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Part Five Final Chapter of Our Trip to the Emerald Isle

Discussion in 'Adventures By Disney' started by Poppins2000, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Poppins2000

    Poppins2000 New Member

    Arriving at Dromoland Castle
    Luckily for us, the sun was shining upon our arrival at Dromoland Castle. We rolled through the gates and on to the property surrounded by greenery, massive trees, the golf course and then, the castle! As we approached the building entrance, you could see several members of the castle staff waiting to greet our bus. Each one of us received a personal greeting as we exited the bus - right off the bat they made us feel welcome and special. After a group photo op, we were ushered into a special lobby, offered a cold drink and were told a little bit about the castle history. After a brief tour of the castle and location of amenities (pool, spa, etc.), we were given our room keys. While the boys headed off to the rooms, BFF and I made a beeline for the spa, hoping we could get a treatment that afternoon before heading over to Bunratty Castle for dinner that evening. What luck - we each got an appointment for a massage/mud treatment! With an hour to spare, we went to check out our rooms. All I could say was WOW! Our room was HUGE, a king bed, (with two robes and slippers lying on the bed - you get to keep the slippers!) two night tables, two wing back chairs, a couch & coffee table (all placed in front of a bay window), a desk and chair, a massive armoire with double closets and TV. The bathroom was a separate tub and shower (with water pressure that knocked me up against the wall!), toilet and double sink vanity area. It was definitely luxurious!

    BFF and I then decided to head down to the hydro pool for a steamy soak before our spa treatments while the boys went over to the indoor pool. The spa was wonderful and very relaxing - if you get the chance give yourself a treat!

    By 6:15pm. it was back on the bus for dinner and Irish night at Bunratty castle, about a 10 minute drive from Dromoland. Think Medieval Times but with an Irish flavor. Our group enjoyed a traditional Irish dinner with live entertainment, singing, dancing and live music. It was a lot of fun.

    Our last full day in Ireland :( ! After an exquisite breakfast in the castle (meals served on Wedgewood china, and Waterford crystal ) it was on the bus to the Cliffs of Moher. We were blessed with another beautiful day and scenic drive. Upon arrival to the Cliffs, it was quite windy so we bundled up; hats, gloves and scarf. It wasn't a biting cold wind (thank goodness!) but I was glad to have bundled up all the same. We were given a little over an hour to explore the Cliffs. They have a nice gift shop as well so shoppers make sure you save some time in the end for a visit.

    After the Cliffs, it was back on the bus for a drive through the Burren, stopping in Clare for lunch at a seaside pub, Monks. The seafood sandwiches were very tasty along with the desserts. We all went for a short walk along the pier that was across the street from Monks, before boarding the bus for our trip over to Rathbaun Farm. Rathbaun farm is a working farm and very picturesque. White wash building, thatch roofs, a homey peat fire in the front room - it was everything you have ever seen in an old movie or pictures about Ireland. Our first chore of the afternoon - making scones while donned in lunch room lady attire - some great photo ops, haha. Once the scones were made (and while they were cooking), it was time to see the farm and it's sheep. We saw various types of sheep, their babies, watched a border collie do his job herding the sheep and witnessed a shearing. The junior adventures got to bottle feed some of the lambs as well. By this time the scones are ready! Time to wash up and sit down to sample our wares with a good cup of tea before heading back to the castle.

    While we had our magical farewell dinner later that evening, I will end my trip report here. There are so few surprises in life anymore, let this be one to savor and discover on your own! I want to personally thank all of our guides Courtney, Francesc, Adam and Sarah for making our trip a most memorable one. Our whole group was wonderful and I miss the many new friends I have made. If you decide to do this Adventure - you WILL have an awesome time.....:wizard:

    Just Some FYIs:
    All hotel rooms had an in room safe, Molton Brown toiletries, blowdryer, ironing board and iron
    Voltage is 220 although in Dromoland castle we also had a 110 outlet over by the desk

    My Opinions (for what its worth!)

    Best Bed - The Westin (that is if you like them soft!)
    Best Hotel Room View - Killarney Plaza (our room overlooked Killarney National Park)
    Best Restaurant in Dublin - Fire (expensive but awesome...found it by watching Tasty Travels w/Rachael Ray on the Travel Channel)
    Best Restaurant in Killarney - Bricin
    Best Breakfast - Dromoland Castle
    Best Service - Dromoland Castle
    Best Drive - To the Cliffs of Moher and Rathbaun Farm
    Best Drink - A"true" Irish Coffee (try one, you'll see what I mean)
    Favorite part of the trip - Killarney Park and the Cliffs of Moher
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  3. AndreaJ

    AndreaJ New Member

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We leave in 9 days, and I am so excited! One quick question - do we really need to pack those warm items for the Cliffs? It is 91 degrees here today in Atlanta, and just the thought of digging up those items make me cringe! I so enjoyed your reports - it puts my mind at ease with your detailed info! Thanks also for not giving away the happenings of the last night's dinner - I am sure it will be wonderful! Thanks again!!!! :cool1:
  4. Poppins2000

    Poppins2000 New Member

    I would because it is windy and the temps may still be somewhere in the high 50's when you get there (I checked on weather.com). I know what you mean about digging out the winter clothes. When we moved here (30 miles SOUTH of Miami) from the 'burbs of Atlanta (Flowery Branch by Lake Lanier) two years ago, we put all that stuff away and haven't worn it since! Have an absolutley marvelous time (I know you will)! I'm pretty sure Courtney and Sara will be your guides and they were just great....
  5. sue1013

    sue1013 <font color=teal>Haven't had a good Yodel in years

    Thanks for all your reports they all were great!
  6. Tracie Wallace

    Tracie Wallace New Member

    Thanks so much for the trip report. We're on the July 24th Emerald Isle adventure and reading your report just gets me more excited.

    We're going to be in Dublin in few days before the Adventure starts. Can you tell me of any must dos or must sees while we're in Dublin (2 adults and one 11-year old)? Any restaurant recommendations?

    Also, since you've already done the trip, any advice for future travelers - anything we should or should not bring?

    Again, thanks for the trip report. I always think I'm going to do one and then never get around it.:rolleyes1
  7. Poppins2000

    Poppins2000 New Member


    We arrived in Dublin two days early as well to adjust to the time change and to have some time to explore on our own before or adventure officially began. We spent alot of time just walking all over Dublin, down to Grafton Street, to St. Stephen's Green (a lovely park at the end of Grafton Street), we walked along the Liffey and crossed the Ha' Penny Bridge. Do visit the Molly Malone statue on the right hand side of the road at the beginning of Grafton street.

    On Sunday, before we met our group, we walked over to Christ Church Cathedral to take a tour of the inside (only the outside grounds were covered on the tour), alas, services were going on so we missed out (should have gone on Saturday!). We also walked over to the Dublin castle and toured the outside and visited their gift shop (I'm glad we did this for while we toured the inside the following day w/ABD, we did NOT have time to tour the outside or visit the gift shop).
    We heard that their zoo was awesome, we just never got around to going.

    For packing - I was glad that I packed 2 travel umbrellas and kept them in my day bag. They came in handy a few times, especially since we weren't wearing coats (pretty much lived in jeans and long sleeve T's). The only time I deviated from jeans was the one night we ate dinner at Mentons (adult night) and for the Farewell Dinner (I wore khakis and a nice sweater - that's about as dressy as anyone got). I did pack gloves and scarf and was grateful I had them when we got to the Cliffs.

    As far as food goes, we ate dinner at a pub called Gallaghers in the Temple Bar area (which is directly across the street from the Westin), had lunch at Bewleys Tea Room (on Grafton Street) and another time at O'Neil's Pub (across from the Dublin Tourist Center). The food was great at all three places.
    If you want to splurge, go to Fire, off of Dawson street (which runs parallel to Grafton) for dinner. It was expensive but the steaks were delicious!
    Just an FYI...if you are going out Friday or Saturday night - go early!! Places get packed after 7pm. Oh, and Friday afternoon, after a nice nap, we all went to the Atrium downstairs in the hotel and had afternoon tea and cakes for a special treat - yum!

    The concierge at the hotel is most helpful and will give you a map of Dublin and point you in the direction you wish to go. I also suggest a visit to the Dublin Visitors center (also by Grafton Street ).

    Have a safe and magical trip!!!!
  8. Tracie Wallace

    Tracie Wallace New Member

    Thanks Poppins2000. I already know I don't have enough time to see everything. I'll be on the lookout for the "Tart with the Cart!"
  9. AndreaJ

    AndreaJ New Member

    Thanks Poppins2000! I guess I will now go and dig out some scarves and gloves! :)
  10. Cynthiagayle01

    Cynthiagayle01 New Member

    Thanks Poppins2000! This trip sounds wonderful. I can't wait till next year!::yes::
  11. awatt

    awatt <font color=CC66CC>My pontoon boat is like a float

    Thanks so much for your trip report, it has been most helpful, and exciting to read as well.

    I have one question: How was the food at the group meals?
  12. Poppins2000

    Poppins2000 New Member

    Breakfast at the Westin & Killarney Plaza was a buffet which included the following items: Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes (hash browns in Killarney), pancakes, cold cereal bar, fruit & yogurt bar, Smoothie bar (Westin), smoked salmon, salmon, assorted cheeses, salmon, breads, toast, pastries, juice, coffee, tea. You MUST try the Porridge in the buffet line at Killarney Plaza &#8211; it was incredible!

    Breakfast at Dromoland &#8211; table service WITH a buffet of cheeses, fruits, cold cereal, all the usual hot breakfast items and then some &#8211; also AWESOME porridge.

    In all of the group lunches and dinners, there was usually a choice of fish, beef or chicken along with various salads, veggies and breads, with wonderful cheeses and desserts. There were plenty of choices and we never had a bad meal. Everything was very fresh, I don&#8217;t think we sampled anything processed &#8211; everything tasted wayyyy too good!
  13. slg

    slg New Member

    I know you didn't end up cycling, but I have a few members of my family that don't cycle. What happens if you don't? Will they bus you there as they did with you? I would hate to have some of us miss out.
  14. Poppins2000

    Poppins2000 New Member

    They will bus you if you don't cycle - not a problem. We had a handful of people that chose the bus option before our cycling expedition was cancelled last minute due to rain.
  15. slg

    slg New Member

    Thank you. I really appreciate your reports. We were indecisive about Ireland (mainly because DH and I have already toured there on a different bus tour) but your report really inspired us. We're planning on going next July if the prices haven't skyrocketed.
  16. PrincessFi

    PrincessFi "It was all started by a Mouse!"

    Are you allowed to leave items on the bus while you are visiting various activities and towns along the tour. Or do they want you to take all your personal items off each time you leave the bus, even for short stops?

  17. Poppins2000

    Poppins2000 New Member

    You can leave stuff on the bus, it's always locked and no one had any problems. People left backpacks, purses, cameras, etc....
  18. PrincessFi

    PrincessFi "It was all started by a Mouse!"

    Great! I'd like to pack our Dis.Adv. messenger bag as our day pack but don't neccessarily (sp?) want to take it with us at every stop. That's nice to know it will be safe. Your post have helped us enormously. You'd think I've never been to Ireland even though I was born there and have visited many times, but never as a tourist! This is going to be fun:car:
  19. danjenp

    danjenp New Member

    Thanks a bunch for taking the time to post. Trying to decide whether this will work for family vacation that includes my mom (mid 60's), us (mid 30's) and kids 7 and 5. Sounds like it by your comprehensive descriptions, thanks again very helpful
  20. PrincessFi

    PrincessFi "It was all started by a Mouse!"

    Hey, we just finished the tour on Thurs (July 24) we are still in Ireland with family. The tour is definitley do-able for your family. We had grandparents, kids and teenagers on our tour. Everybody got along great and the tour is amazing for everyone. The Adventure Guides are the best at accomodating everyone!!!!! Everyone on our tour hated that it had to end and wants to come back again.


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