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Port Orleans Riverside Q&A Thread 2013, Part Two [Thread now FULL and closed]

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, May 24, 2013.

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  1. Skjhjb

    Skjhjb Member

    Thanks for this review! We're booked at POR for May 11-17, and I've been worried that we were so spoiled at POLY last year that a moderate wasn't going to fulfil our expectations. Feeling so excited about our choice now!
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  3. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Sure, but they won't take anything off-site for you (apart from to another Disney resort if you are switching hotels). You'll need to tip of course.

  4. ALD85

    ALD85 Mouseketeer

    If I wanted to do a package with FD and then RO, how big of a pain is that to do?
  5. dansdad

    dansdad DIS Veteran

    Not a pain at all. We've done this a couple times due to FD blackout dates.
  6. ALD85

    ALD85 Mouseketeer

    Can you keep your room?
  7. dansdad

    dansdad DIS Veteran

    We were able to stay in the same room 3 out of 4 times. However, the one time we didn't get to stay in the same room I did not know about linking the 2 reservations and didn't ask about it when we first checked in. Now once we have made our reservations I ask the phone CM to please link the 2 together. Then upon checking in I remind them we have a second reservation and ask if we are able to keep the same room. Since I have been doing that, we have been able to stay in the same room.
  8. ALD85

    ALD85 Mouseketeer

  9. freckles04

    freckles04 Mouseketeer

    Just completed online check-in! We won't be checking in until late (9pm-ish) and want to make sure they know we ARE coming. :rotfl: I don't know why I did it so early, but when I realized I was able to do it, I couldn't stop myself. Another exciting step closer. :yay: 48 days to go!
  10. hippsmom

    hippsmom Member

    Thanks so much for the response. No need for them to take anything off site, Disney picks up the tab for the cab to the their golf courses...just need to get the clubs to the taxi, hopefully we wont be miles away and it will be fine! I apologize in advance to anyone sleeping in on those days as you hear the clickety clack of golf clubs going by. :)

    What would you suggest for a tip for bell services? I know the cab driver gets tipped.
  11. 4butlers

    4butlers Mouseketeer

    Andre, just wondering if you knew if the new mugs were the same size as the old ones, specifically, the lids? Since the new ones only come in 3 colors, I was wondering if we could just bring along a couple of our old lids to differentiate between everyones mugs. Thanks!
  12. Rvillediser

    Rvillediser Earning My Ears

    Arrived about 1:30, room was ready about 4. Requested and recd top floor mansions....with a working fridge! Resort is just beautiful! Cast members are all very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to our week here.
  13. Rainy29

    Rainy29 Earning My Ears

    Thanks! I'm going to have everyone pick their colors now since I know I will want to order them as soon as they become available. I like having everything all together before we leave!
  14. wysteria

    wysteria Member

    How many Hot Tubs do they have? and are they all on the Island with the main pool? :)
  15. dansdad

    dansdad DIS Veteran

    If I remember correctly there is just one and it is on Ol' Man Island.
  16. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    :) That's exactly how I feel and why I do it. Can't help myself, and why would I want to? :)
  17. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Yes, they do seem to be.

    The RFID chipped ones that they were selling last week did not have the "Rapid Fill" logo on the side, which seemed odd as the All Star ones currently have a large logo on them. I expect that will change.

  18. Lisadaa2

    Lisadaa2 Member

    I'm back!!!! For FD I was only able to get CSR for our Nov trip. I was so bummed and tried to get excited about it. Well I kept checking the website and POR finally had availability for our dates! After 75 minutes on the phone we have POR with FD!!! I'm SO excited!!! Now to catch up on what I have missed here since Aug 1. I see a lot of Magic bands talk. I need to figure all that out :)
  19. Eeyore's My Favorite

    Eeyore's My Favorite EW Disney Mom

    I only saw one in April & it was always full with adults & kids. That was the only downside to our entire trip. We used the quiet pool by our room instead since it was nice & empty although after a day in the parks a soak in the hot tub would hv felt great.
  20. Venomhatch

    Venomhatch <font color=red>DisDads #708<br><font color=royalb

    Yeah we have thought the same as well. But when we went it was full of teens, literally over crowded in the hot tub. It was nuts, so we also favored the Quiet Pools.
  21. jessicamouse

    jessicamouse Member

    Congrats!! Same thing happened with us. Staying 11/16-11/24...just got into POR with FD last week! Super excited :). Happy it worked out for you!
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