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Question For Past Med Cruisers---Port Onshore Times & Actual Disembarkation

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by lilpooh108, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Active Member

    I'm planning our various private tours for our Med cruise and have a question for the past med cruisers.

    Did DCL allow all passengers to wait in line to disembark at the listed "Onshore" time (assuming the ship was cleared to disembark passengers), or were DCL excursion people given priority and private tour people somehow "held back."

    I remember cruising Alaska and at Victoria, DCL excursion people were held in Studio Sea waiting to disembark as a group (frustrating, btw) while others disembarked.

    I didn't know if Disney did Med cruises differently, allowing certain passengers to disembark first.

    I have an early morning tour scheduled at 9:40 a.m. @ the Colosseum, and our Onshore time is 7:30 a.m. at Civitavecchia. Can I expect to get off the ship by 7:45 a.m.? Need to schedule our van pick-up. I already bought the nonrefundable tix so I can't change my tour time now.

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  3. nzdisneymom

    nzdisneymom DIS Veteran

    We have a car picking us up at 8:00 in Civitavecchia. Even if you are a little later getting off the ship, I think you still have time to get to the Colloseum for 9:49. You may want to ask the people you are getting your transportation through as to what is the latest time they could pick you up at the port and get you there for your tour time.

    Also maybe some Platinum people could tell you the early times for the DCL excursions to give you an idea of what time the DCLers will be off.

    They may open both forward and aft exits to get people off the ship faster. DCLers forward and everyone else aft. I think tendered ports like la spezia are the ones you will have a delay at.
  4. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Active Member

    Thanks! Do you have an idea of how long it would take to get to the City?

    My transfer company person is really *enthusiastic* and I'm taking everything she's telling me with a grain of salt. It's not her tour we're missing if we miss it, since booked directly with the Colosseum.
  5. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    In our experience, the DCL excursions are handled the same way in all ports (Med, Hawaii, MR, Caribbean). If they have an early one, they get the priority getting over those with private tours.

    Travel to Rome from Civitevecchia takes about an hour and a half.
  6. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Active Member

    Is 1.5 hours travel time with traffic, or without?

    The transfer company gave me an estimate of 1 hour to 1.5 hours but I'm just concerned she's overly optimistic in order to get me to book with them :confused3
  7. abayaflowers

    abayaflowers Active Member

    By train, it takes 50 minutes. Just try to order room service and get everyone out the door.

    Remember once you get off the ship, you need to take a shuttle bus to the front of the port entrance.

    If you are taking the train, cross the street and turn right. It will take you 10 to 15 mins. to walk there.

    We actually made it in time for our 10 a.m. tour. We were early by 15 mins. Don't freak out when you see the line. Just walk around to the front and the Museum entrance is there.

    If you are getting to the Colosseum, you will be there in plenty of time.
  8. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Active Member

    Thanks, but our Colosseum tour time is 9:41 a.m., and there's no way I can go from Civitavecchi to Termini, then transfer from Termini to the Colosso metro stop in time to get there, run across the street, etc. all by 9:30 a.m. (which is when we have to pick up our tix).

    Getting off at S. Pietro cuts about 30 minutes travel time on the train...
  9. tajz90

    tajz90 Mama D

    Did you get your tour thru Colosseum? We chose a noon tour but see no info of when we can/should pick up our tickets. Who/where did you get your info? :)
  10. kiford

    kiford Active Member

    I seem to recall that it was about 1-1.5 hours to get there but much longer to get back because of traffic. I think we left ship about 7:30 am but obviously came back in major rush hour.
  11. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Active Member

    You walk pass all the people in line and go to the internet sales window. Make sure you have your printout with you.

    Do you mind sharing your Rome day schedule? We would have a hard time squeezing in the vatican if the colosseum tour takes up the middle of the day. We'd love to do the noon tour though.

    By the way, what date is your Med cruise?
  12. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Active Member

    Oh wow, longer than 1.5 hours? That's not promising. I'm scheduling my pick up for 4:15 p.m. and that already limits our options for that day :sad2:

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