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Port Orleans French Quarter Q&A Thread, New for 2012 (thread now FULL and CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Aatif911

    Aatif911 New Member

    We just switched our reservation from POR to POFQ. Arriving May 19th and staying till June 2nd. I'm excited because it'll be our first time at POFQ. We stayed at POR last fall and yes the place was huge!! Walking to the food court was a hike but you get to enjoy the scenic routes to get there.
    As for as POFQ, my DW is uber excited. The kids can't wait and I'm looking forward to the whole experience once again.

    41 days and counting.
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  3. cajunbaby1

    cajunbaby1 New Member

    I had to change my dates (again) ::yes:: and this time I'm gonna stay at POFQ for the first time and I can not wait! Will be there Oct 2nd for the food and wine and as an early birthday. I wish I was there right now!! :cool1:
  4. goofyredraider

    goofyredraider New Member

    Did the online check-in for this portion of our trip today! Cannot wait to check POFQ out!
  5. amandals2007

    amandals2007 New Member

    please if anyone is there during this time please post pictures so we may see the old cafe!!!!
  6. NewCrew42

    NewCrew42 One Day I'll be a Galactic Hero!

    Can't wait for June 17th!!!
  7. Ness2289

    Ness2289 <font color=red>I'm a little lost on this one...<b

    That's the same day we are arriving at POFQ!

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  8. iheartpeterpan

    iheartpeterpan Still A Kid At Heart

    My DD (14) and I just got back from POFQ. We both LOVED the resort, it is our new favorite resort and as you can see in my signature I've stayed lots of places. She loved the pool, the compact resort, easy walk to the food court, easy walk to the bus, the theming, the grounds... everything. The slide is a little lame for a thrill seeker, but the pool was fine.
  9. 49rt67

    49rt67 New Member

    Just book 5 nights at POFQ, October 25 to 30!:woohoo:
  10. GetGlowing

    GetGlowing New Member

    Does anyone have photos of a king bed room at POFQ? Hubby and I will be booking one for a mid-May stay.

    Just got back from a 4-night stay at Sports yesterday and I'm already ready to be back. After that, no more Disney trips until a short cruise in January. Not sure how to survive those intervening months :worried:
  11. delilah18

    delilah18 New Member

    Not sure if this thread has a spot where u can put when you are arriving but we just switched from Riverside to French Quarter for October 25th to November 3rd
    We will be celebrating our 9 th anniversary even though the kids will be with us lol

    Anyone else going during this time ?
    So excited always wanted to stay here since I was little
  12. Al and Kate's Mom

    Al and Kate's Mom DIS Veteran<br><font color=magenta>Thanks for shar

    Just switched to POFQ for our 3rd stay - October 26th through November 3rd. I can't wait to go back!!!!!! :cool1:
  13. taylor3297

    taylor3297 New Member

    We will be there from Oct 25-28. We are just going for a few days after our cruise.
  14. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    There's a link in the FAQs post at the start of this thread to http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3080566 where you can add your dates and see who else is going the same time. Please read the first post in that thread first to make sure you use the correct format to make updating the list easy.

  15. crazy4wdw

    crazy4wdw DIS Veteran

    You can post your resort and dates on the official October 2013 trip planning thread here: http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3035356
  16. monorailmom

    monorailmom New Member

    Well, I never get it right when I try to add on to those posts where everyone can add on, I do it wrong! Anyway, it looks like we'll have a lot of DIS company on our trip! We'll be there 10/30-11/3! Really can't wait for the Eat to the Beat concert dates to be released!
  17. delilah18

    delilah18 New Member

    What are the beds like here are they comfy? And I hate to ask but does this resort ever have any bug problems that's why I switched resorts?
  18. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    The beds were all replaced with new queen beds two years ago when the resort was refurbished. They are the same as the Riverside ones, which I found very comfortable. The pillows seemed a little hard though, but I gather you can request softer ones if you want.

    As far as bed bugs go, they are brought in by guests arriving at a hotel, and are nothing to do with any particular hotel or chain. Although it does obviously help that you are dealing with a company like Disney who will deal very quickly with any infestations that are reported - but thankfully reports do seem to be very infrequent.

    To be really honest, I doubt there is any hotel in Orlando that has not had bed bugs at one time or another - and even if you did find a hotel that has never had them, if the guest just before you happens to brings some in from elsewhere, they will be in your room. In short, your only complete guarantee to avoid them would be to buy your own hotel room and never let another soul into it.

  19. LisaRobinsonUK

    LisaRobinsonUK New Member

    Love this!!
  20. NewCrew42

    NewCrew42 One Day I'll be a Galactic Hero!

    I'll see ya there!
  21. delilah18

    delilah18 New Member

    Thanks but I wasn't referring to bedbugs I'm not worried about that I know how to check for that
    I was worried about roaches that one poster seemed to have a problem with at riverside that seemed to be infested in quite a few rooms?
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