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Port Orleans French Quarter Q&A Thread, New for 2012 (thread now FULL and CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Groomer Gal

    Groomer Gal Member

    It's official...my family and I are heading back to POFQ Dec 5-14th!! :banana::banana::banana::banana: <--- that's us in case you run I to us at the food court.
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  3. westgirl

    westgirl Member

    We'll see you there! We're going from 11/23/13 - 12/08/13 v v excited!
  4. pwdebbie

    pwdebbie Active Member

    Here is the coffeemaker as well as the pods provided. The coffee was good. We brought our own Half & Half so we wouldn't need the creamer packs.

  5. leshunlenese

    leshunlenese Active Member

    Just switched to POFQ today. It is our 1st time at the resort. Pretty excited
  6. sunsetbeachgal

    sunsetbeachgal Active Member

    Debbie...thanks for the coffee photo....looks like that will work for us...especially with our own half and half...hate that powdered stuff!!
  7. edinburghlass

    edinburghlass Active Member

    One more short sleep for us, taxi at 5.30 am tomorrow :cool1:

    Many thanks to all on this thread and the POR thread, especially Andre and his website for all your helpful posts.

    ps we are pretty excited too :)
  8. DMGeurts

    DMGeurts Never open texts with the "Hand Sewn Button" attac

    That coffee pot looks very nice - thanks for the photo... And the coffee is good? Looking forward to better coffee at Disney. All I need is to get creamer from somewhere, and I'll be good. :)

  9. GetGlowing

    GetGlowing Active Member

    Question about the outdoor movies: Is there something to sit on? Benches, stumps ... etc?
  10. dansdad

    dansdad DIS Veteran

    If I remember correctly, there were CMs around passing out pool towels for us to sit/lay on.

    I just checked Andre's site and it confirms my memory.

  11. Kat016

    Kat016 Active Member

    Pool towels?? You might be able to answer a question I had. I don't want to pack "beach towels" for our trip. They take up too much valuable souvenir room in our suitcase. Do they let you borrow/rent or whatever towels for the pool or do you use your bath towels in your room?
  12. dansdad

    dansdad DIS Veteran

    There are complimentary towels available at the pool. No need to bring any from home nor from your room. There is also a towel drop off at the pool for when you're done.:thumbsup2
  13. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Yes, pool towels are available. No charge.

  14. Kat016

    Kat016 Active Member

    Awesome!!! Thank you! I figured we would just take towels from our room. Being available at the pool makes it easier.
  15. CJK

    CJK <font color=purple>BL II -Purple Team <br><font co

    Is it safe to assume that it's too early to send a fax 8 days before check-in? We're doing a split stay and 8 days in advance is the last time we have access to a fax machine before checking into FQ. We did put requests in by phone, and confirmed 1 of the 2 requests online. I guess that will have to suffice?
  16. ashleyrm

    ashleyrm Active Member

    Headed to POFQ for a 4 night/5 day stay starting Thursday 5/9. My 3rd time staying there so if anyone has any questions they need answered later this week, feel free to ask!
  17. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Many people seem to send faxes that early, and to be honest what have you got to lose by trying?

  18. debf

    debf Member

    So I'm a little bummed. We are booked Aug 22- Aug 31. The current discount is only 5% off POFQ. Does anyone know if they offer a AAA discount at POFQ? We really want to stay here but would like a little better than 5% off. We we were hoping for free dining buts that's not happening this August.:sad1:
  19. CJK

    CJK <font color=purple>BL II -Purple Team <br><font co

    Okay, sounds good. We'll give it a whirl and will report back if we hear anything. Thanks!
  20. cmjensen

    cmjensen Member

    I thought they don't look at faxes for room accommodations anymore? Can you confirm?
  21. Pooks

    Pooks Member

    Can you use the ferry boats if you're on an EVC?

    I'd love to use them but I'm not sure ill be walking by the time we go in September &#9728;
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