Pre-Trip Report(27) - Who Let The Dogs Out?

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    Dec 29, 2010
    Pre-Trip Report - 27 days to go before our split stay at BLT and BWV in a two bedroom suite.

    We're animal lovers !

    One of my favorite parts of my trip last year was observing the critters at WDW and including in my trip report.

    A CM told me that the critters are really good animatronics. :lmao:
    I can almost believe him because the critters are so brave and tame.

    Check out this picture from EPCOT last year. Donald and family cruising in the heart of EPCOT.

    By dvc_dreamer at 2011-08-28

    We struggle and stress on what to do with our dogs while we're on vacation. A couple of years ago, we had one dog, Sadie(Yellow Lab), and she would stay with my in-laws for the week. Two years ago, we got Luke(black Lab). Two labs is too much for our elderly parents to handle. We used one kennel two years ago but DW was not happy with their attitude. The kennel was nice but they were a bit uncaring when she checked on the dogs during the week. They were not compassionate to her concern. Last year, we tried a new kennel. They sent us a picture after the first day and said the dogs were having a good time. DW is still a bit uneasy and we've not yet made their reservation.

    Sadie and Luke


    Uploaded with

    As I dream about longer trips to WDW with more DVC points, I worry about our dogs and what to do with them while we're traveling.

    How would our dogs behave running loose at Magic Kingdom? Have some fun with me as I imagine their enjoyment of the park. It's a place for imagination, right?

    1. Luke gorges himself - We can't keep Luke away from the kitchen counter and he's a food stealer. Last weekend, he got my egg sandwich. Yum.
    During Easter weekend, I woke to find the Easter candy wrappers all over the family room. Luke ate 4 pounds of chocolate. He spent the entire day at emergency vet. Vet said that Luke broke the record for amount of chocolate he's seen a dog survive. Maybe he wants to be a Chocolate Lab.
    Can you imagine him at the Main Street Candy Store?

    2. They the world's best beggars - Look at those faces. Could guests resist beggars like these? It's tough to eat a whole Turkey leg for a small guest. Luke and Sadie would love a bite.

    3. My Favorite Thing - Have you seen this Dog/Cat joke.:rotfl:
    Can you imagine the fun running up Main Street USA for a dog? The people to greet and jump on. What fun !!!

    4. Sadie would bolt - Both dogs have different personalities. Sadie bolts up the street anytime she sees daylight and is loose. Luke stays by my side in the yard. I will train Sadie on how to get fast passes. We'll enter Magic Kingdom and I'll send her running to Splash Mountain. She usually returns anyway as fast as she left. On second thought, we've already trained DD on this technique. :thumbsup2

    5. What wonderful smells - Dogs are always sniffing in the air and on the ground. Can you imagine the joy of Magic Kingdom for a dogs nose? The bacon smell on Main Street. The bake and ice cream shop is always yummy. What does the wet ground smell like? Wow. Dog paradise.

    6. They'd both embarrass me - They do it every time I walk them in the neighborhood and usually in the same spot. I do "curb" them but I'm still embarrassed every time. :bitelip: Would a CM help me out when nature calls? They are rather quick with a sweeper.

    Ok, that was just gross. On second thought, we'll have to find a suitable kennel for our babies.

    Has anyone ever used the kennels located on WDW property?
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    Your dogs are beautiful - we have 2 labs as well and have a hard time deciding what to do with them when we're away. Our first choice is to rent a pet friendly house/cottage and take them with us if that's an option. We've had mixed success with kennels - what seems to work the best for us is to have a family member or dog sitter come to the house to stay with them - it keeps them happy and in their routine and gives us peace of mind. Good luck!
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    Dec 29, 2010
    I like the idea of having someone come to the house . I'll see what DW thinks.
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    About 2 years ago we started having someone come to stay while we were away- our now 11 yr old tabby was diagnosed with diabetes and has to have shots every 12 hours :crazy2: but, he's healthy and happy again, so I can't complain too much. Gone are the days, though, when we'd drop the dog off at doggy kennel camp and have the neighbors feed the cat periodically. Now we have a live-in sitter - best place I've found is check with your vet, we have vet techs come do it. HUGE peace of mind, especially since they are in great hands in case of emergency! The animals also seem happier, as their routines aren't interrupted. We pay $70/ day, which is about what we'd pay to kennel all 3, and we also get someone to pick up the mail, push out the trash, and text me daily with pet pics and updates. Highly recommend it!!!:thumbsup2

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