Port Orleans Riverside Q&A Thread 2013, Part One [Thread now FULL and closed]

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. SkywayGuy

    SkywayGuy New Member

    Perfect age for a first trip! My daughter was the same with the pools at that age. I remember making a promise to her when we stayed at AKL that we'd go back early for the pool. Then we got back too late. So guess who got to get up early to open the pool? But that was fun too as the CM's at AKL did a little rain dance thing with her to open the slide. We had the whole big AKL pool to ourselves. They do love pools. Now she's graduating from college and she loves to sleep. ;-) (good plan packing ready to go daiquiris)
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  3. visitingapril09

    visitingapril09 New Member

    We have booked this room type and have requests in similar to this....hoping we get a room alot like what you describe.
  4. TarrahA

    TarrahA New Member

    LovingDsny, the only issue I have with just giving in on Day 1 to the pool is that there are so many other great activities to do at WDW on non park days that we probably won't ever get to do the rest of the trip, since this is the only non park afternoon & evening we'll have. I don't want to "waste" my time at the pool while we could be at a campfire story, watching an outdoor movie, DisneyQuest, etc. I'd be fine throwing up the white flag if our trip was 14 days long & we had time to soak it all in at leisure, or if I knew we'd be back fairly soon, but we don't...and we will be taking at least a couple trips to the pool midday during the week, it's just chlorine overkill IMO lol.
  5. TarrahA

    TarrahA New Member

    SkywayGuy, thanks! I imagine the Walmart single serve daiquiris will also be well appreciated after a long day in the park & dealing with cranky, hot kids, which I'm preparing myself to happen at about day 3. I can't take full credit though, I stole the idea off of a thread here, I think it was something like "weirdest thing you pack that you can't go without" - its over 300 pages long!! I read all of them & ended up with a full page of random things to take that I would have never thought would be useful before reading that thread lol LOVE DISBoards!!!

    The "ritual" at AKL pool sounds adorable, I hope you got some great pics at the time! We definitely won't be opening any pools, but I did notice that there's a daily "pool party" at POR from like 2-3pm??, maybe we can time our rest stops during the week to hit at least one of those.
  6. caa1277

    caa1277 American by birth............Grumpy by choice!

    Does anyone know if they sell distilled water in the gift shop?
  7. Chuckers

    Chuckers Missing my day trips to Disneyland :(

    Good question.. I need it, too... the only time I have been able to get it was when I was staying at concierge level at AKL.

    I've just ended up using bottle water. (I need it for my cpap)
  8. lillykat

    lillykat New Member

    Family decided last minute to rent a car so we will be doing some buses and some driving.

    Are we better to drive to EPCOT, HS, and AKL and then take the bus to MK?

    Can anyone tell me if we drive what times you would recommend leaving the hotel for 9 am (830HS) rope drops.
  9. elfling8

    elfling8 New Member

    We rode the buses, and gave at least an hour for transportation and always made it on time. So, for 9am park opening, we would get to the bus stop no later than 8. I don't know about driving time though.
    I would actually take the bus to Epcot and HS, and drive to AK and MK. MK buses were the busiest and the longest waits especially in the evening, and I think HS/Ep were the shorter bus rides. (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) We had expected crowd levels of 5/6 the week we were there, so I'm sure time needs to be adjusted if you will be there at a busier time.
  10. emlibs1mom

    emlibs1mom New Member

    What if we have character breakfasts at Epcot and AK for 8 am, what time should we board the busses?
  11. elfling8

    elfling8 New Member

    We had an 8:20 for Crystal Palace one morning and we left the room at 7. We got there with plenty of time to take pictures and checked in for dining about 10 minutes early. Maybe 6:30/6:45? Not positive what time the buses start running.
  12. ferret42

    ferret42 New Member

    I would suggest the bus to mk... If you drive you park at the Trans and ticket center and then take the monorail or ferry over. You may also need a tram to and from your car depending on how far you awsy you park. Those lines can be allot longer and more tedious than the bus wait.
  13. Viking Princess

    Viking Princess New Member

    48 hours until landing in Orlando!
  14. GaSleepingBeautyFan

    GaSleepingBeautyFan New Member

    Woo Hoo! I was able to connect to Disney's internet again. I didn't spend any extra time at the resort yesterday since I decided to be not so smart and stayed in Epcot from 9am to 10pm yesterday.

    It turned out to be a gorgeous day until about 7pm in Epcot when the skies opened up, the wind started and wow, did it get wet fast. Illuminations was still great though.

    Today I spent in AK and then had some swimming time at the resort. I love the main pool and the weather was perfect once the rain showers passed this morning. Don't expect to just be able to lay on your back and float in the main pool though. Lots and lots of people decided to go to the pool when I did. LOL I also spent 15 minutes at the quiet pool near my building which was perfect for just floating on my back in the pool.

    I saw a child and father fishing this morning at the fishing hole. I'd never seen that before so it was cool. It looked like a long bamboo type fishing pole from the angle I was at when I went by.

    Package Pickup today was quick and easy. The CM had me double check to be sure everything was in the package which is great. I had a couple of pins in there and they were still there when I picked up the package along with the Delicious Desserts cookbook. Yum.

    Time to finish my hair and head to Hollywood Studios for the evening. I'm looking forward to the special fireworks.
  15. jwfla422

    jwfla422 DIS Veteran/Philly Native

    Looks like you picked a good week!:thumbsup2 It is clearing here today, I think the rains have finally found their way AWAY!! BRING LOTS OF SUNSCREEN though!;)

    POR is beautiful - we just checked in today and have a beautiful corner room in AB- it is a little far out but I don't mind, we have a car so not a big deal (I like it quieter;) we'll see how that goes). Off to do some restaurant reviews!!
  16. lillykat

    lillykat New Member

    I was thinking the other three are easy to drive to but the mk is a pain bc of the ferry/monorail then tram. DH is saying though if we have a car why take a stroller on a crazy bus. Wanted to show him others agree.
  17. caa1277

    caa1277 American by birth............Grumpy by choice!

    I need it for my CPAP too.
  18. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Just tell him that even if he drives to the MK, he'll still have to take the stroller on the crazy parking lot tram, and then on the crazy monorail, so he might as well cut his loses and just use the one crazy bus. :)

  19. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    99.9999% of me says YES. I am almost entirely sure that I asked about it and it was pointed out to me (I want to say it's on a bottom shelf nearish the cash registers). We didn't get any because we were about to go on a cruise where they would have distilled water for us, and we were already over halfway done with our very short stay. We arrived via Magical Express at 1am-ish, and of course the shop isn't open at that time.
  20. Cobern

    Cobern New Member

    Love it! :)
  21. firstwdw

    firstwdw New Member

    Just returned from POR and loved it despite the rainy week. Quick question: I really WISH I remembered to purchase the $25 resort art print in the gift shop before I left. Does anyone know if there is ANY way to order this online? It's not on the Disney Store/Parks website:(

    I will post a mini trip report soon!
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