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POP Century ~ Unofficially the Grooviest FAQ Thread #6 ~April 2012

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Janet B, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. apetelo

    apetelo Earning My Ears

    I couldn't find the answer to this, so maybe you guys can help me. We will be arriving at Pop before lunch. Since we can't check in until 3pm we will probably be hanging poolside. Does anybody know if we can get towels during check in to use at the pool or should we bring our own? Oh, and what are my chances of getting our room before 3pm? It would be great to get it by 1 or so to put the baby down for a nap, but thinking that might be a stretch.

    Thank you!
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  3. Sandi

    Sandi <font color=red>A proud Spartans fan!

    You can check in when you arrive, your room just might not be available yet. If you ask for towels when you check in, the CM will give you some. Towels are not available poolside.

    As far as a room being ready for you early, there are a lot of different factors. If you are willing to take the first available room, I'd say your chances of getting in early are good. If you have several special requests, then that limits you. Also, the day of the week you are checking in plays a part. If you are doing on-line check in, they ask for an approximate arrival time. Putting that info out there for the room assignor should help, too.
  4. Maxim

    Maxim Earning My Ears

    Check in last night!
    Go our connecting rooms in the ... 90'.
    They got us changed to the 50' and we got to see Illimination from about balconypixiedust:
  5. KNovacovschi

    KNovacovschi Mouseketeer

    16 more days to check in but can do on line check in on the 4th. I'm really hoping for the '50s building 1, room 1149(ok maybe a little to picky, lol), what I'm wondering is can you know request an area now or can you still only do that by checking in at POP? :)
  6. lovethattink

    lovethattink DIS Veteran

    You can request a general area like 50's during online check in. You can also request near transportation or first floor. But you can only request 2 of the things during online check in. A specific request like a room can only be done by phone with Disney reservations.
  7. erincon23

    erincon23 <font color=blue>Everyone must have gotten a life

    We have a room-only ressie, so we haven't had to pay our full balance yet. If I do online checkin, will I have to pay the balance at that point? Today is our 10-day mark, but if I have to pay the full thing at the online checkin, I'll wait until Monday.
  8. lovethattink

    lovethattink DIS Veteran

    No, not until you check in at the resort.
  9. poofiesdream

    poofiesdream Disney always and forever

    Checking in in 9 days! My daughter is getting married there on the 10th. Soo excited!!!!!!!!!!:):cool1:
  10. lovethattink

    lovethattink DIS Veteran

  11. TheRatPack

    TheRatPack Under penalty of law this tag not to be removed ex

    Have a blast....and congratulations to your daughter and family! What a wonderful place to get married.
  12. Janet B

    Janet B Mouseketeer

    Awesome!! Happy Anniversary! 20 years of wedded bliss, right? :goodvibes And a first time POPer!! :hippie: Hope you like it as much as we all do!

    :cool1: .. Happy that POP could accomodate you! :)

    How wonderful!!! All the best to your DD for a happy life!! :goodvibes
  13. Janet B

    Janet B Mouseketeer

    :hippie: Another groovy new thread location coming tomorrow!! :hippie:
  14. erincon23

    erincon23 <font color=blue>Everyone must have gotten a life

    We did our online checkin today (thanks for the answer about payment!) -- 60s building, lakeview. This will be my fourth time at Pop, and I've never seen the lake. Since it's DS's first time staying on property (well, once when he was 4, at the old Disney Institute), I let him pick the location. Hope we get our choices! I can't think of anything else I should be doing at this point, other than keeping an eye on our flight.

    Poofiesdream, congrats on your daughter's wedding! I hope you have a beautiful day!
  15. jcarwash

    jcarwash Mouseketeer

    See you there!
  16. GreenCntryGirl

    GreenCntryGirl The DIS keeps me up past my bedtime.

    Congratulations to your daughter...I hope it's more than you dreamed.
  17. Cinderella's slipper

    Cinderella's slipper A cross between Cinderella and Winnie the Pooh - "

    Just 7 short days :banana: and we will be at Pop for our very first time! Thanks :worship:to the keepers of this thread and all the great contributors who take their time to make a wealth of information available.

    :dance3: :dance3: :cool1:
  18. pas130

    pas130 DIS Veteran

    :cool1: YAY!!! 45 days til the Pas Princesses hit Pop!!!
  19. Grumpy Grandma

    Grumpy Grandma Mouseketeer

    Hi Janet just quietly waiting for the new thread!!! :surfweb:
  20. Janet B

    Janet B Mouseketeer

    :yay: Have a great trip!!

    :woohoo: The 3 princesses and their Queen Momma take on POP, part 2!! :cool1:

    Your wish is my command :goodvibes .... POP on over to #7!! :hippie:

  21. Janet B

    Janet B Mouseketeer

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