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Pics of DCL Food

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by hAm53, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. kaykels

    kaykels I'm traveling with DOPEY & GRUMPY!

    I'm a huge fan of this thread, but gotta tell ya, that looks like vomit on a plate. And I like mushrooms too. I think it's funny that you took a picture of that one. I'm sure it was delicous though, but not too easy on the eyes. :rotfl: :rotfl2:
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  3. dredick

    dredick Wish my user name was something epic... like anyth

  4. PizzieDuster

    PizzieDuster Mouseketeer

    To each his own... I think it looks absolutely Yummmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaay~ Yummy... :)
  5. disneycruise05

    disneycruise05 Mouseketeer

    I was going to say the same thing. I'm guessing it's mushroom risotto? If so, I'm SO ordering this when I get on the ship on Saturday.

    However, I'm wondering what the long thing is on top. It looks like a breadstick covered with cinnamon! And maybe even slightly burnt...
  6. TotallyAngelic

    TotallyAngelic Disney Addict

    WOW - this food looks divine! I don't know how I would choose from those desserts in Palo! Do they have desserts at the brunch also, or just typical breakfast products such as danish?
  7. mcraft17

    mcraft17 Mouseketeer

    These are from our Western Cruise last Sept. Our tablemates I think thought I was a little weird for taking pictures of our food. But I loved this thread before I went and wanted to be able to contibute.

    Captain's Dinner

    Fettuccine with Parmesan Crusted Chicken

    Cherries Jubilee

    Warm Chocolate Lava Cake

    Pirate Dinner

    The Buccaneer's Sun-Ripened Pineapple

    Pirate's Golden Pasta Envelopes

    Black Pearl's Oven Roasted Beef Tenderloin

    Walk the Triple Layer Chocolate Cake

    Lost Banana Treasure

    Till We Meet Again
    Honey Mustard Chicken Tenderloins

    Grilled Beef Tenderloin

    Baked Alaska

    Banana Creme Brulee Napolean

    Parrot Cay

    Cream of Sweet Onion Soup

    Island Roasted Rib Eye of Beef

    Creme Brulee Cheesecake

    French Toast Banana Bread Pudding (My favorite!!)


    Mixed Garden Salad

    Tomato and Pasta Soup (From Kids Menu)
  8. dredick

    dredick Wish my user name was something epic... like anyth

  9. Simbee3

    Simbee3 Mouseketeer

    These pictures are making me so hungry. We were fortunate enough to have won a land and sea package. And looking at the pictures are making it much more easy for us as we prepare and wait for everything to be finalized.
    Please keep these great pictures coming.
  10. durango kid

    durango kid Mouseketeer

    UH...Hello, won a land and sea package, did you think you could just slip that in unnoticed? I know it's Off Topic but, spill the details.
  11. Simbee3

    Simbee3 Mouseketeer

    Yeah we sure did win the land and sea package. I started entering sweepstakes through online-sweepstakes.com, after reading about the site on the budget board. I was shocked to say the least, and really didn't believe it at all. But, now that the shock of the whole thing is gone I am now just waiting for Disney to let me know which dates I can go. We are really trying to go down right before we were going down anyway that way I could save on the airfare and travel at their expense.:goodvibes
  12. karibritt01

    karibritt01 The primary problem with America is stupidity. May

    YUM!! I can hardly wait!
  13. lillygator

    lillygator <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    I always thought Baked Alaska had something to do with Salmon...thanks to the DIS, I know differently!
  14. karibritt01

    karibritt01 The primary problem with America is stupidity. May

    It's actually cake stuffed with ice cream, then covered in merangue and baked. Incredibly delicious!!
  15. doug46

    doug46 Mickey's Pal

  16. RLccweems

    RLccweems Mouseketeer

    This is so cool! What sweepstakes did you win this with?
  17. Simbee3

    Simbee3 Mouseketeer

    It was from Delilah.com
  18. Wine Diva

    Wine Diva I can always tell when you've been drinking--you'r

    Oh yummy! I LOVED that cream of sweet onion soup--I tried to steal my DS's bowl of it after I finished mine--but he wouldn't give it up. :confused3
    I took tons of food pictures, but somehow always forgot the soup and salads.
  19. slindamood

    slindamood Mouseketeer

    I have tried a few and they are quite good. One was a blueberry cobbler with sugar free vanilla ice cream. Beats most regular desserts. I will try to find a photo.
  20. HiddenMickeys

    HiddenMickeys Not all treaure is silver and gold. Some is CHOCOL

    Ok, I am a pineapple freak and that looks darn good. Is that a banana covered in coconut and some other stuff next to it? :confused3 If so, I'm ordering 2 of that dish lol. :rolleyes1 How was it? :confused3
  21. Yummy food at Castaway Cay . . .


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