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Poly's Hawaii Longhouse 2nd floor no balcony

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by disneyfamily4life, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. disneyfamily4life

    disneyfamily4life New Member

    We have just booked GVCL at the Poly for August :cool1: and I have just learned all 2nd floor rooms in the Hawaii longhouse do not have balconies.

    Is this true and if it is what is the reasoning for not having balconies on the second floor? Are the rooms larger since they do not have a balcony?

    Curiosity is killing me, any feed back will be much appreciated.
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  3. kapoof

    kapoof New Member

    tis sad but true. i don't know why either, but the poly is having a rehab right now, maybe this will be addressed during the rehab?

    TXGRMAMA New Member

    None of the ORIGINAL Polynesian buildings have balconys on the second floor. The reason has to do with the culture of the south Pacific. Homes there do not have balconies on the second floor because of the fear that spirits would enter the residence. When Disney was building the resort in the late 1960s they tried to be as true to the Polynesian culture as posible. Needless to say, American guests don't give a flip about authenticity. Guests placed on the 2nd floor complained non stop.

    There were two or three buildings built several years later and those do have balconies on the second floor. This was to appease the complainers.

    There is no way that the rooms could be rehabed and add balconies. The needed architectural foundation to support balconies is not there.

    One to remember, the 2nd floor may not have balconies in most buildings. But there are sliding glass doors (with rails in front). So you can open them to get fresh air and to get a better view. There is just no where to sit or stand outside the room.
  5. Polydweller

    Polydweller New Member

    Nope, can't be addressed. It's the original design of the building that prevents the addition of the balconies. Just no structural support there is what I'm told. The rehab would basically be a rebuild. The building was just a building when it was constructed and not thought of as a place for CL. They'd like to have all balconies but not possible.

    OP, the second room floors are not larger and I don't know the reason for no balconies and have never heard anyone give a definitive answer. I've heard the cultural idea (which makes sense as stated above) and a room pricing difference possibility and that times were different in 1971 when it was built and may not have seemed important then. Just nothing that is absolute though I lean to the culture reference.
  6. disneyfamily4life

    disneyfamily4life New Member

    Thank you all for your feed back and TXGRMAMA you info was very interesting "The reason has to do with the culture of the south Pacific. Homes there do not have balconies on the second floor because of the fear that spirits would enter the residence." in my eyes this really adds to the charm and mystique of the Poly.

    I was going to request no second floor but I think i will leave it as is and see what the Disney Gods have install for us. Besides we are going in August, when we are back in our room I do not foresee us wanting to spend much time on the Balcony. AC AC and more AC :beach:

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