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Port Orleans Riverside Q&A Thread 2013, Part One [Thread now FULL and closed]

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. headedtoWDW

    headedtoWDW New Member

    Single digits until our first POR visit!!!!!!!! So excited.

    I have a question about tipping Mousekeeping - how much is customary per day?

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  3. zomama

    zomama New Member

    Good question! Just a little over a month until our trip and I don't know either!
  4. ChristineOH

    ChristineOH Member

    LOL! Search for mousekeeping on the forums. You will see some brawling. Some don't tip, some tip $5 a day, some $1 per person per day, some even make fancy envelopes to put the tips in. (I do tip, but no way am I making envelopes.)
  5. dramaticmissy

    dramaticmissy New Member

    :rotfl: I will tip too but not doing the envelope decorating thing!
  6. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Generally, Magnolia Terrace - but some of its more remote rooms are much further away from the main buildings than the best rooms in Acadian House are. Much better to simply ask for what you want - i.e. an upper floor mansion building room as close as possible to the main buildings. No room for any doubt about what you are asking for that way.

    As has been said, it varies a lot. I tend to go for $1 per room-occupant per night, left daily rather than at the end of your trip.

  7. mommy2jack

    mommy2jack New Member

    Thank you for this picture Andre! :thumbsup2

    I have a question. I'm going to be putting in an order from garden grocers in a few weeks and I wanted to stay away from ordering anything cold because we won't be getting in until late on our arrival date. (I know they may have fridges to store it, but I'd rather not have to worry about that) So I was just wondering if milk was sold at the POR convenience store? Is it a gallon or half gallon and about how much does it cost (probably a small fortune, but it is Disney so I expect that!!:lmao:)
  8. stephyarcouette

    stephyarcouette New Member

    OMG OMG OMG!!! 3 weeks today and I'll be on a jet plane heading to WDW!!!!! My DDs this morning kept repeating "I can't believe we're going to Walt Disney"! Best part....hubby will be home from Afghanistan to be with us!!!

    Question though...if we want to fill our little fridge with things like milk (for me and hubs), beer ( for the kids!!)(kidding, really just kidding!) and some snacks to have around, is it best to a) cab it to grocery store and pick up those things, b) Graden grocer or c) POR convenience store?
  9. headedtoWDW

    headedtoWDW New Member

    Thanks so much! That's exactly what I needed.
  10. stephyarcouette

    stephyarcouette New Member

    So if I want to take advantage of the extra hours in the morning, say for AK and MK, what time do you recommend being at the bus stop?
  11. zy144622

    zy144622 New Member

    I would be at the bus stop 1.5 hours before park opens myself. We love the extra time in MK in the morning when no one is there. We take lots of photos and take to CM. I have not done an early AK day but its the longest bus rise too.
  12. momofboyz3

    momofboyz3 New Member

    I'm sure this has been answered over 1000 times! But, I can't find it & I'm on my commute.... Will bell service deliver Items from Garden Grocer to your room??? I will tip for sure.
  13. dansdad

    dansdad New Member

  14. stephyarcouette

    stephyarcouette New Member

    YIKES!!!:eek: 6:30am at the bus stop!!! oouuf!
  15. momofboyz3

    momofboyz3 New Member

    Thanks- dansdad!
  16. lillykat

    lillykat New Member

    Does anyone know if the set up of the fridge is like the Poly? Do you have to leave the cabinet doirs open of the fridge gets too hot?

    Also if we want to be at the parks for rope drop (not emh) 9 am openings. What time should we plan to be at the bus stop? 8, 815? What about DHS since they don't do rope drop.
  17. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Bell Services do have refrigerated storage should you need it, but otherwise the hotel store sells milk up to half-gallon cartons, and water up to gallon cartons. And yes, it's not cheap - but I guess in the grand scheme of Disney Vacation prices, a dollar or two here and there really isn't that big an issue when you think about it.

    Cost wise, Garden Grocer would be your best bet (a cab wouldn't pay for itself for just a few groceries). The hotel shop is very convenient, but a little pricey and only a limited range.

    All that said, a trip out to a local WalMart by cab would more than pay for itself if you also buy some Disney tee-shirts/souvenirs/etc there too. They have a massive range, which OK are a bit different to the in-park items, but are the kids really going to be worried? (they'll probably still be too drunk from all the beer to notice anyway :) )

    Yes, but you need to request them to do it, and you also need to be in your room to receive it (they won't leave it for you while you are out).

    No need to leave the front cabinet door open, unless there's a fault anyway.

    I'd suggest allowing a good hour before the time you actually want to be at the rope. Getting to the bus stop at 8:15am might work, but if you just miss one bus and have to wait 20 mins for the next, you might be cutting it fine to walk from the bus, get through bag-check, ticket entrance, etc.

  18. LovingDisny

    LovingDisny I'm not going to lie. I like to lurk.

  19. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    Just in case you have any little hopeful Jedi in your party, DHS does an informal opening at who knows WHAT time; I read the other day that they opened the gates at 8:15 (for a 9am opening) some time last week, and they start the Jedi signups very early. So if you get there right before opening, you might lose out on a decent Jedi time or ANY Jedi time. Just to make sure you know that.

    Of course you could also end up standing around for half an hour, but if the Jedi Academy is important to anyone in your party, it still might be worth it.
  20. lillykat

    lillykat New Member

    Don't think we will be doing it this trip my younger DD is the one who really wanted to do it but unfortunately she won't turn 4 until 4 or 5 days after we are at HS. But we do want to ride and FP TSM so we do want to be there at 830 I take it.
  21. BMC423

    BMC423 New Member

    We normally tip a dollar a day per person so for us it 3 a day. As far as the envelopes go, we use regular envelopes and decorate them with the stickers they mail out for the Disney movie club.
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