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Prayer and pixie dust requests--Updated May 2

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Kermit, Jul 11, 2001.

  1. ShhhQ

    ShhhQ Active Member

    I didn't even know a thread like this existed until just now...

    I have a prayer request.... After a long illness, my Mother passed away last week. She and I did everything together, we were inseparable! I haven't been back to work, and find the thought a bit daunting as I work in retail and have to put a smiling face on for the customers... I am most definitely not allowed to cry (although I think they would give me a little leeway right now). I am understandably upset and can't get through a day yet without crying... but the finances are there staring me in the face... ya see my Mom died without insurance, without any kind of savings.... and due to her long illness, my paycheck has suffered while I took care of her. I am now facing losing my home and my car because I don't have the money to pay the rent or car payment... I am already looking for a smaller more affordable home, but am unsure how to make a deposit or even get approved with my income reflecting so low. Please pray.
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  3. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

    Good wishes, SQ. So sorry to hear about your mom, my condolences to you. Good wishes and prayers your financial situation works out soon for you. Hang in there. :hug:'s
  4. goof4ever

    goof4ever Member

    Please pray for my mother who just found out that she has stage 4 breast cancer that is also in her lymph nodes and lungs. We find out next week what the course of action will be.
  5. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

    Good wishes and prayers for your mom, goof4ever. So much has been accomplished in recent years with cancer treatments. My wife is a 14 year survivor today of stage III breast cancer. Your mom will do it too. :hug:'s
  6. kmstephens

    kmstephens Earning My Ears

    keeping everyone in my prayers :)
  7. punkin

    punkin <font color=purple>Went through pain just to look

    Asking for prayers for my niece. Bad domestic situation and I feel helpless. Praying is all I can do right now. Maybe someone else will spare a moment to pray for her.
  8. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

    Very sorry to hear how this turned out. Prayers are with their families and friends, God speed.
    She is in my prayers, punkin. Wishing her well and the best.
  9. punkin

    punkin <font color=purple>Went through pain just to look

    Thank you. I appreciate it. :flower3:
  10. disneygal55

    disneygal55 Active Member

    Asking for prayers for my brother. He has had some very serious symptoms for a while now and finally went to the doctor. He is having a procedure done in about a week and a half and I am worried sick about it. He isn't very talkative but I can tell that he is a wreck. Thank you so much.
  11. disneygal55

    disneygal55 Active Member

    My brother had his procedure done before Christmas and found out a couple of days before Christmas that his biopsies came back negative! We had a wonderful Christmas this year and counted all of our blessings. Thank you all for your prayers.
  12. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

    Wonderful news, God bless for his continued good health.
  13. disneygal55

    disneygal55 Active Member

    Thank you so much! It is wonderful news. He is eating better and trying to take much better care of himself.
  14. punkin

    punkin <font color=purple>Went through pain just to look

    I wanted to update and to thank everyone who prayed for my niece. We got some very good news today and I am now cautiously optimistic and hopeful.
  15. disneygal55

    disneygal55 Active Member

    I am praying that your little nephew has a successful dental surgery and is feeling better soon.
  16. WhenUwishUponAstar

    WhenUwishUponAstar <font color=red>If I could, I'd make people's wish

  17. fostrmom2mny

    fostrmom2mny Active Member

    My prayers to those who have asked, and for those who have unspoken request.

    I am also in need of a prayer request and pixie dust. My gt nephew has been transferred to Texas Children's Hospital from Oklahoma City Children's Hospital to find out what is causing the blood clots that cause his migraines.
    A couple of months ago he was in such pain at school that an ambulance was called, and he was transported to OKC to the Children's Hospital. Whle they were doing a serries of tests, he suffered three strokes and they had to do brain surgery. He is doing well with his rehabilitation, but he continues to have the headaches and is currently on Heprin (blood thinner) shots. He and his family is traveling today for Texas to have a specialist provide more info for treatment and diagnosis.

    Prayers please to get them there safe and that the specialist can provide some hope for him and his family. Thank you.:littleangel:
  18. disneygal55

    disneygal55 Active Member

    I am so sorry that your gt nephew and family are going through this. How old is he? How terrible for him to have suffered three strokes. You all must be worried sick about him. Sending prayers for a safe trip, and for a specialist who can find a definitive diagnosis and treatment solution which will have your gt nephew feeling better soon.
  19. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

    Good wishes and prayers, Gerri, for your gt nephew. :hug:'s Hoping he is able to find the medical solution to his problems.

    And hoping all is well with you and the girls.

  20. fostrmom2mny

    fostrmom2mny Active Member

    Thanks so much. Dylan is 11 and he's a trooper! The small community that he comes from has hosted a BBQ and dessert auction to help with their extra bills and loss of work my nephew has had in the Dr. appointments.

    Dan, thanks for asking about the girls. Vicky is married and has a three year old. She is raising her up with a great love for Disney!! Sam is working and wanting to go back to college.

    I often think about DisCon all those years ago, and the many folks that we met. That was a trip of a lifetime for us, my friend!:cloud9:

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