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Planning a Mulan party for my soon to be three year old! Any party ideas for us??

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by disneymommieof2, May 19, 2009.

  1. disneymommieof2

    disneymommieof2 New Member

    We have finally decided- We will be having a Mulan themed birthday party this year for our daughter who will be turning three! We having been going back and forth between tinkerbell- again, pocohantas or mulan. They are all her favorite so it was a hard choice. I think Mulan has lots of possibilities for fun games and activities so we're going with that!
    I've been perusing the search engines for ideas and I know all of you will have some great ones too! So come on lets hear them!!

    The party is in 2 months and counting!!
    I am also hosting a baby shower a week later so I must PLAN AHEAD or I will lose my mind!!

    Thanks for your help in advance!!
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  3. disneymommieof2

    disneymommieof2 New Member

    So far I'm thinking of getting those white paper fans to decorate and send out as the invitations. They run about .50 cents a piece.
    The Mushu cake looks really fun so we might do that. You take a bundt cake and cut it in half then line up the pieces to look like an S frost is red use those melting wafers for the spines that stick up. And put m&ms wrapped in cellophane for the tail. The other people that did it just printed out a mushu face and stuck that on the front.

    I've thought about making paper lanterns, maybe doing something with cherry blossoms, one website had a tree then had kids paint their own blossoms on it.

    There is also a website that translates names into chinese symbols. I thought that might be fun too. But what to do with the names?

    There is going to be a wide range of kids so I want to have something for everybody.

    Good thing I have 2 months to think about it!
  4. PHXscuba

    PHXscuba <font color=darkorchid>Mouseketeer since birth!<br

    My favorite website to consult for birthday plans is birthdaypartyideas dot com. I have found loads of great ideas there.

    Maybe also consult Family Fun magazine online for some of their Chinese New Year ideas?

    Good luck ... it sounds like fun!

  5. Princess April

    Princess April New Member

    Hay, instead of giving out "goodie bag" you could go to a Chinese restaurant and get the take out containers and make them into the "goodie bags".....
  6. maggiew

    maggiew If she hates to be wet, then how does the survive

    My DD had a Mulan party many moons ago! But she was older. We ate chinese food with chopsticks. I think the kids could have done that all day. They were having so much fun. They even tried to eat the birthday cake with the chopsticks. :laughing:

    We also did origami. That was a little hard and I wouldn't recommend it for 3 year olds, but you can maybe think of something to adapt that.

    I did as the previous poster said and used chinese containers as the goodie bags. I went to Chinatown and got a few trinkets too.

  7. *Toadstool*

    *Toadstool* Smocking Snow White

    I love Mulan! I can't wait to see what you come up with. No bright ideas here.
  8. micheleq

    micheleq New Member

    What a great idea! My DDs love Mulan too :goodvibes

    There is a fantastic store in NYC called Pearl River -- they have a website where you can order lots of asian items at a great price.

    Also, if your town has a local asian market, stop in and they can help you with Chinese snacks/candy. I taught ESL for a year and my Japanese students loved to bring in snacks from the asian market.

    Pin the tail on Mushu could be one game? Maybe something else with her Lucky Cricket? Relay races or a little obstacle course for your female warriors?

    Let us know how it turns out!! Have fun and good luck!
  9. 2002Disneybride

    2002Disneybride Disney Bride and now a Disney Mom!

    If you have a Michael's, they have colored Chinese take out containers that are adorable in all sizes by the gift bags etc...
  10. momofpirates

    momofpirates New Member

    Disneymommieof2 This must be your lucky day! :wizard: We just did a daddy daughter dance for our school with a Mulan theme. I have a box of left over treat boxes (chinese take-out boxes) with fan pencil sharpeners, those rubber bracelets with chinese fortunes, chinese coins, and Mulan bubbles already packed and ready to be used. I also have lots of chopsticks (disposable). I was going to donate these to a local charity, hoping someone could use them for a party. They are yours for the taking.

    We are leaving for WDW at 5:00 am tomorrow morning, so if you don't see this message until later, I won't be back until June 8, but I can get them to you after that. PM me if you are interested and I'll get back to you in June!
  11. disneymommieof2

    disneymommieof2 New Member

    So Momofpirates what did they do at the dance? What kind of decorations did they have? Any mulan desserts? I read about rice krispie treats sushie somewhere and thought the kids might like that, well and maybe the adults would too.
  12. disneymommieof2

    disneymommieof2 New Member

    I ordered supplies today!!! Well yesterday but who's counting!
    I ordered fans, chopsicks and a big long dragon ceiling decoration. And lots of 12 x 18 construction paper!
    I am anxious to see how much it will cost to mail the fans as invitations. Not sure if it will be more than standard postage. However that thought did not occur to me until this evening so I will check it out and I might have to come up with something else or we'll be hand delivering as many as we can! moped:
    Luckily we see many of the guests on a regular basis!
    I am also throwing my sil a butterfly themed co-ed baby shower so if you any suggestions for that party as well bring em on!! :butterfly

    I've also been coming up with ideas for both the kids outfits for party day. The disboutiquers were very helpful with ideas!! :wave2: Hi guys!
  13. wendylovesdisney

    wendylovesdisney <font color=blue>What's a Pooh Bear got to do arou

    Would love pictures!
  14. maddiesmom0116

    maddiesmom0116 New Member

    The DisneyOutlet.com has a Mulan costume on clearance. It had the fans on clearance too this weekend and they would be nice to use.

    Also.. someone mentioned buying the takeout boxes from a chinese rest. to use for goodie bags. You can buy them at a party supply store too and they are a great activity to decorate them.
  15. disneymommieof2

    disneymommieof2 New Member

    I am going to check into the chinese takeout boxes for sure! I have no Idea what they cost!
    The thing about the costume I the velcro in the back, I don't like it. Good for dress up, but not so much for the birthday party! I Don't want her deciding she need a wardrobe change in the middle of it!!

    I am going to make her a Mulan in spired cotton outfit. And my son will probably get a shirt and shorts or pants with an applique. Still planning it.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  16. disneymommieof2

    disneymommieof2 New Member

    I found a great site that has lots of mulan info and it has coloring pages! Those are always fun for the kids to color!

    Got my supplies and we have been working on the invitations. I might have to make two different ones though. The fans are pretty big and I am to cheap to pay the postage to mail them. So we will be hand delivering as many as possible.
  17. disneymommieof2

    disneymommieof2 New Member

    The Party is fast approaching!! I have some done and alot still needing to be done!
    The outfits are mostly done- Daughter's dress is done just need to do the obi. Sons outfit is complete. Applique pants and a shirt. Thought I had pictures in photobucket but I don't see them. I'll upload them later.

    Decided on what food to get- We're going to order chinese food. Need to go around and get prices and order it!

    Working on decorations. Still thinking about what games to play. Got prizes.

    Thanks for all the links and advice and tips everyone!

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