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Port Orleans French Quarter Q&A Thread, New for 2012 (thread now FULL and CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, May 10, 2012.

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  1. bookgirl

    bookgirl <font color=darkorchid>I don't eat onions-they squ

    I used online checkin last week. My only choices were close to main building/transportation and first floor. I only had a standard room booked. But it gave me no option to put in specific room requests. I had requested building 4 or 5 (yeah I know no standard rooms there anymore but it never hurts to try) so I figure I might have a chance, but we'll see.

    Of course there was a computer foul up and I had to call and they gave me a direct website to go to instead of using the links on the WDW website. Don't know if that changes anything.
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  3. I called the direct number for the resort from the POFQ site by Andre and she answered it POFQ - I was verifying the shipping address and what I needed to do to ship water and packages.

    FYI - she said to include the reservation # or check in date on the mailing label.

    I'm hoping that is the actual resort # - I have it saved in case we need their lost and found.
  4. EpcotBill

    EpcotBill Mouseketeer

    Do you mean this number, (407) 934-5000? That's a call center.
  5. Eastern

    Eastern Mouseketeer

    I just called that number to make a room request and he told me to call back within 10 days of my check-in date. Don't they usually just add it whenever you call?
  6. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Which number? If you're calling in advance then you should phone the main Disney Reservation Center number - i.e. 407-WDISNEY. If you're within a few days of arrival, call the resort number directly.

  7. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Could someone going to POFQ soon (or there now?) possibly snap a few quick pictures of the Breakfast menu boards in the food court, and also the Lunchtime Po'Boy menu if possible too, so I can update the lists and prices on my website? I've got the rest of the lunch/dinner items fully up to date already, but want to update breakie too. Thanks.

  8. Another request for someone there now or in the past week

    What are the evening temperatures like? Does it cool off enough to need pants and jackets or is it shorts weather 24/7? How much is it raining during the day? Weather channel shows 10% today and 40% tomorrow for rain.

    Is it manageable or miserable with kids?

    We leave in 4 days and it's time to finalize the packing.

  9. bookgirl

    bookgirl <font color=darkorchid>I don't eat onions-they squ

    I am also 4 days out and have been scouting the weather boards trying to figure it out as well.
  10. jcammans

    jcammans Earning My Ears

    Hey Andre!

    We will be checking in on Friday so I will snap some photos for you Saturday morning at breakfast time. If you give me your email address I will send them to you right away.
  11. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Many thanks, just email them to me at the admin address for portorleans.org (which is admin (at) portorleans.org)

  12. lttlmc3

    lttlmc3 <font color=darkorchid>You can ship it. I'll still

    Okay, just got back from our trip. We stayed in room 2330 and it was a great room. VERY QUIET!! It was very clean and kept very well. Maid service left soap and shampoo everyday so now I have tons of it at home :cool1:. I love that stuff.
    My favorite thing is all the tiny lizards that run around during the day. They are so cute! We made a little game everyday of finding them. If you are afraid of lizards, don't worry, you really have to look for them to find them
    My least favorite thing was the transportation. Wow. Bus service to Magic Kingdom was great. It is only from POFQ. Others picked up people from all of the stops at PO Riverside. This was a real pain when trying to make restaurant reservations. I understand it's normal, but it is inconvenient, especially when the bus is full. The WORST is when taking the bus to Animal Kingdom. Not only does it stop at Riverside stops (which is no big deal) but then goes to Typhoon Lagoon, which fills the bus waay up and ends up being the longest commute to a park.
    We took the boat to Downtown Disney only once because the wait was so long. Four or Five boats parked at the dock and asked us if we were going to Riverside. Everyone in line (which was about 75 people) said no and it started becoming a joke. We didn't think a DTD boat would ever come. So dissapointing.
    Overall, however, the resort was as great as always. Just bring your patience.
  13. Jacqui

    Jacqui Member

    We were there the last two weeks of September and I could have typed the same report except for the bus and boat service.

    We only shared one or two times with Riverside and that was coming back to the resort. So it didn't matter because we would be dropped off first. As for the boat, we went to DTD on a Saturday, early evening and there were maybe 10 people in line and we were a group of six. I think we waited about 10 minutes. Going back to the resort that evening was a joke though. First we went to the boat dock and it was super crowded, so we walked over to the bus stop. We had just missed a POFQ bus and then waited and waited and waited some more before our bus ever showed. It was about 45 minutes later and I think most other resorts had 2 or 3 buses.

    I think boat and bus service typically depends on when you are visiting the parks. During a slower time of year, you would share more than a busier time.
  14. SoosieQ

    SoosieQ Member

    After staying at POR last month and I am now looking again at POFQ. I liked POR but I really like POFQ. I am thinking of taking my niece on a trip before she gets too old to want to hang out with her auntie ;) I think this resort would be perfect because of the small size and the 1 bus stop. That was probably my biggest thing at POR was the bus stops and the walk to the food court.
  15. gr8tdame

    gr8tdame Enchanted


    We will be staying at POFQ for the first time in January for 12 nights. For the past 4 years we have stayed @ POR and really love it there. I decided to book POFQ for a change much to the dismay of my DH. He loves POR because he finds it so quiet, shady and green. At POR we always stayed in bldg. #27 ground floor except last year.
    We had paid for preferred and requested a ground floor room. When we checked in they had as way over in the mansions facing the parking lot. I was told it was the only ground floor room available. I told her we had paid for a preferred building and needed a ground floor room close to the food court and transportation for medical reasons. My ds has cerebral palsy. After waiting for about an hour of waiting to speak the manager we were assigned a ground floor room in building 38 and told we would be moved once a ground floor room became available in the preferred section. The resort was a full capacity due to the marathon. We decided to stay in bldg 38 as it was a short walk to the north terminal. This next trip I decided to book POFQ due to it being a smaller resort but there is no preferred bldg category. What building should I request?Preferably close to the main bldg and easy walking distance to bus stop and boat dock.
    Also, I saw wonderful photos of the frog fountains and was wondering where they were located.
    I appreciate any info or suggestions from y'all.
  16. EpcotBill

    EpcotBill Mouseketeer

    gr8tdame, I hope you were reimbursed the difference between Preferred and Standard.
  17. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    You're in luck, the frog fountains are right outside building 4, which is next to the main building and closest to the bus stop. If POFQ did have preferred locations, they would definitely include building 4. Building 5 is slightly closer to the boat dock, but I suspect you'll use the buses a lot more often than the boats.

  18. mamamary

    mamamary Mouseketeer

    When we stayed in June we found the exact same thing to be true about the bus rides. I was surprised since I had heard that in busy times the bus would normally not share with Riverside. Once i saw that we seemed to share almost everytime we adjusted our timing. It didn't bother me but we did have to budget for more time in the morning to get to the parks before they opened.
  19. summerlady

    summerlady Mouseketeer

    I agree! Just back from POR yesterday, as much as we liked it and thought how beautiful it was, my heart still belongs to POFQ. I'm glad we tried POR and DGD loved the Royal Room, but every time we stopped at POFQ for the bus and when we could see the pool area when we stopped on the DTD boat, she'd sigh and talk about how much she missed POFQ. POR does seem a bit more "upscale", but that doesn't mean much to me. I appreciate the smaller size, the less crowded food court, and the short walk from any building to the main building and bus stop at POFQ.
  20. summerlady

    summerlady Mouseketeer

    The only caution I have is that the benches at the frog fountain are smoking areas, across from each other with the trash can/ash cans at both sides. At least they were in October 2011, it may have changed, we stayed at POR this year.
  21. mabreu75

    mabreu75 Earning My Ears

    YAY!!! We are going! Staying here 12/2-12/8! Can anyone tell me what buildings are the garden view? :)))
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