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    Is anyone here really familiar with Puerto Rico? We are going to be going down a few days early before our Southern Cruise and I am so confused on where to try to stay. (Yes, a lonnnnggggg way out but I like to plan!). We will have a 8 and 4 year old.

    For sure we want to go to El Yunque, the Caves, Luquillo and Old San Juan. I was thinking of staying the whole time in Luquillo on the beach, but is traffic that bad as I have read to get to the Caves on the other side of the island? Should we spend a night or 2 in Dorado or Arecibo so we are closer to the caves? I can't determine if moving rooms would be more of a pain or spending a lot of time in the car. Also, the night before the cruise, would it be better to stay closer to the port so we don't have to drive in the next day in San Juan?
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    I just sent you a PM

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    Hi, you can go from east to west in about 4 hours. You may stay at Rio Grande or Fajardo if you want to see El Yunque and the east coast. Its like 1-1 1/2 hour to go from there to San Juan. Keep searching, you will find amazing places to see. Enjoy your stay in my beautifull island.
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