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Photo Albums purchased down WDW in 2012

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by homemom48, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. homemom48

    homemom48 Obsessed With Disney Pgh Mom

    Afternoon! I am having a small problem with a photo album bought in Aug down Disney. I purchased the abum that holds 300 photos, It is the "storybook" album and you can put a picture in the cover of album.
    I printed almost 400 pics and more are coming. For some ODD reason, my pictures will NOT fit correcty in the top opening of EACH page. I have bought albums down WDW before, and have never had a problem. Emailed Guest services, told them problem, and they did send me another one. Received today.Well, SAME problem! the pictures are 4x6, and I even tried putting them in my previous Disney photo albums, and they slide in easily. iIs ANYONE else having a problem with this? I am going to call them this time. It's like the top slots are about a quarter inch too small. There is no extra room and I feel like I'm going to rip the plastic on the pages. Please let me know so I know I am NOT going crazy..:confused3 I als had a travel cup that had a hairline crack that I had to email them about. Not sure, but I feel like some of their merchandise is not as good as it used to be!
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  3. Metro West

    Metro West <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=blue> Moderator

  4. wdwtweets

    wdwtweets New Member

    Are you positive that the photos you are printing are 4x6? Or maybe they are 4x6 but you need to cut them? That does happen with some printers.

    Sorry you are having this dilemma. Hope it gets sorted out.
  5. homemom48

    homemom48 Obsessed With Disney Pgh Mom

    I have printed them at Walmart andRitz, not at home. They ARE 4x6 exactly. They go in fine in my older WDW album . Even took pics out of those and measured and tried sliding in. The Guest Services did get back to me. They are going to check a couple of their albums. Let you know what happens!!:disrocks::stitch2:
  6. dvcterry

    dvcterry New Member

    we have the photo albums with year across the front cover, 4X6 photos fit inside the plastic sleeves nicely. they just slide right in. a small photo can fit inside the front cover. we have one for every year and no problem with this particular one, the one with Walt Disney World & the year across front.
  7. ronnmel

    ronnmel New Member

    I had that same problem with my autograph book, until I realized that the pictures are supposed to slid in from the side and not the top. Have you tried that?
  8. dvcterry

    dvcterry New Member

    ours slide in from the side as well.
  9. Mickey1Fan

    Mickey1Fan <font color=magenta>He had five fingers and was we

    homemom48 - was this ever resolved?
  10. homemom48

    homemom48 Obsessed With Disney Pgh Mom

    Yes, it finally was. The girl from Guest Services said they would pull a couple albums and open them and check them. I don't know about the others they opened. . I just received another Album from them and ...VOILA..it's fine! I am going to send her another email telling her.:earsgirl::thumbsup2 I pulled a page from the problem album and this last one and the pages on the first two are definitely 'off'. About a quarter of an inch. The little holes on the page between the slots for pictures do not line up at all. Definitely not 'cut' right. But, happy now that the third album works. Now, this wasn't a 2012 dated album. This was the 300 ct. ,50 pages, Storybook Photo Album where you could put a 4x6 picture in the cover on the front , bottom. But, I do think that the quality of SOME of their merchandise is not what it once was! Still love Disney!:love:
  11. homemom48

    homemom48 Obsessed With Disney Pgh Mom

    I looked at this one down there, and wish I had bought one of these also!!;)
  12. Mickey1Fan

    Mickey1Fan <font color=magenta>He had five fingers and was we

    Thank you for the update.

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