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Please don't stop the (all star) music! - An FAQ thread

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by stindall, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. aguitarjam

    aguitarjam Mickey At Heart

    This April/may, we will be staying at All-Stars Music for the first time! Looking forward to it!
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  3. Kathymford

    Kathymford A little obsessed is ok....right?

    I'll get you some new ones in 39 days!! :thumbsup2
  4. stindall

    stindall Congress Tart

  5. CalSea12

    CalSea12 Desperately needs a dose of the magic!

    Never knew that they had King beds with tubs as well.... what is the chance of getting one? I have to have a tub bc of my 1 year old DD, but would love a king.
  6. bookgirl

    bookgirl <font color=darkorchid>I don't eat onions-they squ

    They no longer rent fridges. All value rooms have a small square fridge in them.
  7. redrosesix

    redrosesix New Member

    OMG!!!! That's amazing :goodvibes Just need to get a coffee maker -- I think we'll pack one.

    No wonder all the fridge swaps are gone from the Dis. A lot can change in a year.

    Any update on what they're doing for pool towels now?
  8. redrosesix

    redrosesix New Member

    I like those tables better though -- and I like them better in that location. WDW should really consider moving the tables for non-connecting rooms.
  9. redrosesix

    redrosesix New Member

    We had a King room with a tub -- it was on the first floor in Jazz. Not sure if that makes a difference in whether it has a tub or a shower, but that's where it was. It was on our 2011 trip.

    That would work much better for you -- there was so much extra space.
  10. Amyz00

    Amyz00 <font color=darkorchid>Now I feel like <img src=ht

    We haven't been to WDW since July, 2009 and was wondering what, if any, changes have occurred at ASMuFS since then?

  11. stindall

    stindall Congress Tart

    Yeah I think they put them away from the doors because for easier entrance for anyone in a wheelchair, but it does look better! The Disney website doesn't seem to have any non-handicap accessible room photos.
  12. CalSea12

    CalSea12 Desperately needs a dose of the magic!

    Thanks for the info, do you have any idea what room number you stayed in? :goodvibes
  13. dansdad

    dansdad New Member

    No update on this. You still have to bring towels from your room and ask mousekeeping for more.
  14. BearcatsFan

    BearcatsFan <font color=green>we finally had a minute to breat

    My husband and I have talked about ASMu for a someday-in-the-future stay and were wondering - what is the best section to request for two adults/no kids? Country Fair seems the furthest out, so I'm guessing it would be the most quiet section (which definitely appeals to us). That's what, about a 5 or so minute walk to the main building? Or would Jazz Inn, top floor be a better request?

    Any advice for me regarding this resort? Requests I should make (other than king bed), etc.?

    Thanks! :goodvibes
  15. airdog4evr

    airdog4evr New Member

    I have an upcoming stay in one of the family suites. Does anyone know the layout of the sleeping arrangements? I know there is a queen bed in the bedroom and the couch pulls out for another 2 spots. I also know that there are 2 chairs that turn into sleepers. Are they both in the livingroom or is one in the living room and one in the bedroom? Thanks!
  16. stindall

    stindall Congress Tart


    that chair to the left of the sleeper sofa is the one that turns into a a bed as well
  17. stindall

    stindall Congress Tart

    I would imagine that any building that isn't Calypso would be quieter. I would request Broadway, Country Fair, or Rock Inn. Obviously the further away from Melody Hall the quieter it will likely be. Calypso is preferred so as long as you book a standard room you won't end up here. Country Fair is an 8-10 minute walk to the Melody Hall.
  18. bookgirl

    bookgirl <font color=darkorchid>I don't eat onions-they squ

    I was in County Fair last October right behind the big boom box decoration. I was actually facing the parking lot not the pool second from the corner. I dind't find it very loud and it took me 3-5 minutes tops to get to the front of the resort.

    I did hear the trucks going to the maintenance building one morning, but it wasn't any worse than the trash trucks in front of my house once a week.

    The first time I went I was in a regular room in Calypso 10. It was facing the playground/garden about half way inbetween the pool and the parking lot. I didn't have any problem with noise there either. It was January so not prime pool whether but the resort was busy (tour group in the house). I thought it was fine.
  19. redrosesix

    redrosesix New Member

    No idea -- funny because just the other day I realized we should probably have kept track of them. Somehow I thought I'd never forget those numbers :rotfl2:

    But I can tell you it was on the first floor of jazz, the section pointing toward the parking lot, on the side furthest away from Melody Hall. We actually got that room because we requested a 1st floor room and a king room was all they could offer us.
  20. CalSea12

    CalSea12 Desperately needs a dose of the magic!

    Thanks for the help! Here's good vibes to hoping I can get a King with a tub....:)
  21. minimousefan

    minimousefan New Member

    Hi everyone just booked for 27 November for 14 days :cool1::banana:

    not been back to the world in ages last year i did Disneyland California and Toyko

    I usually stay at moderates like carribean, new orleans and coronado but money is tight so i figure most of the time i will be in the parks anyway. Any good advice for this resort? I am by myself

    Jason from England

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