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Polynesian: Pics of updated rooms Hawaii

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by DaddyBeast, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. sjs314

    sjs314 "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and

    The bathrooms look very nice not sure I like the worded pillows. Thanks for shareing!
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  3. Sammie

    Sammie New Member

    I thought those worded pillows looked very stiff, almost like a garbage can. I think they could have done better with some beautiful florals.

    To the OP: is there any type of comforter/Duvet on the bed, or is this the new triple sheeting they keep mentioning, which basically means, bottom sheet, top sheet, blanket and then another top sheet.

    If so that explains the plainness of the bedding.
  4. kate_wdw

    kate_wdw New Member

    Ooh...I like it! Thanks for posting these.
  5. jlcd

    jlcd New Member

    Like the new bathroom but what were they thinking with those pillows??
  6. singastory

    singastory Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks quest

    Thanks for sharing, looks great!!! :thumbsup2
  7. kungaloosh22

    kungaloosh22 New Member

    Same here, though I'll wait to see a "bigger picture" view to form my final opinion of the new look. I'm really going to miss the backlit bamboo-look closet doors though, and the green tile in the bathroom. (I know some people hate the green tile, but I love it!)
  8. mmmears

    mmmears New Member

    I agree -- the backlit yellow paneled closet doors were so pretty. I think they are theming the rooms less to please all the people who complained about the old rooms. My family actually liked them (except for the bedspreads).
  9. disneydreamin247

    disneydreamin247 New Member

    I am kind if thinking of switching my June ressie to BC!
  10. The Fox Menagerie

    The Fox Menagerie New Member

    Thanks for sharing your pics with us, still excited to stay in this building in June.
  11. gjl

    gjl New Member

  12. closetmickey

    closetmickey New Member

    I can't see them either! Any trick?? :confused3
  13. Sammie

    Sammie New Member

    Not sure why, as they are working for me. :confused3
  14. Sue M

    Sue M New Member

    Thanks for posting the pics! Looks very nice. When we stayed, paint had peeled in bathroom, and on door, very bad patch work! Looks nice & fresh now. More pics please :goodvibes Would like one from door looking longways into the room to get a better look of room, with dresser, day bed, chairs, etc!!

    Did they replace main room doors? Anything done in halls?
  15. DaddyBeast

    DaddyBeast someone known only as...

    The rooms have the RFID entry now. This works very well (so far). At the check in desks they now have RFID readers, so instead of asking for your room number, they ask to scan your key card.

    Today Engineering came and installed a bar code on the inside door jamb - it is so they can scan to make sure the luggage goes to the right room.

    According to the CM's. the rooms are lighter on purpose. We have stayed here many times through different iterations, and the room feels bigger.

    The bathroom really is larger, and those are towel bars in front of the sinks. Look for the hairdryer in the closet. Still no separate area to get ready if someone is in the bathroom.

    I will need to clean up a little and then I can get more pics of the room.
  16. dansdad

    dansdad New Member

    I was having trouble viewing the pics when using Internet Explorer. I switched over to Google Chrome and had no problem. Hope this helps.
  17. OThopeful35

    OThopeful35 New Member

    Love the new rooms!! I think I found our next resort for our 2014 trip:cool1:
  18. LiloH

    LiloH New Member

    It looks great! We will be there in June and I can't wait.

    Any chance you can snap a picture of the new day bed?

    Thanks for posting!
  19. Tess

    Tess <font color=deeppink>DIS Vet - 1997<br><font color

    I am looking forward to more pictures of the room! Not sure I am a fan of the brown in the bathroom, but when viewed in the context of the entire space, I think it works. There needed to be something to offset all the white/beige.

    I really didn't notice the difference in the closet doors as some mentioned. :confused3 Were the panels more green before? It appears to me, if anything, it allows more light from the closet area into the mini hallway.

    Thanks for sharing!
  20. jdd

    jdd New Member

    I loved the green tile too! I think the rooms needed updating, but not a fan of the more modern, non-themed, black/white look. Hoping to see additional pictures that change my mind - I really want to like the new rooms.
  21. amg35

    amg35 New Member

    Wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!! No more ugly bedspreads!!!!!! :dance3::dance3::dance3:

    Now this is a real competition for me between the Polynesian and the Beach Club!! Ugh, my decision just got a lot harder....

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