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    I have never been without a car at WDW, so I am wondering what is the best way to park hop. If I am at MK is there a bus that will take me directly to HS, or do I have to take a bus or monorail to a resort and then get a bus from there to HS?
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    There is park to park transportation it is getting from resort to resort that is tricky !

    From the MK all transportation is via the TTC as that is the MK parking lot.

    So for HS just monorail or boat to the TTC and bus to HS.

    From MK (Via the TTC) monorail to Epcot, bus to HS and AK.

    From AK there is a bus to MK, HS and Epcot.

    From Epcot there is a boat and bus to HS, Bus to AK and MK.

    From HS there is a boat and bus to Epcot and bus to AK and MK.

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