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Post your Eastern Caribbean Excursions here!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Debs Hill, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Fsued123

    Fsued123 DVC Member

    We're on the March 2013 Fantasy and I'm wondering if anyone has ever done a tour with GODFREY TOURS in St. Thomas?
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  3. Renysmom

    Renysmom <font color=darkorchid>Just wondering what is goin

    Is there a excursion or way to get to Paradise Point besides riding the skyride? I have a huge fear of those but really want to see the point.
  4. HsvTeacher

    HsvTeacher Mouseketeer

    We just got back today from our Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Fantasy, and we were thrilled with our excursions! They totally made the trip!

    In St. Maarten, we did the Bernards Tour. It was well-organized, and the service was excellent. We met the guides right at the pier, and since we were early, they took us out right then, and we got extra time at one of the beaches. We went to the iguana farm and one of the shallow pools to hold starfish and sea urchins. We then went to Orient Beach and stayed for almost two hours. Our guide, Junior, then took us to Marigot and Maho Beach. Along the way to each stop, he told us the history of the island and the differences between the Dutch side and the French side. He also stopped several times for us to take pictures. There were also two coolers filled with rum punch, beer, water, sodas, and juice boxes. We recommended this tour to our friends who are going on the June 30 Fantasy sailing.

    In St. Thomas/St. John, we went with a Disney excursion, the Champagne Catamaran Sail and Snorkel. We were also very happy with this excursion! We took an open-air taxi to the marina, then boarded a HUGE catamaran. Our three awesome guides took us to Honeymoon Beach, and we were able to snorkel around the coral reef. We saw lots of fish, sea turtles, coral, and sea urchins. It was absolutely amazing! We sailed back and enjoyed champagne, rum punch, juice, and sodas along with an assortment of snacks. If we're ever back in St. John, we want to do this excursion again!
  5. Trinity524

    Trinity524 Mouseketeer

    Which ones did you really enjoy with preschoolers? Is Bernard good for that age? I was thinking that the planes landing may be good.

    I booked the Tortola Dolphin Experience but it sounds like it gets bad reviews?

    Any assistance will help. Him being four really limits the DCL excursions
  6. 3Goofy's

    3Goofy's "If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat

    Here is our St Maarten review:

    12 m Regatta / America's Cup Challenge - We did this in March and it was a highlight of our cruise! DH and I are sailors, but you don't need to be. Many had no sailing experience at all. Disney cruise passengers all sail on the first race of the morning - 8:15, I believe. It's a short walk to the pier where you get a brief orientation and split into 3 groups. You do not get to choose your boat, but it doesn't matter - all 3 have fabulous captains. Then you get onto a boat to take you to your sailboat. On the way, you are assigned your jobs on the boat. You can choose to be active or inactive. I was the first to choose, and decided inactive so I could take pictures and video (this was a BIG dream of DH's). I got to be time keeper which was perfect. DH chose active and he was a main grinder. There are bartenders, sheet trimmers and lots of grinders, as jobs. You have more of an orientation, can wear a lifejacket (although none did), and then you are underway! The race is a few laps and lasts probably an hour or a bit more, depending on the wind. There is a boat that comes up to take your picture to purchase later if you'd like. It was an awesome, amazing time! We won, so that made it even better for DH. We were also on True North and, being Canadian, that was also nice. They have complimentary beer, soda and water on board - and yes, the beer was cracked into by many, after our win at about 10am! When you return, there is a gift shop to go through, but don't have to. They have nice clothing, hats etc... of the America's Cup Challenge. A boat takes you back to the pier, or you can walk a fairly short distance. We shopped and took the boat back and were on the ship, right on time, I think (11:15ish).

    After that, we got DS, had a quick bite to eat, and took a taxi to Maho beach. That was another wonderful experience. The beach was packed and we didn't plan to stay long, so we didn't bother with loungers. The water was very warm but rough. We stayed in the shallows and had a blast! The planes were thrilling to see come in overhead and friends are amazed when we show them the pictures and video. There is a bar there that had nice-looking food and music. We didn't eat since we already had lunch, but wished we had more time to enjoy there. A big downpour came in and we took shelter in the bar area as we made our way to find our taxi. When our taxi driver dropped us off, we arranged a pick-up time, and she pressured us to be there, so of course, we were, and right on time or even early. We waited for her for 20 min and then when she didn't show, we took another taxi van back to the downtown shopping area near the port. I'm not surprised she didn't arrive back - how can you do that? The traffic was far worse than I imagined.

    I'm really not sure where we went to shop, but it was a little area with a beach and you could see all the ships across the water. DS picked out a few little souvenirs and we walked back the the ship.

    It was an excellent day!
  7. 3Goofy's

    3Goofy's "If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat

    Here's our St Thomas review.

    We did the full-day Turtle Cove Sail and Snorkel with Honeymoon Beach. This was THE highlight of our cruise! It was a perfect day! It just so happened that our tablemates were signed up for this as well, so we hung out all day and the boys played well together and we all had a blast!

    It seemed to be a long wait to get the tour group underway. We met in Sessions, I believe, with lots of other groups. It was a bit frustrating to know we had such a small amount of time on St.Thomas, and to be held up going. But eventually we got on the tender and it was non-stop from there!

    The Doubloon ships are just down the harbour a few meters, so no walk at all. There were 3-4 ships in the fleet that day (this was March break and VERY busy), and we got on a pirate ship - The Silent Lady. The sail over to Turtle Cove on Buck Island was really lovely - beautiful scenery, good weather, music and instruction and fitting of snorkel gear. Once anchored, we jumped in, although I'm sure you can climb down the ladder. The water was a bit cold, but was then fine as we snorkelled for an hour or so. Our tablemates found the water cold, so didn't stay in long at all. Too bad, because they missed fabulous fish, coral, squid, stingrays, and of course turtles! The turtles munched on the grass on the bottom and then swam right up beside us to take a breath! We could have touched them - but absolutely wouldn't since they are endangered and wild. Fortunately, everyone respected them and left them alone. After the hour, it was time to go for another gorgeous sail to Honeymoon beach. This trip probably took 45 min or more, but they made the time go by quickly by doing tattoos, having music, chips and salsa, soda and lots of rum punch (painkillers) flowing. The crew was just fabulous - fun, informative and lively!

    Once at Honeymoon beach you could either swim or take a zodiac to the beach. We swam and our tablemates took the zodiac and our backpack! This beach was lovely. The water was warm and calm, the sand soft, and the beach was lined with palm trees so there was lots of shade. I'm not sure how many excursions were there. I do know the Tiki Hut was, and one other, in addition to our 3 ships, but it wasn't too crowded. We got a bench in the shade, and laid out lots of towels for our group. The lunch was fair, but made better since we were all hungry. There was chicken, ribs, salads, buns, hot dogs and mac and cheese, soda, water and beer. We had 2.5 hours there!!! It was amazing! Plenty of time to relax and have fun.

    We swam back to the ship and it was a short sail back to the tender area. We caught one of the last tenders back to the ship.

    It was a very fun, full day and well-worth the price. We'll have a hard time going back to St. Thomas and NOT doing this again!
  8. Wendy&Grumpy

    Wendy&Grumpy Is there any better place to live than Mickey's ba

    I would not take a 4 year old on the Tortola Dolphin Experience.

    Preschool kids are very excited about new things and show it by moving, wiggling, and getting closer to the things that are exciting them. It's their nature.

    Dolphins see something wiggling in the water, think it's food, and try to eat it. It's their nature.

    The guides in Tortola tell guests repeatedly to stay back and keep their hands on their bodies, but preschoolers are too excited and forget.

    When DH & I went, 2 of the preschoolers got their hands bitten by the dolphins - one of them twice. Neither was seriously hurt (they were right near us), but the guides never even checked to make sure.
  9. kimkatmom

    kimkatmom Member

    This discussion leads me to ask the following question:

    We will be stoping at St. Thomas/St. John. I have only taken shore excursions to St John with my husband.

    Now, a different scenario: I am taking my two grand babies. DGS is 3, DGD is 1.

    Any suggestions re a shore excursion that will accommodate them?

    23 weeks - one day until we sail!

  10. Trinity524

    Trinity524 Mouseketeer

    Thank you so much!!! I never thought of the biting.
  11. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    We also did Bernard's Tour on the June 16-23rd Fantasy Eastern. DH was very very skeptical booking an non-DCL excursion, but agreed after so many DISers reserved it on our meet thread (I think there were 12-15 families). It was myself, DH, and DD5 and we reserved in advance $40/pp. We had tour guide "Sugar" and he was excellent!!! We first went to the aforementioned run-down residence to see the iguanas, but we loved it!!! DD got a HUGE kick out of it. Sugar fed them lettuce, but when someone gave him a banana, it was mayhem!! We stopped at a little beachy area and saw starfish, sea urchins, etc - again, neat. Then, we drove around and went to Orient Bay, the non-nude side. There were 2 topless women that walked by, but no big deal. We didn't swim - we didn't even bring our suits/didn't plan on swimming. We went to Marigot and that was pretty boring for us, but most people made that a lunch stop. No big deal - just drank some rum punch ;) The absolute highlight? Maho beach. The planes landing & taking off were incredible!!! Again, we didn't swim, but I think most people in our group would've been fine skipping Orient Bay altogether and just spending more time at Maho. We skipped the shopping and just went back to the ship. The tour was from 9-3pm. I would recommend the tour :thumbsup2

    We did this excursion as well. I was very disappointed at the lack of beach time as well. We took the ferry over to St. John, took the taxi to Trunk Bay and it was breathtakingly beautiful. DD5 & I swam while DH snorkeled. The water wasn't extremely warm, but it was gloriously pretty! There were tons of fish that were close to shore, too. We spent the entire 90 minutes in the water. For the price we paid, there was just not enough beach time. I can't comment on the snorkeling, as DH did that, and he did follow the "trail."

    After we got back, we took a taxi ($4pp +tip) to downtown and got some postcards that we mailed from St. Thomas, and took DD to her precious Del Sol store :rolleyes1 that she loves......Took a taxi back and back to the ship. There was only the Fantasy and a RCI ship in port, which was nice.

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! You are the 2nd person who has told me about doing Maegan's Bay Beach on their own via a cab. That will save us $$$ doing it non-DCL, as we are taking another Eastern in March 2013.
  12. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    DD is 5 and just finished pre-school, but there were tons of 4 and younger kids on our tour with Bernard's. They totally enjoyed it; I wouldn't hesitate. The price is right, and actually, our tour guide, Sugar, loves kids and was great for them! I think it's actually more a kid-geared tour. They enjoyed the iguanas, the sea life, the beach, and most importantly, Maho beach. You can't get better than beautiful beach + planes landing over your head and taking off right in front of you!!
  13. Trinity524

    Trinity524 Mouseketeer

    Fantastic! Did you do the I or II?
  14. LPCruiser98

    LPCruiser98 Earning My Ears

    Thanks for this great review. We are doing this one on our June 30 Fantasy sailing! Can't wait. :yay:
  15. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    Back when signed up in Jan, it was just 1 tour - no choices. Looking at the choices, I'd say it was more II, except that we only spent 60 min at Orient beach to get more time at Maho, which I would highly recommend doing as well!
  16. mickip

    mickip Earning My Ears

    Just read through all the great reviews! We're going on the Eastern Fantasy 9/22. It will be me (29), DH (30), DS (3.5) and DD (7 months). My parents (59)will be with us also.

    We're planning to just do beach days on our own in St. Thomas and St. Maartin but would like some recommendations. Due to a medical condition DH needs access to a bathroom pretty quickly if necessary so we definitely need something with a decent bathroom. I'd also like the availabilty of chairs/umbrellas.

    I was considering Magens Bay, I realize it gets crowded but we plan to go early and only stay as long as the kids allow so hopefully we can beat some of the crowds. Is it additional cost for the umbrellas/loungers or is it first come first served with admission? Is a taxi the best way to get there and how far is it?

    Recs for St. Maartin are appreciated. I'd like to go to Maho for DS to see the planes but DH isn't convinced it's worth it. He's an airplace mechanic at a major airline so watching planes take off and land doesn't sound like vacation to him :lmao: but if there is a good beach to spend some time at near there and then hit Maho for a bit in the afternoon I might be able to convince him.

    Are coolers allowed? (I know food has to be sealed) or does it vary by beach?

  17. Trinity524

    Trinity524 Mouseketeer

    Sweet! Thank you so much!
  18. nenner1

    nenner1 <font color=darkorchid>I must've been distracted b

    Yes, you can take a taxi! It's way cheaper too! :thumbsup2
  19. mrstbalt

    mrstbalt Member

    In December of 2009 we were on the Magic with DDs 8 and 9 and May of 2007 Wonder DDs 6 and 5. In St Thomas we did the Coral World Ocean Park Park and Scenic drive. It was wonderful!! We spent about an hour at Coral World and our favorite thing to do was feed the lorikeets. Didn't think I could get my 9 year old out of there. Then we went swimming at Coki beach for about 30min. We fed the fish dog biscuits, DH and I got a drink from a vendor on the beach :goodvibes. He just let the rum keep flowing! Tortola was gorgeous!! We took a tour to Virgin Gorda The Baths..beautiful!! would love to go back! Castawy Cay we did the stingray adventure..really enjoyed it! My 8 year old not so much, so they just let her sit in the shade and play in the sand at no charge. Crab races were fun too. The water was a bit chilly for my liking in Decemeber was great in May. Snorkeling is not very good on Castaway Cay though :( Can't wait to try San Juan zip lining and snorkeling in St Thomas.
  20. dizkids

    dizkids Mouseketeer

    Great thread. doing August 25, 2012 fantasy and we have bernards booked as well for our group of 11.
  21. Trinity524

    Trinity524 Mouseketeer

    Bump Bump Bump... :) Looking for more experiences :)

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