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Post your Disney Dining Plan snack credit PIX here!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by OneTreeHillAddict, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. OneTreeHillAddict

    OneTreeHillAddict CNC Photography of Myrtle Beach, SC

    I thought it'd be fun to have a photo thread of the snacks you can get with your Disney Dining Plan. Please post only the items you used a snack credit to purchase. Thanks!

    If you can please list what the item is and where it came from.

    This is the Funnel Cake. Got it at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. They're really yummy too! Another GREAT item sold here is the sour Tinkerbell Twist Slush. It was so good!

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  3. dreamin_disney

    dreamin_disney New Member

    Wow! those are huge yummy lookin snacks. We love funnel cakes. Does it include a fruit topping like strawberries or is that extra $$?
  4. berrytexas

    berrytexas New Member

    I'm glad to see that snack credits can be used to purchase funnel cakes. In Epcot the funnel cakes weren't on the DDP. The funnel cake kiosk was a cash only place, so they couldn't accept the DDP snack credits.
  5. The imfamous schoolbread (which if you don't like cream filling, like boston cream, you won't like it...like me)


    I have more but my computer is being a poop so I'll post them later.
  6. OneTreeHillAddict

    OneTreeHillAddict CNC Photography of Myrtle Beach, SC

    It's just this one with powdered or cinnamon sugar. The ones with the toppings are not included. (Not in 8/07 anyway.)
  7. Dizneydaz

    Dizneydaz New Member

    Great Idea! And since there have been some changes to what's now confirmed as a snack for 2008, if your pictures are from 2007, or prior, you can check out this thread to see if they're confirmed in 2008


    I checked, and the funnelcakes at MK still are! :thumbsup2

    Mickey Bar-available at many locations

    Soft pretzel-Epcot, Germany

    Itzakadoozie-available at many locations
    and one more,

    Sundae at POP Century (sorry it's a little blurry)

    I checked the above list, and all 4 are still counted as a snack! :goodvibes
  8. OneTreeHillAddict

    OneTreeHillAddict CNC Photography of Myrtle Beach, SC

    Great pics! :thumbsup2

    Yep. I heard they took off the box of donuts and the large bags of chips since our last trip! That's just plain silly! ::yes::

    Your post has me wanting one of those cheese filled pretzels from DHS now. :)

    Anyone else have snacks to share??? :hyper:
  9. Dizneydaz

    Dizneydaz New Member

    No one else? Come on, you know you took pix of your food! :goodvibes
  10. pugga04

    pugga04 New Member

    awsome idea about snack pictures!!!!!:cool1:
  11. DisneyJo

    DisneyJo <font color=peach><marquee behavior=alternate>TGJ<

    Kaki Gori in Japan


    A make your own crispy treat from Goofys, just right to eat after a swim :rotfl:

  12. misricsmith

    misricsmith Zoie, Owen and Kyle's Mom

    great idea for a thread
  13. Goofy_Girl

    Goofy_Girl My Scottish Fold owns me!

    Cash only? Please tell me that isn't literal and they accepted cc or roomcards because I really don't want to carry cash on me in WDW:worried:
  14. momof2disprincesses

    momof2disprincesses I love my INCREDIBLE family!!!

    From Goofy's Candy Co.


    The caramel apple did not qualify as a snack credit (we paid oop for it):


  15. momof2disprincesses

    momof2disprincesses I love my INCREDIBLE family!!!

    Yogurt parfait from Pop


    Sundae from Pop

  16. momof2disprincesses

    momof2disprincesses I love my INCREDIBLE family!!!

    Zebra domes from AKL


    Mini bundt cake from Main St. Bakery


    More goodies from Main St. Bakery ... chocolate muffin & crumb cake


    And an all-time favorite ... the Mickey rice krispy treat

  17. Tink_Or_Belle

    Tink_Or_Belle <font color=blue>Want to come to my High Meat part

    Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich (with top cookie taken off to show teh hidden mickey


    Mickey gingerbread man from Make your own at Goofys he has butterfinger and chocolate on him


    a cookie that looked like a football (this wasn;t very good though)


    and Rock Candy (3 in a bag) from Goofys

  18. OneTreeHillAddict

    OneTreeHillAddict CNC Photography of Myrtle Beach, SC

    The popcorn kiosk over near frontierland was like that last Summer too. It did not take the room cards. :(

    You can get the funnel cake with your DDP card in the MK though. ::yes::
  19. Alice_Kingdom

    Alice_Kingdom I get high on DISNEY!

    I do not have a picture of it but my favorite thing to get with a snack credit is a Kringala (sp) form Norway. It is a pretzel with almonds and icing and cinnion and it is just mouthwatering YUMMY!
  20. aubriee

    aubriee <font color=brown><marquee>Chocolate always makes

    When was this? I was able to get that same apple with caramel and nuts for a snack credit earlier this year. The 'create your own' with all the different toppings were not allowed, but they had the plain caramel apples and caramel apples with just nuts in the case above the cookies and they were allowed for one snack credit.:confused:
  21. momof2disprincesses

    momof2disprincesses I love my INCREDIBLE family!!!

    The caramel apple picture was from Aug. 2007 and perhaps I'm remembering wrong, but I thought it was not covered as a snack. Anyone else know?

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