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PLEASE! Whistle while you work …… Update Day 6 - 06/16

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by dizneeat, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. annmarieda

    annmarieda New Member

    Awe, Karin.. your most recent update really warmed my heart. :goodvibes What a special evening! I still can not say thank you enough!

    I do so appreciate your krispy kreme pictures... it has been SOOO long since I have had one. A Panera bread went into where the old Krispy Kreme use to be. While it is a good soup and sandwich..oh and salad restaurant... it really doesnt cut it when you want a warm fluffy doughnut. ;)
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  3. Linda67

    Linda67 <font color=magenta>Has a Masters in Margaritas<br

    What a wonderful way to spend an evening - can't wait to hear about the rest of your 'mini cruise'!

    You asked me a couple of Qs which I just realised I haven't answered

    Yep, I have started a DL trip report - link in my signature

    It's going to be very short but hopefully sweet, for once in my life I didn't take 1000s of photos!

    We are staying in the Little Mermaid section at AoA as it's just the two of us and it's only for three nights, then we are off to VWL

    I really do like the look of the studios as BLT though :)
  4. Minnie&Nana

    Minnie&Nana <font color=deeppink>Dreams do come true!<br><font

    Oh, Karin, what a special evening....I cannot imagine anything nicer than a Wishes cruise with such special friends.

    And that view...wow!!! Looking forward to the rest of the evening!! :hug:
  5. michelle9343

    michelle9343 New Member

    OMG what a beautiful update !! I have to agree with Annmarie our family can never ever thank you enough for such a wonderful evening. That night will live in our heart forever!!!
  6. Teri1

    Teri1 New Member

    What a great time for you and your DIS friends!!!
  7. scottny

    scottny <font color=blue>You better have crackers<br><font

    Sad the cruise is over. It sounded like a wonderful time.
    Nice arch pics.
    Ooh the surf and surf burger. YUM. I do agree they do get cold quickly.
    We are driving in December and cannot wait to venture out of the bubble and see Orlando.
    Oh I have done one of those cruises and it is wonderful.
    All caught up. Looking forward to the pics.
  8. dizneeat

    dizneeat Active Member

    We have always wanted to do it, but it just didn't make sense for just the two of us. So when we found out that Ann and her family would be there, we just asked Michelle if they could make it as well and the rest is history. It was just soooooo awesome!

    Ah, Doris, what a shame, we will be leaving on Sept 7! Missing you by just two days. We would have loved to see you two again. :sad2:

    :goodvibes Very true! :hug:

    I was so shocked about that pushy DVC rep! They were ready to buy and they would have if they had offered them the "right" resort. ;)
    I know the Publix you are taking about! That was our second choice. But since we came from Pop there is one just behind the "Gaylord" which was so close and they have closed their doors.

    The DISmeet was just awesome. I had been so looking forward to finally meet Ann in person and we just love Michelle and her family (we cruised with them too!). It was just wonderful and magical to spend this time with them. :goodvibes

    Ann, we have the most wonderful and magical memories of that evening. We were so happy you were able to join us that evening. :hug:
  9. dizneeat

    dizneeat Active Member

    It was a really awesome experience, especially since we shared it with friends.
    Love your DL TR!!
    We love BLT ... can't wait to return in February! ;)

    It was a really wonderful evening and we cannot wait to do it again. :goodvibes

    Michelle, that evening was something we ALL will never forget! We are still talking about how happy Angelina was that night!
    Can't wait to hear her again in August! :grouphug:

    We were so happy it all worked out so nicely. DISfriends and DCLfriends are just THE best! :goodvibes

    We had a blast on the Dream! :thumbsup2
    Isn't it a shame that the food gets cold quickly? If they would only change from the metal baskets to a plate! :goodvibes
    We had thought and talked about a fireworks cruise for a long time, but it never really seemed to make sense for just the two of us. Now that we have tried it, we will do it more often, even if it is just the two of us.
  10. dizneeat

    dizneeat Active Member

    Half term vacation 2013, Feb 16 - Feb 24

    Day 6, February 21


    ……… another kind of cruise makes our day! - part 4

    It did not take long and the fireworks started. The soundtrack was piped in on our boat and it was an absolutely awesome experience.









    Tracy, Steve and Tom all took photos, while the rest of us just sat back and enjoyed the show. The fireworks were just awesome from our vantage point and it was so wonderful to see the happy faces and hear Angelina’s happy giggles.





    Far too soon the fireworks ended and we were on our way back to the marina.


    Our skipper, who’s name was Michelle as well


    kept telling us fun facts and there was lots of laughter throughout the fireworks cruise. Finally back at the marina we took a few more photos and skipper Michelle was happy to take one with several different cameras.



    But it was far too soon to say goodbye to our friends, so we all went inside the Contemporary and up to the 4th floor and we all sat at the back of the Contempo Café, sharing a lot of laughs.
    Time still kept on flying by and Vito jr. was the first who had to say goodbye as he had to work early the next morning. Michelle and her family were next to bid their goodbyes and we promised each other to meet up again in the summer.
    Unfortunately we will miss Tracy as she will be back in NY when we arrive, but we will still stay in contact. Ann and her family were supposed to go back to their resort on a Disney bus and since we were out in the parking lot anyway, we asked if they minded to sit in the back seat, so we could take them back to Coronado Springs.
    They didn’t mind and we all got into the car and headed towards their resort. Needless to say we had lots of fun while driving through Walt Disney World. When we arrived at the resort we all were VERY sad to have to say goodbye, not knowing that there is a good chance we will meet again next February.
    So after we all had hugged and thanked each other for the generous gifts we had gotten we waved goodbye and drove back to Bay Lake Tower. The drive back went without any problems and soon enough we were back, parked our car and were on our way back to our room.
    We had not had a proper dinner that day, so we took all our snack food, including salads out of the fridge and had a late night snack.



    Around midnight we were done, our room looked a mess, but since we stayed DVC it would not be serviced anyway, so we just went to bed and had no trouble falling asleep.

    To be continued ...........
  11. Minnie&Nana

    Minnie&Nana <font color=deeppink>Dreams do come true!<br><font

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend KARIN!! May EVERY Wish come true!

  12. dizneeat

    dizneeat Active Member

    Thank you, Christine! :goodvibes
  13. annmarieda

    annmarieda New Member

    It was so kind of you to drive us back to our resort! You really didn't need to do that, but I am very grateful you did. :goodvibes

    I love the pictures of all of us. And your firework pictures are awesome!

    BTW, another birthday wish for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  14. KatMark

    KatMark Active Member

    What a fun time you had with your DIS friends, Karin.

    May I ask how/where you booked that cruise and how much it was? Although we are doing the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, I really want to do something extra for Mark for our 30th anniversary.
  15. alpinemouse

    alpinemouse New Member

  16. Wicket's Mom

    Wicket's Mom New Member

    A very Happy Birthday to you Karin! Vacation time will be here again soon. One of these days we will get to meet again, at least I hope so!

    Lovely pictures of the fireworks cruise, but I bet it was too cold for me.
  17. Teri1

    Teri1 New Member

    Happy Birthday Karin!!! Hope you had a great day!
  18. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    Karin - You're a taurus, too! :thumbsup2 Happy Birthday! My birthday is on the 7th and my oldest son's b-day is tomorrow so yeah for another May baby!

    Can I just tell you how absolutely fantastic that cruise looks. How wonderful that you were able to plan that. What a fun group and what fantastic views. I hope I have the occasion to do that cruise someday. It looks simply amazing!
  19. Tarheel Tink

    Tarheel Tink <font color=teal>Cosmos mariner-destination unknow

    I hope that it was a wonderful birthday for you!
  20. HowieHowie

    HowieHowie New Member

    Fantastic fireworks pictures. That is a great picture of all your friends.

    Happy Birthday Karin...Hope you have a magicial day!!!

    MAGICFOR2 New Member

    Happy Belated Birthday, Karin! I hope you had a wonderful day. I am all caught up on this report, I can't say that about many lately! Your Dream cruise was dreamy as usual - I love that you got to have such good times with your servers, Ana and her hubby. (forgot how to spell his name) You will have to keep us posted on them!

    I'm glad your "mini cruise" turned out so special. You are so sweet to arrange that for everyone - I know it meant a lot to them! :flower3:

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