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Phone Charging stations?

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by Coach10, May 20, 2014.

  1. Coach10

    Coach10 New Member

    With Disney encouraging people to use their smart phones for the My Disney App, are they providing any Phone Charging Stations or areas to enable you to be able to use your phone throughout the day or should I go out and buy one of those portable chargers?? I have everything on my app for my family and everyone in our party (10 people) and will e relying on using my phone all day along with taking pictures so I know the battery won't last!
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  3. rbrbnd

    rbrbnd New Member

    Magic kingdom has added charging station locker type things but only a few and not at the other parks yet. I would get a portable charger.
  4. Coach10

    Coach10 New Member

    Thank you very much for the help. I do remember reading about the charging stations and how they work now that you mentioned it. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be much of a solution for people though since your phone is locked in a charging locker and not available for use at all (My frustrations' with Disney, not your reply). Thank you again for your help, Phone Charging devices next on my shopping list and things to pack!!

    35 More Days till my family trip back to Disney!!!
  5. prettylittlelady

    prettylittlelady New Member

    If you have an iPhone, I would suggest getting a mophie portable charger. I've taken one on our last two trips to WDW and they have been a life saver! (or would it be battery saver? :lmao:)
  6. Coach10

    Coach10 New Member

    Thank You very much! All set, ordered two this morning! Got a deal online at Amazon, pretty much a 2 for 1, picked up a 9000 mAg and a 3000 mAh for $35 all shipped!!! Looking forward to getting them and being all set and ready to go!!

    34 More Days till Disney!!
  7. duckcmmndr

    duckcmmndr New Member

    We used a portable charger on our last trip and it worked great. Only way to go if you are taking lots of photos and running the GPS in the Disney App.

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