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POP Century~Unofficially the Grooviest FAQ Thread #7~Sept 2012

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Janet B, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. jpessa

    jpessa Addicted to Disney

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  3. heathere3

    heathere3 New Member

    We got unexpected Pixie Dust today when we checked in : the same fantastic room we had last stay! In the 50's, top floor, and the next room over is preferred :)
  4. Janet B

    Janet B New Member

    Timsierramist, I think you will be happy with the Pop offerings (and not because your standards are low :)). As jcarwash posted, getting to the food court early is your best bet to avoid crowds... after 7:30am it definitely gets busier.

    And there are plenty of great CS choices in the parks (and Downtown Disney). We like Flame Tree BBQ (AK), Cosmic Rays, Pecos Bill (MK), Sunshine seasons, France (Epcot). Wolfgang puck express, Earl of Sandwich (DTD).

    Also, check out Be Our Guest for CS (we didn't get a chance on our January trip). We did however eat a TS at BOG and we really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. :thumbsup2

    Well I hope you fixed that "not having any tie-dye cheesecake" today ::yes::

    :cheer2: I hear ya on the Mickey waffles! Now if only we could slow down time once we got to Disney... that would be great! Enjoy the time with your DDs in the world. :flower3:

    We like most everything too :) For breakfast, we get bagels, the chocolate croissants (our fav), of course mickey waffles! Somethimes we get an omelette or the breakfast sandwich. It's all good, depending on how much you want to eat. We usually are on the dining plan, so we use our CS for lunch and then TS for dinner. :goodvibes

    We like the chicken penne alfredo, mom's night out dinners (which is changing to nightly specials... so will have to update the menu). Pizza is good, and my DD likes the shrimp lo mein and nachos supreme. We tend to do our snacking at POP in the evening after the parks close. :goodvibes

    :yay: That's awesome!! What a great beginning to your trip! Have fun!! :woohoo: :woohoo:
  5. Janet B

    Janet B New Member

    Unfortunately, the frozen coke machine been gone for quite a while, most likely as it was down/broken as much as it worked. So Disney decided to just remove it instead of fixing it or replacing it with a newer model. Kind of like the Goofy POP Jets that are no more :( ... and then we have AOA getting the great splash kids area (which is wonderful for AOA guests), you wonder why Disney wouldn't/couldn't fix/update the POP jets... it seems that the answer is just to take it away. Unique things to POP too... Guess this falls under "remember when" concept that is POP. :rolleyes: :goodvibes Oh well, I still love the POP!! :hippie:
  6. DianaPrince

    DianaPrince New Member

    Yeah exactly! See I thought there were pop jets there,looks so wierd now just sitting there as an akward photo opt. Like I said we go back to PoP every other trip or so and always forgot to ask about that coke machine it was so cool...Oh well still going back in 15 days! Cant wait!
  7. jcarwash

    jcarwash New Member

    Janet B - glad to have you back on the thread. Noticed you were away for a bit. :goodvibes
  8. kad517

    kad517 New Member

    One of tonight's specials was pot roast, also they said tomorrow night would be sesame chicken over white rice.
  9. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink New Member

    Welcome Back! Glad to finally see you back on the thread! have missed you too!!
    I tried to send you a PM abit ago, but your box was full! :rotfl2:
    I was going to give you a heads up about the menu change! ;)
    I figured I'd wait to see if anyone there noticed. Otherwise, once I got there and saw all of the actual changes I'd start posting them. I'll actually have my laptop this trip, so I can take and upload pics for the thread if you'd like! :thumbsup2
  10. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink New Member

    Actually the new menu took effect at 6am on May 1. ;)

    Wow...I'm sorry to hear that you think the food is just 'meh.' I know for a fact that the Chefs have worked VERY hard and put in MANY extra hours working on the new menus. This was something that did not happen overnight. They came up with different 'dishes' and then had guests actually sample them. I 'tested' a few back in January. And quite frankly, what I had was PHENOMENAL!!! And I told them that in the review I wrote. I would have bought it TWICE! I still crave it. :lmao: Actually, I'm going to get the recipe because unfortunately, it didn't make the final cut which was the 'Mickey Check'. Now everything must pass this which has requirements for 'healthy' grade. I know why the dish I loved didn't pass, and honestly, I think the reason is silly, but it's Disney's choice...sigh!!!
    But anyway, I just find it sad, to hear you say this when I know how hard they have worked and how well they do their job. POP has one (if not the best) resort food courts out there!!
    Yup, Janet, I head out in less than 36 hours. Hoping to eat a few meals at POP!! Will give a dining review here!! :thumbsup2

    Looks like we will be there at the same time! :wave2:
    I wouldn't stress. Weekday crowds (esp this time of year) should not be THAT bad in the food court. And you have to try the Mickey waffles! ;)

    I will be there on Monday... I plan on trying a few things this week.
    I go back for 12 days/11 nights in June, and will be trying some other items then... I will be happy to report back what I think of what I try! :goodvibes

    It's been gone for 3 or 4 years now...they took it out because it was broken more than it was working. And I remember it being blue raspberry rather than frozen coke...

    Yes, as sad as that is...it does seem like that's what they do. I also heard though, that they were getting some flack and the All Stars wanted Frozen Drink machines. So when they kept having it break so much, they decided to just get rid of it entirely and then they didn't have to hear the All Stars mgrs complain either!
  11. incoo50

    incoo50 New Member

    I usually go to the food court and either use a mug or one of my empty water bottles to fill with coffee cream and keep it in room fridge
  12. DianaPrince

    DianaPrince New Member

    No it def had coke flavor it was dh favorite. Such a shame.
  13. Tammydc30

    Tammydc30 New Member

    How's the weather, is it still raining? We check in in 4 days. Is has rained her at home for about 2 months straight. I am really looking forward to some sunshine.
  14. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink New Member

    hmmm....maybe they changed it at some point but it was originally blue raspberry. Because I remember that! :thumbsup2

    According to Weatherdotcom the weather this coming week should be Lovely!! highs in the low 80's and low's in the 60's... 20% chance of rain Mon/Fri, 10% on Wed and 0% on Tue/Thur. and actually it is supposed to warm up to 90 on Friday and stay warm thru the weekend! I am leaving LATE friday night. So I was only checking thru that point. ;)

    Hope you have a great trip!! :thumbsup2
  15. bluezy

    bluezy New Member

    It was definitely Coke when we were there in 2004...my 2 teen sons lived on it that week. I think it was the only thing they used their mugs for that trip. They were not happy when they found out the machine had been removed just a few weeks before we stayed there again in 2009. :lmao:
  16. Goofysrus

    Goofysrus New Member

    Yep on our trip it was coke and so bummed when returned 4 years ago and it was no more...
    I remember when you could get orange juice and milk! But that was when our cups would never expire.... I think we should have a thread about how many mugs we've bought over the years!
    I refuse to count !! Haha!
  17. cbeeindisney

    cbeeindisney New Member

    Hi Everyone, we stayed at POP for the first time in August and loved it, mainly because there is only one bus stop, unlike the All-Stars that share buses (the All-Stars being our usual value resort). :)

    So this got me thinking, we all love POP, but what are your reasons that you love POP so much more than the other values, and maybe even all of the other resorts as well!?
  18. dsnyfan608

    dsnyfan608 New Member

    We love POP! We love the theming and there is always something going on. There is hustle-bustle but FUN hustle-bustle
  19. Timsierramist

    Timsierramist New Member

    I'm here. First time at Pop, WDW and Florida.

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  20. TinkTink78

    TinkTink78 New Member

    Have fun!!!!
  21. baldy6060

    baldy6060 New Member

    I don't suppose anyone has any food court menu updates available? Maybe a good photo of the new menu or something?
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