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Pictures of Tortola in 2004

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by dizfan, May 19, 2008.

  1. dizfan

    dizfan New Member

    Oops, actually pictures of Tortola are from February 2005.

    View from top of Tortola
    Brewers Bay
    Cane Garden Bay
    View from Bananakeet
    Long Bay Beach
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  3. RLccweems

    RLccweems New Member

    How beautiful.....I can't wait to go there.
  4. nikkistevej

    nikkistevej New Member

    Which beach did you like better- Cane Garden or Brewer's? We are doing the DCL Tortola next August- so trying to figure out what we are going to do. What else did you do on the island?
  5. jajomo0118

    jajomo0118 New Member

    Love the pics..thanks for posting...:flower3:
    Now we really can't wait to go..:)
  6. Colorado DISers

    Colorado DISers <font color=blue>We are Disney freaks<br><font col

    Looks great! Thanks for the pics.
  7. frdeb1999

    frdeb1999 New Member

    Love the pix!! Making my next choice much easier! :)
  8. Pocahantas

    Pocahantas Dreams do come true - I'm now a DVC Member

    How beautiful!! I am hoping to convince DH to do one of the cruises next summer that stop in Tortola.
  9. dizfan

    dizfan New Member

    Each beach is unique.

    Brewer's Bay was better for snorkeling. It had a coral reef with lots of fish. Brewer's Bay had more a view with more mountains. From what I remember, it's pretty much just the beach around here. Mostly because the road was a bit steep to get down.

    Cane Garden Bey is a more tranquil setting. It was the first beach we went to in Tortola. We didn't have much luck snorkeling, but we may have missed it. Cane Garden Bay was much better for calm water, sandy bottoms, and beautiful views. This would be the safer beach for children. This is also a small town, so there are some restaurants and bars along the shore. Because of the calm waters, beautiful views, and restaurants/bars, many sailboats tend to anchor offshore.

    Cane Garden Bay does have a reputation of being the place most cruise ship travelers go to. It's likely to be a bit busier, but it also has more to do around that area.

    We'll be on the April 2009 cruise to Tortola. At this point, we still hoping that Disney offers an excursion to the Baths on Virgin Gorda. There is a ferry in Road Town that goes over there. I think it was an hour ferry ride. If Disney doesn't offer this, we'll likely be deciding between the Cane Garden Bay and Brewers Bay excursions.

    We didn't have our camera along when we went to the baths. The beach area is beautiful. There are gigantic boulders along the shore/beach area. In fact, you walk among them to get from beach to beach.
  10. nikkistevej

    nikkistevej New Member

    Thanks for the info- we have a DD5- who will almost 7, when we do our Tortola cruise in August- she can't swim, so we will probably do Cane Garden. :goodvibes I can't wait!!
  11. DisneyHobbit

    DisneyHobbit New Member

    The pics are beautiful!!! I wish I were there right now!
  12. Quagmire

    Quagmire New Member

    Thanks for the pictures. My family and I will be there in 14 months. :cool1:
  13. kritter

    kritter <font color=deeppink>I need a Disney FIX!!<br><fon

    Cane Garden Bay sound perfect for my girls too....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. amy2girls

    amy2girls <font color=darkorchid>I'm glad you put clothes on

    looks awesome... thank you for the pictures. It is going to be a long 11 months to wait. .:goodvibes
  15. LindseyLou2222

    LindseyLou2222 New Member

    Gorgeous! I cant wait :)
  16. RLccweems

    RLccweems New Member

    Thanks for the info on the beaches....What else sure we know about the island? What's the shopping like? So they have a straw market as well?
  17. Andrew DEREK UK

    Andrew DEREK UK New Member

    Look forward to it
  18. PPFQP

    PPFQP New Member

    Here are some pictures from our sailboat trip to the BVI in January 2006. We are going back in June - can't wait!

    Cruise Ships at Tortola I do not know whether this is the same facility that Disney will use. This was taken from the water, so I don't know where it is physically located on land.


    On the beach at Cane Garden Bay. Yes, there was a little straw market there. I bought a beach towel/bag. There was also a restaurant with really good drinks and burgers. Great happy hour prices, but I think that didn't happen until the cruise ship groups had left for the day.


    Here's another one that shows how shallow and calm the beach was at Cane Garden Bay. I think it would be a great option for people with young kids.


    The Baths - someone mentioned this as a potential excursion option. The Baths are on a different island. Here's a picture in the boulders:


    And here's one from the "Top of the Baths." We hiked up to the trail to the restaurant and this is a picture of the view back towards the water. One of those boats down there was ours, but I can't remember which one.

  19. nikkistevej

    nikkistevej New Member

    Beautiful pics!!
  20. dizfan

    dizfan New Member

    Thanks for posting the additional pics.

    Now, all I need is one of the famous Painkiller's made by the local bars/restaurants on Tortola.

    One more note on the restaurant at the top of the Baths, it also has a swimming pool (making it safer for children).

    I e-mailed Disney about the Baths. At this time, they are still in the planning stages on the Excursions they will offer. It probably depends on what other cruise ships are in port that day.

  21. RLccweems

    RLccweems New Member

    Okay...I'm going to ask...what's in the famous painkiller?

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