a Princess.
  10. Disneymusicprincess

    Disneymusicprincess Earning My Ears

    According to the Disney Princess http://princess.disney.com/ Website the 11 princess are listed as:

    1. Ariel (LM)
    2. Aurora (SB)
    3. Bell (BatB)
    4. Cinderella
    5. Jasmin (Aladdin)
    6. Mulan
    7. Pocahontas
    8. Snow White
    9. Rapunzel
    10. Tiana
    11. Merida
  11. Nakkira

    Nakkira Mouseketeer

    I also do not understand the logic of calling Mulan a "Princess"
  12. >Ash<

    >Ash< Sorcerer Of The Magic Kingdom

    I too dont understand why Mulan is in the line up,

    if Mulan is a princess then Meg from Hercules defo is!

    is it a simple case of PC gone mad, everyone has to have a princess?

    she seems to be the only one in the line up without a link to nobility, even pocohontas is a "princess" - her father even says it in the movie!

    but Mulan... she married a high ranking military officer, how does that make her a princess?

    i mean Meg from hercules married the son of the king of the gods... technically Hercules is a prince of the gods... making meg princess in marriage? where is her crown lol?

    and dont give me the "she never got married" line... we dont see alot of these princesses get married lol

    and the girl from black couldran!! why isnt she classed in the line up lol

    it really just has to be marketing people who see a movie doing realllllly well and just go... okay your now in the mix lol

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