Post-College Full-Time work @ WDW?!

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by morepower, Nov 11, 2012.

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    I graduated college a couple years ago, and am still looking for my first full-time job! My dream is to work @ WDW. One of my former co-workers (non-Disney job) moved down to FL in 2005 to take a job @ WDW...she was/is in reservations, and has been since she got down there. I've been keeping in touch with her on and off since she got down there. Earlier this year, she sent me her referral packet w/ her employment numbers, etc.:cheer2: and I applied using them with Disney (nothing happening). Also, I went down to Disney for a couple days in March with my family as part of out FL vacation. I know the casting center is right across from DD, but was not able to make it there during our most recent visit. Is that my only option to get a full-time gig with WDW, visit the Casting Center to apply/interview in person? I hope not, b/c I'd even be willing to virtually interview online, using a process similar to Skype. My degree is in Broadcasting TV/Film, Minor: Theater Arts. I'm into the "behind-the-scenes" process of how what you see on screen/stage is created, which is why I think WDW would be perfect for me! But to get my feet wet in the "real world", I would like an office type job to start.

    :drive: PLEASE HELP! Any advice would be appreciated, especially from current/former WDW employees:thumbsup2 THANK YOU in advance!
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    never mind
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    Check out and to see if there are any openings. If you call the Casting Jobline this is where they refer you anyway- so it's definitely worth it to see if there's anything that you'd be interested in/you feel you're qualified for.
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    You actually should NOT pop in at the Casting Center - it does not work like that any longer.

    First you need to apply on-line. You may consider posting for a park position (attractions/merch/food, etc) just to get yourself in the door. This requires a basic application and an on-line web interview. Once those are completed, you will be invited to interview in person at the Casting Center. Note, these types of roles high locally so if you list a non-Florida address it's not likely you'll hear anything.

    You can also apply for professional jobs. With your background (ironically my BA is Electronic Media) I recommend going the Entertainment Tech route. They utilize Cast with camera experience at the American Idol Experience and other locations. Again, the main point is just to get in, then the doors will open for other opportunities.

    You would be a great Production Assistant, but that is only available to internal Cast Members.

    I do NOT recommend trying to get an office job. Those who end up in the office areas have a VERY hard time transitioning back into more "action" based roles. I took an office job as my Professional Internship and left 5 months later to take a pay cut and go back into the park in Merchandise. Since then I've moved through several roles and am now a Park Manager. I still have friends from that role (09) that have not been able to move. Office jobs are not good stepping stones.

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